FBHI Board – February 7, 2012 Eastern Bank, Back Bay Station

FBHI Board – February 7, 2012
Eastern Bank, Back Bay Station
1. New Web page!
2. Membership update – Document “B” attached
3. Financial Updates
a. Cash on hand at the end of the year (as of today)
b. 2011 actual (closing information document “A”)
c. 2012 planning
i. Document “A” attached 4 pages
ii. January actual attached, Document “C”
d. HOLD…. But don’t forget …. Board Game Discussion “Townopoly”
4. Boat Trips
a. 2012 trips, schedule, preparations
i. Increase ticket prices? See Documents “D” and “E”
5. Mission statement (previously worked on, see Document “F”)
6. Volunteer Coordinator budget & ideas (see Document “G”)
a. ‘youth program’ (labor intensive) we’ve been asked if we’re doing it again.
b. Sea glass restoration project (is it even feasible to dump bottles/glass into the harbor on
c. Story telling (volunteer is 80 yrs old and may not be able to volunteer this year)
d. Boat trip to Peddocks, resident comes on & tells stories (we don’t get off, no ranger
7. Annual Meeting planning
8. Consultant Contracts Review (copies at meeting)
9. Boat Show (quick update), raffle ticket sales to Board.
a. February 11-19 staffed all hours/days by Rab, Pat, Walter, Jean & David.
b. Will sell tickets $10 for 5, $20 for 10 and so on, will accept credit cards
c. Will sell merchandise also (books, clothing) very limited inventory.
10. eBay sales / auction
a. hockey item
b. signed books (Shutter Island)
c. a few of the boat show items of high value
11. Other