Wilson Ch. 1 Reading Questions

AP Gov
Chapter 1 Reading questions: answer on separate sheet of paper in paragraph form.
1. What are the two basic questions to be asked about government in the United States?
(or in any other nation) How are they distinct questions?
2. What is meant by power?
3. How is political power related to authority, legitimacy, and democracy?
4. Distinguish the two concepts of democracy. In which sense does the textbook refer to
the U.S. government as democratic?
5. What is the difference between majoritarian politics and elitist politics?
6. Compare and contrast the four major theories of elitist politics.
7. What demonstrates that democratic politics is not simply a self-serving enterprise?
8. What is the role of history in studying politics and what different factors influence
political change?
9. Why does political change make political scientists cautious in stating how politics
works or what values dominate it (think about preferences)?
10. Define all key terms (list on p. 15; bolded in chapter)
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