Induction Summer Project 2 Research a Designer (living or dead) of

Induction Summer Project 2
1. Research a Designer (living or dead) of your choice and present your
findings in any way you think is appropriate – You will be asked to give a
5 minute presentation to the class in the first week back after the
summer holiday.
You should include the following in your work
a. A brief history of the designer – dates, where they trained, brief
life overview
b. Describe their design signature – what are they best known for?
c. Look at some of their designs or collections
2. You may choose to research a designer that you want to use as your
inspiration for your main project next year.
3. You will be asked to share the information you have gathered with other
members of the group by presenting it during a lesson – You will have a
projector and speakers if you want to use them.
4. Make sure that your presentation is interesting – do not put too many
words on the screen, think about what you are going to say (maybe
write a script to go with each of your slides if you are using a powerpoint presentation. Lots of pictures, video snippets etc help to keep
people’s attention. You could try using Movie maker if you do not like
talking in front of people in this way you can spend time recording your
speech onto the presentation and you do not need to talk until the
questions and answer session at the end of your presentation.
Help!!!!! – Designers you could use
Vivienne Westwood – Punk, pirates and many, many, more
Hussein Chalayan – Futuristic with electronics
Coco Chanel – the LBD, the Chanel suit
Madeleine Vionnet – Bias cut dresses of the 1930’s
Katherine Hamnett – Eco fashion
Alexander McQueen
Paul Smith
Thomas Burberry
There are many more – You choose!!!!