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November 2005 Newsletter
It is difficult to believe that December is almost upon us.
This has indeed been a very busy Fall at Malvern! Early
registration for all students worked very well again
this year and we are happy to report that our enrolment
is about 980 students. Due to a large number of retirements and
leaves, we are pleased to announce 15 new staff members at Malvern
this year. Welcome to Marie Axler (English), Virginia Dawe
(Science), Brant Drewery (Geography), Jane Fontes (Moderns),
Lesley Gage (Phys. Ed), Susan George (Science), John Iacobucci
(Tech), Michael Izzo (History), Krystal Calpu (Science), Celeste
Nayler (Phys. Ed), Andrew Patterson (English), Janine Romeiko
(Moderns), Violet Shearer (Music), Quing Zhu (Science/Math) and
Sandy Kaskens (Vice-Principal).
Congratulations to all our
outstanding and dedicated staff members who continue to work
tirelessly with our students on a daily basis. They really are making a
wonderful difference with your son or daughter.
This fall we have had many successful clubs and terms and numerous
Student Council activities to promote school spirit, such as a Fall
Carnival and our very first Halloween dance in many years. It is great
to see the increasing enthusiasm for so many activities at Malvern. In
a few days students and staff will be hosting our very own Malvern
Idol show on November 30th, as well as a Fashion Show in the spring.
Without a doubt the highlight of our fall activities was the
unforgettable Remembrance Day ceremonies that were held on
November 11th for all Malvern students and featured on CTV News.
A special thank you to Vice-Principal Ms. McCann for her leadership
in spearheading the organization of this event which involved our
alumni, War Veteran Joe Ryan as a guest speaker, superb
performances by our concert band, our choir and students Cayley
James and Perry Menzies who vividly recreated the love story of
Malvern students from the 1930’s Sonya Munroe and Johnny
Students received the term one report card with this Newsletter. The
upcoming parent/teacher interviews are an opportunity to discuss any
concerns you may have about your child’s progress. I hope you can
Some upcoming dates for you to remember:
Nov 30
Dec 1
Dec 2
Dec 5
Dec 7
Dec 9
Dec 13
Dec 19
Dec 23
Dec 26 – Jan 6
Jan 11
Malvern Idol: 7:00-9:00 p.m.
Parent/Teacher Interviews
2:00-4:00 p.m. and 6:00-8:00 p.m.
Late Start Schedule
Home & School Council (new date)
Holiday Music Concert 7:00 p.m.
Last day to drop grade 11/12 courses
Late Start Schedule - Staff PD session
Staff Meeting Schedule
Holiday Assembly
Winter Break
Early Dismissal – Grade 8 Visits
Best wishes for a Happy and relaxing Holiday Season!
Line Pinard
We are hoping you can attend our first Parent/Teacher Interview
Night of the year so that you can discuss your child’s progress. It
will be held on Thursday December 1st, 2005 from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00
p.m. and from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., It is hoped that some parents
will be able to attend in the afternoon so that they can take advantage
of the teacher’s lighter interview schedule.
Please indicate on the parent interview appointment sheet (students
received it in class on November 24) the names of the teachers with
whom you wish an interview. Your son or daughter will have their
teacher write in the appointment times. It is the responsibility of the
student to make the appointments with their teachers. We realize that
a longer interview may be required in some circumstances. This may
be arranged with the teacher at a time and date convenient to both
you and the teacher. Please bring the completed interview sheet with
you on parent/teacher night.
Our staff is looking forward to meeting with you on December 1 st,
2005. Your attendance is important and can make a difference!
The Administration
On Friday, November 11th, Malvern staged its
first Remembrance Day assembly in several
years. It was as successful as we had hoped it
would be. In a true collaborative effort, we were
able to bring to life what Remembrance Day is
about in a way that the students and staff truly
Early in the fall, the Malvern Alumni Association approached Ms.
McCann, hoping to organize a special Remembrance Day in the Year
of the Veteran, marking the 60th Anniversary of the Second World
War. They wanted to be able to invite some of our oldest graduates
to a special memorial assembly, and provide them with a venue for
remembering their days at Malvern that was quieter and more
intimate than the Centennial Reunion had been able to do. Ms.
McCann agreed to help bring the idea to reality.
In the process, one of the Alumni members (a student at Malvern
until 1941) named Sonya Munro brought us the story of her wartime
romance with another Malvern student, Johnny Johnson, who was
lost when his plane was shot down in the Burma Campaign in
November, 1944. This became the core of our assembly. Mrs.
Bourdon-King scripted a dramatization of the sad story of Johnny and
Sonya. Mr. Lehrer enlisted the help of the Stage and Lighting Crew,
and also orchestrated the professional recording of the voice-overs of
student actors Perry Menzies as Johnny and Houston Zuckerman, as
Wally Spearz. Off stage, Peter Greenfield played another friend
named Artie. Cayley James portrayed Sonya. Sonya herself
provided us not only with the story, but also with the last letters
Johnny and Sonya had written to each other, as well as pictures that
we were able to transfer to power-point slides. To these we were able
to add slides of other Malvernites who served in both World Wars,
provided by Mr. Wood from the Malvern “Big Book” of wartime
veteran portraits.
The music department supplemented the presentation with Ms.
Shearer’s Concert Choir and Mr. Mighton’s Concert Band,
resplendent in their dress kilt uniforms. Mr. Mighton, who also
directs the band of the Royal Regiment of Canada, was able to invite
his friend from the Royal Regiment, veteran Joe Ryan, to address the
students on the meaning of Remembrance Day. From his first-hand
experience, Mr. Ryan was able to make the sacrifices of war vividly
real to our students. A handsomely kilted Colin Grattan presented
Mr. Ryan with our thank-you gift, and accompanied by the Concert
Band, piped “The Maple Leaf Forever”, making the event truly
February 1, 2006
After the assembly, which was featured by CTV News in three
broadcasts on November 11th, a reception for visiting alumni was
held in the library seminar room, where current students in Ms.
Dawe’s ESP group were able to meet for inter-generational
fellowship. Meanwhile, the Malvern War Years Archive display in
the main library, prepared by the Alumni Association, was being
avidly perused by students and teachers alike. One of the Alumni
members commented that the school was buzzing with real Malvern
spirit that day—and she was right! Working together across the years
and between the generations, we were able to give Malvern staff and
students a Remembrance Day that they will long remember!
Mary McCann, Marlene Bourdon-King
Graduating students are required to complete 40 hours of community
involvement. This is a mandatory requirement. Students will not
receive their graduation diploma if the community involvement
passport is not complete, verified and returned to the Attendance
Office. It is requested that students submit this by February 14,
The mark will NOT appear on the Ontario Student Transcript, if the
student withdraws from a Grade 11 or 12 course prior to December 9,
THE GUIDANCE OFFICE before December 9, 2005. For a
withdrawal after December 9, the most current mark will appear on
the transcript.
In addition to daily announcements and posting on the white bulletin
board outside the Guidance office, potential graduates will now be
e-mailed all pertinent information. Graduates should check their email regularly.
October, 2005
Guidance Counsellors distributed the Ontario College Guide, which
contains details about programs, admissions and financial aid.
December 2, 2005
Graduating students are to attend a PowerPoint presentation on how
to apply-on-line.
All applications must be received by Ontario College Application
Services on or before this date to be given equal consideration by the
March 31, 2006
Earliest admission offer date for high school applicants. Offers of
admission will continue to be issued until programs are filled or
waitlists are established.
May 15, 2006
Applications must confirm through OCAS their acceptance of an
offer of admission to a college by this date.
The Guidance counsellors visited all grade 12 English classes to
distribute INFO magazine, which contains details about programs,
admission requirements, scholarships, residence and application
September – November
We had over 50 university and college seminars at Malvern. Students
were also encouraged to attend University Fairs (Western provinces,
Ontario, Atlantic Provinces, Quebec and International universities)
Guidance counsellors visited all grade 12 home form classes to
 Verify data to be transmitted to OUAC (Ontario University
Application Centre) and/or OCAS (Ontario College Application
 To obtain student email address.
 To encourage students to attend college and university
 To complete a summary of activities and important dates.
November 30, 2005
A Power Point presentation will be given in the Auditorium on how
to apply on-line to an Ontario university. After the presentation,
students will be given their PIN (Personal Identification Number).
The PIN allows student access to apply on-line.
January 11, 2006
The latest date to submit on-line applications to the OUAC (Ontario
Universities Application Centre) is January 11, 2006. Students at
Malvern were encouraged to complete the application by January 6.
Applications received by the OUAC after January 11, 2006 will still
be processed and distributed to the universities, however, some
universities enforce specific application deadlines for some programs.
February 7, 2006
Recommended last day to make changes to applications. Changes
received after this date will continue to be accepted and processed by
the OUAC. Some universities, however, began their admission
decision process based on the information received by the February
7, 2006 deadline.
Early March, 2006
Conditional offers of admission will be sent to students. Check INFO
for more details.
Congratulations to Natasha Lantz and Brian Ma, grade 11 Malvern
Students Youth Advisors on the Toronto Steering Committee.
May 12, 2006
This is the earliest date by which the Ontario universities may require
that students respond (accept or decline) to their conditional offers of
June 2, 2006
This is the date Ontario Universities must respond to students’
application for admission. This response will be one of:
1. An offer of admission.
2. A refusal.
3. A deferral pending receipt of specific additional information.
June 12, 2006
This is the earliest date by which the Ontario universities may require
any type of financial commitment from you (for example: a
registration deposit, residence deposit, etc).
July, 2006
Malvern will send students’ final current-year course grades to the
OUAC by mid-July. The OUAC will transmit students final standing
to the universities by late July.
Out-of-province sessions will be held during December for all
interested students. The application process to these universities and
the deadlines will be discussed. The dates are:
Mon. Dec. 5
Tues. Dec. 6
Wed. Dec. 7
Thurs. Dec. 8
McGill University
Atlantic Provinces/International
British Columbia & Western Provinces
Bishop’s University and Concordia University
Some programs may require additional information, auditions,
portfolios or interviews. Students are responsible for forwarding all
relevant information. Students are required to complete an out-ofprovince form from the Guidance office. This will be a record of your
What is it?
Five Apple Power Book computers, two new data projectors, a few
cameras and a printer are some of the technology being introduced
into classes at Malvern this year. The computers can be connected to
the Internet, but will not have access to the CTMI files.
How did we get it?
Special money was made available for new and innovative ways to
promote student success. Targeting the needs of students taking
Applied and College level courses, this technology will be available
for class projects that give students more ways to show what they
understand in their courses.
Who will use it?
Although priority is given to Applied and College level courses, this
technology is available to support all classes.
Development training is planned for December 13 (late start
schedule) to help teachers learn how to use the technology with
suggestions for use in their classes. This technology is not intended
for individual student use, but for use as part of a class project.
Malvern Co-op students are already out at their placements, working
there on alternate weekday afternoons. This year’s placements reflect
a wide variety of interests, including the fields of accounting,
carpentry, hairstyling, restaurants, media production, air
transportation and numerous others. By the end of May 2006 when
Co-op ends, these students will have attained experience in their
chosen fields.
Students interested in Co-op for next year should attend the February
Co-op information meeting in 2006 and, if interested, put Co-op on
their option sheet. Co-op is open to Grades 11 and 12 students.
Virginia Maxwell
MATH LEAGUE (2005-06)
An information session was held on November 21 for all graduating
students. This was a follow-up session to the one held in the spring of
2005. A list of available scholarships was distributed and discussed.
The students were advised that this was a guide only. Students are
encouraged to broaden their research of scholarships through the web
sites provided and through INFO, the comprehensive guide to the
Ontario universities for secondary school students.
Each year, the University of Windsor hosts 6 monthly Math Contests,
open to all students. Contest # 1 (October) was conquered by Gr. 12
student, Michael Yong with a score of 5 out of 6. Following close
behind with scores of 4 out of 6 are: Kai Liang Liu (Gr. 12), Amy
Pound (Gr. 10), and Jeff Slater (Gr. 11). Congratulations on your
early leads, and good luck.
Ms.Copeland, Ms.Kee, Mr.Salvatore
Last year’s Peer Leaders worked very successfully with YSAP
(YMCA Youth Substance Abuse Program). This year Malvern C.I.
will be a pilot school for a P.A.D. (Parent Action on Drugs) project.
Opportunities will be provided for students to discuss the risks and
realities of marijuana use, through an assembly and follow up
sessions on February 28, 2006.
Questions about the project can be directed to Bonnie Cutten (Public
Health Nurse), Line Pinard (Principal), Sue Knudsen (Social
Worker), or Val Copeland and Holly Kee (Guidance Counsellors).
Excellent resources for parents are available on the P.A.D. website,
MCI offers FREE peer-tutoring Thursday’s at lunch in Room 316 for
students taking Math and Science! Tutors will receive community
service hours and a certificate of experience. All students are
welcome. The Mathaholics will also host logic challenges and
practices for upcoming math contests and the Science Olympics
(hosted by York University this spring).
Drop in or see Ms. Parmar-Naples for
Students are now preparing for their international exchange with St.
Mary School in San José, Costa Rica. We will be travelling to the
Central American country in March to live with families there, visit
their school, and see their beautiful county. They plan to visit us
after that, probably in the spring.
To help reduce the costs of the trip, students are organizing a number
of fundraising activities over the coming months, including selling
things like fudge and muffin, cookie and brownie batter. We hope
that other students and the community will help the students raise the
money to send them to this fascinating adventure.
Our German Department celebrated Oktoberfest with much eating
and dancing. A good time was had by all. We are also looking
forward to our two-week exchange with the city of Ludwigshoffen.
Malvern students will once again be participating in the Goethe
Institute’s German contest.
On the French front, our four exchange students from France have
returned home after having spent three months in Canada. Three
Malvern students will be following them to France in February. Our
Conseil français (French Council) got off to a great start with a bake
sale and bistro. They hope to raise enough money for a scholarship
fund for French students at the school. Likewise a Comitatus
Linguisticus (Language Council) was also formed to represent
Spanish and German and we look forward to hearing from them as
A number of excursions are planned for
grade 11 and 12 Science classes in the New
 January 25, 2006 grade 11 and 12 Biology, Chemistry and
Science students are booked for a day at the Ontario Science
Centre to see the special exhibit Body Worlds 2 and participate
in a demonstration by Science Centre staff. The Body Worlds 2
exhibits plasticized human bodies for both anatomical and
aesthetic learning.
 Later in 2006, Biology 11 students will take a day to visit the
Toronto Zoo and capture images of many diverse organisms.
 The Physics students are planning to spend a day at Wonderland
to explore the physics of thrilling rides.
And now, about those crazy grade 12 art displays which shocked,
surprised and entertained so many students and visitors of Malvern
back in early October. If you missed it, here’s a sample: a rock, an
electrical cord, a napkin covered in filth, and several other bits of
detritus duct taped or stapled to the backdrop; a pile of junk,
including old jeans, action figures and candy wrappers all shoved to
one side of the display case, the other side empty; a paper head, some
doodles and a partially burnt canvas with burnt gummy bears
smeared across its surface; and even one display entitled “Lunch with
Stefan” that simply had a student sitting in it during lunch
hour…uh…eating his lunch. So, what was up? Actually, the students
were asked to create displays that were deliberately intended NOT to
be art. In trying to come up with a good argument for what is art, the
students were allowed to explore “what isn’t art?” So, now you
know, did you fall for it? If so, does knowing it
was all a hoax change anything? If the artist says,
“It’s not art!” does this mean it’s not art?! Who
really determines what is art after all…
Sean Matthews
Special computers with adaptive technology for literacy
known as the Language Lab.
For students with a learning disability, or a lag in literacy
such as poor reading, writing or organizational skills or
who have an IEP or have been IPRC’d. The language lab
is open to any student in the school who feels the programs
would be beneficial to their learning.
Technology: Some of the programs in the Language Lab are:
 Kurzweil – Reads text to the student.
 Dragon – Converts speech to text.
 Inspiration – Organization of written work using a Web format
and transferring it to text format. Great for story and essay
Where: Housed in Room 213, which is a Resource/Special Ed.
The language lab is open at 8:15 every morning and at
lunchtime. During the school day classroom teachers can
send students to work in the lab. I am available in the
language lab all day.
Next Step: If you feel your child would benefit from using some of
these programs please feel free to contact Elaine Joly,
Ed. Assistant at 416-393-1480
Born into Brothels. If you haven’t seen it, go rent it. Tonight. That’s
your homework. The Academy Award winning documentary is a
powerful look at the children of prostitutes in Calcutta and how their
lives are given a glimmer of hope when a documentarian introduces
them to the world of photography. An advertisement in Now
magazine, promoting the recent exhibition of photographs taken by
these children, mentions that their work “displays remarkable
observation and talent, as well as, revealing art as an immensely
liberating and powerful force.” Meanwhile the literature on the boxes
of Baby Einstein and Brainy Baby videos gush about the importance
of developing the Right Brain (one’s artistic side) in order to “give
your baby the intellectual edge needed to excel academically and
professionally.” Just a little something to keep in mind when making
those course selections, eh?
In September, all the grade 9’s came to the library with their English
classes for an orientation, introduction, and book selection. Later, the
grade 9’s returned with their Science classes to explore elements in
both print form and on pre-selected internet sights.
In October, the library was pleased to work with grade 10 History
students on an innovative research project, which used our Toronto
Star Pages on the Past database. Students were asked to research
battles and home front events of the First World War by finding
primary source newspaper articles near the day of their birth. Also of
note in October, grade 11 English classes learned how to use EBCO
database through a power point library lesson and then assisted
practice. In November, one highlight was a visit by author Marthe
Jocelyn which was sponsored by the library for grade 12 Writer’s
The “nearly” new computers that the library purchased in June,
bringing our total up to 19, have been in constant demand for classes
and also at lunch.
S. Lindell
Malvern C.I. Midgets rocked the cross-country world, with EIGHT
Gr. 9 students qualifying for OFSAA. The Midget Boys team led by
Jake Woloshyn were, Cameron Shin, Misha Schwartz, Jonathan
Hasbany and Dylan Gasenzer. The Midget Girls
were one member short of team, and still
managed to qualify for OFSAA as individuals:
Hailey Cummings, Rebecca Tacoma, and
Danielle Houlden wowed the Toronto crowds
by consistently finishing in the top 10. The
remaining 24(!!) members of the MCI team also proved themselves
to be dedicated and driven athletes – thanks for a terrific season!
See you next year.
Ms. Parmar
Malvern once again stepped up to play with the big boys running
both junior and senior Tier 1 football this year.
The junior team played tough defence all year allowing very few
points against, in their regular season games. Unfortunately, it took a
while for the offence to get on track and the junior team finished the
season with a single win in their 5 game regular season schedule.
The win did, however, qualify the junior team for the playoffs and
they took on second ranked Leaside H.S. in the east quarter final.
The boys saved their best effort for this final game and had Leaside
on the ropes with a 1-0 lead at halftime even though Malvern had two
touchdowns called back by the officials. In the second half, the two
teams traded touchdowns and Malvern was again the victim of some
questionable officiating before losing 21-7. The score was definitely
not indicative of the play as the Black Knights showed terrific spirit
and determination. We look forward to a good junior team next year
with many returning players.
The senior team started well with exhibition victories over Agincourt
C.I. and Cedarbrae C.I. but found the competition in the South
Region pretty stiff. The Black Knights, plagued by a short bench and
many injuries, managed only one victory and
failed to make the playoffs. It was good to see a
number of players take up the sport for the first
time and, hopefully, next year’s edition will see
more participation.
The coaching staff for both teams would like to thank all players for
their commitment this season and we look forward to working with
you next year.
It has been an incredible season for an
incredible group of young ladies. The Sr.
Girls Basketball Black Knights finished
second in a difficult South Region in
2005/06. They re-enforced to me why I
became, and am proud to be, a Malvern
teacher. They have demonstrated discipline,
determination, skill development, and a “no I in team” attitude. The
support and assistance they have shown one another is a thing of
beauty to behold. Regardless of standings, this has been a team to
remember. Good luck in the play-offs!
We would like to give special thanks and acknowledgement to our
community coach Shawn McPhee. His endless efforts, time and
energy have not only contributed to this extremely successful season,
and the athletic and personal development of our players, but has
shown us all the importance and satisfaction of volunteerism. From
the bottom of our hearts, thank you Shawn.
The members of the team are: Hailey Appleton, Deidre Buryk,
Kaitlyn Chiasson, Danielle Curtis, Rebecca Hogan, Laura Joice,
Lauren Kippers, Justine Marks, Yolanda Maclean, Sarah Meikle,
Blair Newbold, Jackie Ruder, Ashley Thomas, Desiree Williams.
Larry Greenspan
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