The Crucible Week 5 vocabulary

CP American Lit/Comp
Week 1 Vocabulary
Word, definition, part of speech
1. Epitome: (noun) A representative or
perfect example of a class or type.
He is the epitome of goodness.
2. Euphemism (noun) mild expression
used in place of an unpleasant one.
The phrase “to pass away” is a common
euphemism for dying.
3. Insinuate (verb) hint; imply; creep in.
John insinuated that the girl’s reputation
wasn’t entirely wholesome.
4. Incontrovertible (adj): indisputable; not
open to question.
The facts were incontrovertible; the wreck
was caused by Josie.
5. Incorrigible (adj) willful; unruly;
Mrs. Galland finds many of her students to
be incorrigible and has to send those to the
6. Acquiesce (verb) submit or comply
silently or without protest; agree; consent.
Joey had no choice but to acquiesce to the
plans; he was outvoted.
7. Egregious (adj) extraordinary in some
bad way; glaring; flagrant:
Taylor made an egregious mistake when he
decided to cheat on his exam.
8. Taciturn (adj) inclined to silence;
reserved in speech; reluctant to join in
Diana’s taciturn manner made her an
excellent listener.
9. Melee (noun) confusion; turmoil;
There is always a melee of Christmas
shoppers on Black Friday.
10. Ubiquitous (adj) existing or being
everywhere, esp. at the same time;
A ubiquitous fog spread over the entire
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