Veritas Classical School
Mrs. April Moffatt
Assignment Sheet #1
Parent Note: Welcome to the first week of school. Please visit my blog
www.mrsaprilmoffatt.wordpress.com . Feel free to contact me if you have any questions
at all.
 Student workbook – p. 62-63 Complete the following lessons using the Question
and Answer Flow;
Ch. 1, Lesson 5, practice 1
Ch. 2, Lesson 3, practice 1
Ch. 2 Lesson 3, practice 2
Ch. 2, Lesson 3, practice 3
Ch. 2, Lesson 3, Practice 4
 Complete Practice Sentence Sheet and review jingles 1-3
 Listen to the assigned jingles everyday.
 Editor-in-chief p. 1 (*Parents; answers are in the back of the book).
*PARENTS: Please go to the blog and click on the Parents Help Tab. You will
find a link to Shurley Grammar’s Parent help guide. At home you must
understand and use the “question and answer flow” method of teaching
grammar. This is VERY important. Just ask your child the questions from the
question and answer flow. This will help them learn to label the parts of speech
 Read Chapters 3 -5 from The Golden Goblet and fill out the Chapter Summary
Sheet using complete sentences.
*Parents: A complete sentence has a subject, a verb, it makes sense, and has
correct punctuation.
 Fill out the “exposition” section on your literature chart neatly. Exposition just
means how the story is exposed at the start of the book. Where does the story
start out? What situation is the main character in?
*Parents: Both Literature Chart and the Chapter Summary Sheet will not be
turned into me each week. It should stay in your child’s binder in the Literature
section. I will check look over it each week, but the students will not turn it in until
we are finished with the novel.
 In your IEW Ancient History- Based Writing Lessons Workbook review Lesson 1,
which we covered in class (page 11-17).
 Follow the instructions on page 13 to complete the assignment,
 Read the Vocab cards for Lesson 1 (green pages). You DO NOT have to cut
them out of your book each week though. You may keep them in your workbook
and just review them.
*Parents: There are pretty simple vocabulary words in the back of the IEW
Ancient History- Based Writing Lessons Workbook on green pages. Students do
not need to cut them out and put them on a ring. Keep them in the book, but
please have them read over them and try to incorporate the words into each
 Read Lessons 4-6 in your Mystery of History text.
 Choose 2 of the following activities from these lessons to complete: 4B, 4C, 5B
(start this one ASAP to see the best results), 6B,
 Bible Reading- Genesis 11:1-9. Be ready to discuss these verses in class.
 Complete Lesson 1, Exercises A-C in Wordly Wise
 In English from the Roots Up find 3 derivative words for each Latin root and write
them on the back of the cards we made in class (bonus-good pg.50, helios-sun
pg. 51). These cards will need to be brought to class each week, however, they
should not be turned in to me. Keep them each week in your backpack. We will
keep adding to them and studying them.
*Parents: We work through the second half of the book this year. We will be
covering pages 51-100 only.
 Read Veritas Press Timeline Cards #1 and #2
 Add the events from your Mystery of History Lessons and the Veritas Press
cards to your accordion timeline. Extra timeline figures can be found on the blog.
 Get familiar with your Atlas and how the index works. Look at the section that
shows all seven continents.
 Find one interesting fact about each continent to share in class next week.
Critical Thinking:
 Mindbenders pg. 1, Think Analogies pg. 1
Signature Sheet
I have read and checked over my student’s assignments and am satisfied that they are
completed in total to the best of his/her ability.
Parent Signature_____________________________________________________
I have completed ALL of my assignments to the best of my ability.
Student Signature_____________________________________________________