Borrowed from Study Guide for Woolfolk Educational Psychology

Borrowed from Study Guide for Woolfolk Educational Psychology-7th Edition, prepared
by Elizabeth Mowrer-Popiel, Allyn & Bacon, 1998
Correlations Application
For each situation, designate whether you believe it to be a positive or negative
correlation and make an educated guess as to whether you feel the correlation is
strong, moderate, weak or difficult to determine. Remember, if both variables go
in the same direction it is a positive correlation. If they go in opposite directions,
it is a negative correlation.
1. _______ __________ coffee consumption and hours of sleep
2. _______
__________ weight lifting and muscle mass
3. _______ __________hours spent partying and hours spent studying
4. _______ __________ occurrence of exams and student illness
5. _______ __________socioeconomic status and academic achievement
6. _______ __________ volume of your stereo and happiness level of your
7. _______ __________ frequency of smiling by your professor and student