Head of the River Family camp Details and Program

Head of the River Family Camp
Bendeela Camping Ground
Friday 11th – Sunday, 13th March 2016
The Head of the River Camp is an annual Shoalhaven Scout Family Camp. The emphasis is on
a very laid back social weekend of fun and novelty activities involving the whole family.
The camp starts on Friday evening and runs until Sunday early afternoon. You can come for both
nights, 1 night or just during the day. Join in the events or just hang around and enjoy the
atmosphere and company. You can choose whether you bring a tent or caravan or any other form
of camping apparatus. If you don’t have any of the above, beg borrow or steal them from a friend,
neighbor or your Scout group.
There are canoe races from The Hampden Bridge in Kangaroo Valley down the river to Bendeela
(about 6km) on Saturday and Sunday mornings for Scouts, Venturers and adults, as well as some
fun races Saturday afternoon round markers at Bendeela. While there are always the paddlers
who want to win, there are also lots of family paddlers out for a leisurely dawdle with friends. Prior
to each race there will be an assessment to determine if races will run based on river level (flow)
and having enough safety staff.
Rob Halley will again be running the Carp fishing competition with prizes for the biggest fish
caught, the most fish caught and other random participant prizes. Bring your fishing rod or line
and a tin of corn kernels (the best bait for Carp) and win yourself a prize. Don’t forget that you will
only require a fishing license if you are over 18 years of age. Parents can assist children without
the need for a license, but cannot hold the line or rod.
There are small prizes for the various races. A trophy for the overall weekend winning
Shoalhaven Group with points being gained for participation, 1st to 5th places of each major
race and from the fishing comp.
Bendeela is a Sydney Water camping area on the Kangaroo River arm of the Tallowa Dam. To
get there you should travel through Kangaroo Valley Township from Nowra and over the Hamden
Bridge. About 400 metres past the bridge turn left at the sign and travel another 3.8km before
turning left again at another sign. Follow the road a further 2.2km down to the sharp left turn at the
bottom of the hill. We will be down there somewhere. There are two sections of the camp area so
if you can’t find your group in the first section, try the second.
Unfortunately there are no fires allowed at the Bendeela campsite, but some groups will probably
take their scout barbecue as well as a large dining fly for the group to use. All families are
welcome to come and participate in the activities for all ages if they wish.
Each group is responsible for the organisation of canoes and life jackets for their own scouts etc.
This is a “Family” camp, so no permission notes are required to camp however, a note will be
required (adults and youth) to use the Scout Canoes at any time or to participate in any of the
planned scout activities. E1 forms for participants are to be managed and held by the groups. Only
one note is required per person for the all weekend activities. Remember, encourage your group’s
families to start planning for this weekend now. If you require more information about this great
event, talk to your groups Leaders or give me a ring and I will do my best to answer your
Steve Phelps 0439625018
Head of the River Family Camp
Bendeela Camping Ground
Events Program
To participate / enter in any event over the weekend or to utilise scout craft each participant
must have submitted a signed activity note (E1 forms) to their group. These will be
available on the weekend and must be submitted to your group Leader prior to race start.
PFDs (life jackets) must be worn by anyone using a Scout Canoe / Kayak.
After each race paddles and PFD are to be returned to applicable groups – Don’t leave them
unattended with canoe down near the waters edge.
Fishing Competition:
Runs from dawn Saturday until 11:30am Sunday – register prior to fishing. Canoes can only be
used during daylight hours. Weigh in Sat 12pm to 9pm and Sun 8am to 11:30am with prizes for
the largest fish caught & the most fish caught plus some random participation prizes.
Fishing Clinic (11:30am):
An experienced member or fisheries officer will give a brief talk & answer your questions relating
to fishing in NSW & may give tips on catching that big carp.
Hampden Bridge to Bendeela Races:
Registration for Race, brief at Start for all participants
**You need to leave Bendeela by 9:45am to make it to the start of these races.
10.30 am
2 man Canadian Canoe – Venturer Canoe
10.30 am
2 man Canadian Canoe – Adult race 18+ Canoe
10.33 am
1 man Scout Kayak Race
10.35 am
2 man Canadian Canoe – Parent Child races (if canoes available)
Short course and novelty races – No need to register for this, just turn up (note times
are approx & maybe slightly earlier or later). No previous canoeing experience needed.
Joey or Cub age and Parent Canoe Race – single paddles
Cub Canoe Race – single paddles
Scout Sprint Race – single paddles
Venturer Sprint Races – single paddles
Pick Up Sticks – Open to all (Child / parents – max 3 per canoe)
Group Relay (2 x Cub age, 2 x Scout age, 2 x Others)
4:00pm approx
Family (3 persons / canoe) Umbrella Canadian Canoe. Marker Buoy Circuit
Race (Max two paddlers, third member to hold an opened rain umbrella).
Hampden Bridge to Bendeela Races:
8:15-9am Registration for Race, brief at Start for all participants
**You need to leave Bendeela by 9:15am to make it to the start of these races.
1 man Venturers Kayak Race
Open Kayak Race (Venturers & over 18’s) age
10.05 am
2 man Canadian Canoe – Scout age
10.10 am
2 man Canadian Canoe – Parent Child 2 (if canoes available)
Events Presentation 1pm
Head of the River Family Camp
Event Details
Entry Forms / Registration / Safety requirements
Participants of all events must have completed a signed permission (Activity) note and be
wearing enclosed footwear and approved PFD (lifejacket). Activity E1 notes are to be held by
your groups Leader on the weekend (if you have no Leader, then hand into registration)
Hampden Bridge to Bendeela Races (must register):
- Registration 1 hour prior to event is required for the Hampden Bridge to Bendeela Races.
- Canoes should have a bailer and spare paddle. Either double or single paddles may be used.
- Youth kayakers must have previous kayak experience (including practice capsizing) and be
recommended by their Leader or Parent. Final decision is up to the organisers.
- Canoe participants must have some previous canoeing experience and confident to paddle
approx 6km.
- Parent / Child race is for Cubs or inexperienced Scouts to join parent.
- There will be small prizes for 1st 2nd & 3rd.
Short Course and Novelty Races
Parent / Cub/Joey and Cub Canoe Races **
Race across the river to collect a clothes peg from a rope on the opposite bank. First team back
with a peg handed to the “judge” will be the winner. Single paddles only are to be used. Only 1
adult per canoe for the Adult Cub/Joey race.
Scout / Venturer Sprint Races **
Go fast, as per instructions on the day.
Pick Up Sticks **
Placed in the water will be heaps of small sticks/matches. Your team will start at the bank - no
paddles will be used. The team who collects the most sticks will win (you may have two or three
people per canoe). Sunken canoes will be disqualified.
Group Relay **
Each Team (of 6 people; consisting of at least 2 Joey/cub & 2 scout age team mates) will be
required to paddle across the river (two at a time)
First team will have no paddles and will collect one on the opposite bank then return.
Second Team will have one paddle and collect the second on the opposite bank then return.
Third Team are to collect an item (TBA) from the opposite bank then return.
Umbrella Race **
Family (3 persons / canoe) Umbrella Canadian Canoe
Marker Buoy Circuit Race (Max two paddlers, third member to hold an opened rain umbrella).
Two of the 3 participants must be from the same family in most cases. Don’t forget to bring an
**No Registration is required for these races. Prizes for short course races will be little treats at the
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