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July 2006 Newsletter
nother great year at Malvern is drawing to a close. It has
been a tremendous privilege to witness the unending
accomplishments of Malvern staff and students on a daily
basis in so many areas. Once again Malvern students have
been dominant in athletics, outstanding in their academic and
literacy skills and without equal in their musical, dramatic and
abilities. I have wonderful memories of the
work of our students this year. Malvern
students raised over $ 5,400.00 this year
during the 30 Hour Famine an amazing
which has been sent to the World Vision
organization. Students also did us proud in their superb
performances at the Massey Hall Concert, the Boardwalk Ball,
God and the Laramie Project. It has been an amazing year for
our athletic program. Once again Malvern athletes were a
force to be reckoned with in hockey, baseball, swimming,
synchro, volleyball, basketball, soccer, rugby and lacrosse
just to name a few. In addition to many local field trips
Malvern students traveled to Chicago, New York, Costa Rica,
Scotland, England, France, Switzerland and Italy. All these
wonderful activities occurred because Malvern teachers
continue to give up so much of their personal time and energy
to ensure that students get an education inside and outside the
classroom as well. A sincere thank you goes out to these
dedicated professionals for all that they do for our students.
I would also like to thank the parents for their tremendous and
ongoing support in making Malvern a better place to grow and
learn. Our Parent Council members have been instrumental in
contacting TDSB and Ministry officials and voicing their
concerns about badly needed improvements to our school's
facilities. Thanks to their relentless efforts the school now
has four new state-of-the-art student washrooms, new pool
blocks and new boilers. During the summer the school's
facade, bricks and cornices will be completely upgraded and
repainted. As well the entire building will have new energy
efficient windows installed throughout. I am looking forward
to Malvern's new and improved appearance in the fall!
As this school year ends we are already preparing for next
year. We will again have early registration dates for picking
up timetables, student agendas and to have student's school
photo I.D.s taken. We are requesting that students bring
$50.00 with them to cover the cost of student activity cards,
agendas and yearbooks. Please see the enclosed Registration
Bulletin for more details.
Please note that changes to timetables in September may only
be considered due to conflicts, summer school results or
graduation requirements. They are contingent upon available
space. After student programs have been settled in September
students are expected to carry their courses through to
completion in June. Withdrawal from a course may be
considered in December and March if the student has attended
regularly and made a sincere effort in the course.
Students who have outstanding textbooks or library books
should return these to the Attendance Office before school
opens. Please notify the Attendance Office if you have
decided not to return to Malvern in September.
I would like to extend my best wishes to 4 members of our
staff who retired in June. Happy retirement to Hank Hoos and
Penny Vincent teachers at Malvern for 8 years each, Ian
Urquhart our Curriculum Leader of Social Studies here for 15
years and Shauna Earle here for 17 years. A sincere thank you
for your many years of service to students at Malvern.
Classes for the fall term will begin with a special schedule day
on Tuesday, September 5th (see enclosed flyer). Grade 9
students will report to the auditorium at 9:00 am and will be
dismissed by 11:30 am. Students in Grades 10 to 12 should
report to the school at 1:00 pm. Master lists of home form
classrooms will be posted in several locations on the first floor
of the building. Students should locate their home form
classes, be in attendance by 1:00 pm and will be dismissed at
2:00 pm. School will resume with a regular schedule on
Wednesday, September 6th.
All Malvern students are responsible for contributing to a safe,
enjoyable school environment. It is expected that senior
students will demonstrate this and welcome our junior
students appropriately in September.
Finally, I want to thank all of you for your tremendous support
throughout the year and wish you a safe and relaxing summer.
Line Pinard
Day 1
Period A (HF)
Period B
Period C
Period D
Day 2
Period E
Period F
Period G
Period H
Day 3
Period A (HF)
Period B
Period D
Period C
Day 4
Period E
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Period G
alvern’s timetable will change starting September 2006!
We will have an earlier lunch, 75-minute periods, and 4
periods a day. Please note that classes begin at 9:00 am sharp
with announcements (Tackler) occurring during the last 5
minutes of the period.
As I complete the printing of final report cards, I find myself
looking back fondly at the past school year: the musical and
dramatic talents displayed in assemblies, the athletic abilities
raising spirit, the academic successes, the fund-raising and the
growth in all areas of teenage school life.
niños, the market in downtown San José, an amusement park,
the beach, and were chased by a man dressed up as a deer. On
the 18th of March, we packed out bags, said goodbye to out
families and friends, and left Costa Rica. Our Costa Rican
partners are hoping to visit Toronto in October. Thank you,
Srta. Geddes and Srta. Fontes, for the amazing experience.
Marisa Tanaka
Thus while smiling upon the completion of these report cards I
feel an enormous sense of pride at being connected to Malvern
C.I. Our staff, students and parents should all be proud of the
accomplishments of this past (and every) school year.
his year, the girls’ rugby team has proven that the boys
are not the only rugby powerhouse of the school. Starting
our season with a very tough game and an even tougher loss,
the girls went on to win four consecutive games to close out
the season with a record 4-1 and second place in our division.
In the semi-finals, we played a very good game against
Leaside, who ended up winning. Although this was a
heartbreaking loss, we have gained so much this year. The
progress that all of the girls have made is outstanding and
impressive. Watch out for Malvern next year!
Well done, Malvern – here’s to the songs, the plays, the sports,
the academic and personal growth – past and future!
Hannah Ehrhardt
This has been my fourth year as vice-principal here, and it has
also therefore been my pleasure to work with our graduating
students during their entire Malvern C.I. experience! Through
the laughter and tears, it’s all been good.
Mary McCann
e hope you had a fantastic time at this year’s formal!
To remember the good times, the lovely Morgan Payne
came up with a great idea to start a photo website with
pictures from out special night. To access the site, click on the
photos link at
The username is:
MalvernProm06 (all one word) and the password is: formal
(all lower-case). You can post your pictures and check out
everyone else’s! Have a great summer and good luck next
The Formal Committee
fter months of selling fudge, la Srta. Geddes, la Srta.
Fontes and eleven Malvernite girls set out to Costa Rica
on March 1st. After leaving a snow storm in Toronto, we
arrived in San José and were surprised by how it could be so
hot in March (who knew?). From the airport, we embarked on
the first of many bus rides through the busy streets of San
José. We arrived at the school (Saint Mary High School), and
were greeted by out partners, or as we called them “hermanas”
(sisters). Costa Ricans are extremely friendly
people. They welcomed us into their homes
and their lives, and treated us as if we were a
part of their families. Throughout the two and
a half weeks we were there, we saw a lot of the
beautiful country, its environment, and its wildlife. We visited
two volcanoes, the rainforest, a coffee plantation, a school for
alvern's two Synchro teams
competed at the Regional
Championships held at Riverdale C.I. and
came back with the Overall Combined Championship for
2006 for the second year in a row. Swimmers competed in
individual figure competition, as well as duet and team
routines. In all events, our swimmers had excellent finishes.
Our figure swimmers won 5 of the 6 available medals at the A
and B levels. Congratulations to our A medalists Lisa
Boutilier (1st), Alison Tuer (2nd) and Iain Lew Kee (3rd), and
our B medalists Erin Yamazaki (2nd) and Sarah Mikkelsen
In routines, our B Duet (Erin and Flavia Asnaghi-Nicastro)
placed second, and our A Duet (Lisa and Iain) finished first.
Both our A Team and our B Team won gold medals in their
category's routine competition. Swimming the A Team were
Lisa, Alison, Iain, Alison Legh-Jones, Emily Quinton and
Vicky Sutherland. On our B team were Erin, Flavia, Sarah,
Nicole Buchanan, Kate Sprung and Saya Szparlo.
We'd like to thank Hannah Legh-Jones for returning to
Malvern to coach the B team, Iain Lew Kee for coaching the B
duet, and our volunteer guards, Matt Bryan, Nicole Edwards
and Brian Ma.
Janine Geddes
he boys’ lacrosse team had a very successful season
finishing the year with a record of 17-1. They won in the
Brampton Centennial tournament by defeating St. Andrews,
Cardinal Leger, Turner Fenton and St. Michael’s. In the City
Finals they defeated Agincourt by the score of 12-2.
By winning the City, the team advanced to the Provincials in
St. Catharines. Their only loss of the season was against
Hagersville in overtime by the score of 8-7. The
loss prevented the team from advancing to the
medal rounds. However, the boys recovered
quickly from the loss and proceeded to win the
Consolation. I would like to thank Garret Kikot and
Tom Koger for their outstanding contribution to Malvern’s
lacrosse team.
Pat Salvatore
A plaque from the Toronto Public Health Department was
presented to Evan Leblanc, Victoria Marshall, Josh Lipsett
and Desiree Williams, our In the Driver’s Seat committee.
This was in recognition of their work in preventing drinking
and driving.
The What’s With Weed project was the highlight of the 20052006 school year. Peer Leaders received training from Pat
Sanagan from Parent Action on Drugs and then facilitated
discussions with grade 9 and 10 home form classes. Next
year’s project is entitled Wise Choices. As part of this project,
on October 25, grade 9 and 10 students will participate in
Under Pressure by Mixed Company, a forum theatre which
explores sexual pressures and consequences for teenagers. A
special thank you to Josh Lipsett and Arianna McAllister, this
year’s co-presidents
Val Copeland
pplications can still be submitted. You are encouraged,
however, to submit your application as soon as possible,
especially in the case of oversubscribed programs, where there
are often enough qualified applications received by the Feb. 1 st
equal consideration date to fill the program.
If you haven’t applied to college but wish to do so, or if you
were not accepted into your chosen program, you can find out
which programs are still accepting applications by using the
Program Locator on the web site (
You can also call OCAS, Applicant Services - Program
Vacancy Service at 1-888-892-2228 extension 391 between
8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday.
Val Copeland
lectronic INFO is the searchable, on-line guide to Ontario
universities for secondary school students and guidance
counsellors. The highly regarded INFO magazine is evolving into a
web took that places Ontario’s universities at your
fingertips. This website provides information about
Ontario’s universities and the programs offered, and is
designed to facilitate the process of selecting universities
and programs of study. The searchable format allows students and
guidance counsellors to access critical information quickly and
efficiently. eINFO is updated regularly and is available 24 hours a
day, making it an invaluable tool for post-secondary research and
Within this website, you will find searchable Degree Locator and
Programs of Study charts. These charts are integral sections of INFO
magazine and are the first elements to be incorporated into this web
Pat Salvatore
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