June, 2010
Food and Beverage Companies Continue to Raise the Bar When Advertising to Kids
Children’s Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative report shows marked progress through self-regulation
The second annual report issued by the Council of Better Business Bureaus on the progress of the Children’s Food and
Beverage Advertising Initiative shows that, because of the self-regulatory efforts of the nation’s leading food and
beverage producers, there has been a continued significant shift in children’s advertising in the United States toward
the promotion of healthier dietary choices and lifestyles.
As outlined in the report, participants have been reformulating products and introducing new products and meals to
meet well-established, science-based nutrition standards. The CFBAI also welcomed three new food companies in the
last year, bringing the total number of participants to 16 and expanding the program’s market place coverage.
“Three years ago BBB and leading food companies launched the Initiative to use advertising to promote healthier
dietary choices and lifestyles to kids,” said Elaine D. Kolish, CBBB vice president and director of the CFBAI. “Because
of the Initiative, most of the major children’s food marketers now use transparent, science-based nutrition standards to
determine what products to advertise to children. As a result, more child-directed advertising now is for products that
have fewer calories and are lower in fats, sugars and sodium.”
The progress report covers pledge compliance and highlights the major changes that were undertaken by participants
to continually raise the bar in promoting healthier options to kids. Since the previous report was issued:
 Three more companies joined the CFBAI: Dannon Company Inc., Nestlé USA and Post Foods LLC.
 BBB’s review and independent monitoring found that CFBAI participants did an excellent job of implementing
and complying with their individual pledges. There were only a few compliance issues, which have been
 Several participants enhanced their nutrition criteria to make their pledges more rigorous, adding or lowering
sodium limits or adding positive nutrient requirements.
 Others reformulated products, reducing their sugar, fat or sodium content, or introduced new products that
met their BBB-approved standards.
“The companies that voluntarily participate in the Initiative are committed to improving the nutritional profiles of their
products.” added Kolish. “Many childhood favorites were reformulated or are no longer advertised to children and,
because the nutrition standards are competition-driven, some participants have already revised their criteria to make
them even more rigorous. Notably, Cadbury, the Coca-Cola Company, Hershey and Mars do not advertise to kids at all,
and Nestlé USA no longer advertises Willy Wonka candies to children.
The report also provides an informal analysis of the nutritional content of products advertised during a randomlyselected sample of 54 hours of children’s television programming. CFBAI’s analysis found that, in addition to meeting
participants’ pledge-approved nutrition standards, 83 percent of the advertising for participants’ child-directed food
and beverage products in the sample provided at least a “good” source of a nutrient shortfall for children (vitamin E,
calcium, magnesium, potassium, or fiber), or provided at least a half serving of fruit, vegetables, low-fat dairy, or 8
grams of whole grains.
As detailed in the report, on company-owned, child-directed Web sites the participants limited branded products to
those that met the participants’ nutrition standards, and they generally also provided healthy lifestyle messaging in
conjunction with those Web sites. The report also includes examples of how advertising and products have changed
since the CFBAI was launched.
The progress evaluates the compliance of the 12 participants (Burger King Corporation; Cadbury Adams USA LLC;
Campbell Soup Company; The Coca-Cola Company; ConAgra Foods, Inc.; General Mills Inc.; The Hershey Company;
Kraft Foods Global, Inc.; Mars Snackfoods US, LLC; McDonald’s USA, LLC; PepsiCo, Inc.; and Unilever) whose
pledges were in effect during 2008—the first full year that participants’ pledges were operational.
This report also describes the steps that three other participants (The Dannon Company Inc., Kellogg Company and
Nestlé USA) took to prepare for implementing their pledges, which went into effect on January 1, 2009. Post Foods
LLC joined the CFBAI effective October 1, 2009 so this report does not include information about its pledge
President’s Column: BBB Advice to Increase Your Chances of Getting a
Small Business Loan
As I travel the state, I hear more and more business owners and BBB leaders talking about a rebounding economy. I
know of many businesses providing more bids than in 2009 or 2008. There is optimism.
But finding funding to expand an existing business has been more difficult than usual lately. While the economy
improves, banks are still reticent about lending to small business owners and the Better Business Bureau recommends
developing a solid business plan to earn the bank’s trust and increase your chances of landing a loan.
According to a recent survey by the Federal Reserve, small business owners are still having a hard time getting loans.
Only 2 percent of banks surveyed had loosened their standards for making commercial and industrial loans which was
equal to the number of banks that had tightened their standards further.
Any steps that you can take to make your loan seem less risky will ease the bank’s fears about lending to you and
increase your chances of getting financing. This includes creating an excellent comprehensive business plan and
devising a solid strategy to pay the bank back.
To increase the chances of getting a loan, BBB recommends that small business owners and entrepreneurs:
Talk to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) or its free counseling partners. Talking to a
counselor or lender relations specialist can help increase your chances of getting a small business loan. The SBA has
lender relations specialists who work at field offices in every state. The SBA’s partners can also help and include about
900 Small Business Development Centers at colleges and universities, about 100 Women’s Business Centers and a
network of about 10,000 retired executives (called SCORE) who mentor entrepreneurs and small business
owners. Generally, all of these counseling and training services are free.
Review Your Credit Report. Lenders will take into consideration your personal credit history and if your report
has any errors it could affect your chances of getting the loan. You can check your credit report once a year for free with
the three major reporting bureaus—Transunion, Experian and Equifax-- at www.annualcreditreport.com. If you find
errors, contact the reporting bureau to set the record straight.
Create a Comprehensive and Professional-Looking Business Plan. Lenders want to know that you have
done your research, considered your risks and the current climate for opportunity and planned for the future.
Thoughtfully and thoroughly explain how much money you need and how you’ll use it. Put care into the final product,
not only in the content, but also how it looks. You want to put your most professional foot forward and that means
preparation, attention to detail and a polished presentation.
Show that you’re personally invested. If you have money invested in your own business, it will show the lender
that you are personally dedicated to the success of the venture.
Plan to pay it back. Banks are in the business of making money. To that end, they want to know that you have a
solid plan for paying back the loan and can also provide enough collateral to cover the loan if the business fails.
Start with who you know. If you already have a good relationship with your personal bank, start your search there.
Ideally, your lender also works with the SBA—which will widen your loan options. Don’t rule out the possibility of
getting a loan from a smaller local bank.
I hope the energy I sense in the economy is real. I also hope you will use these tips and your designation as a BBB
Accredited Business to capitalize and grow.
Good Luck!
- Chris Coleman, President
BBB Alert: Suspicious Low Cost Health Plans
In the midst of a tight economy and in the wake of the new national healthcare reform bill, there has been a surge in
healthcare-related scams. Better Business Bureau advises consumers to do their research before signing up for any
health care plans or insurance coverage because their personal and financial health is on the line.
According to an October 2009 survey conducted by the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, 57 percent of state fraud
bureaus reported a higher incidence of health insurance fraud in 2009 compared to the previous year. The increase was
largely attributed to “unauthorized entities selling fake coverage” and “the rise of medical discount plans.”
“Navigating the healthcare system can be a tricky maze and coordinating your physicians, prescriptions and insurance
coverage isn’t always easy,” said Alison Southwick, BBB spokesperson. “One of the first steps to finding healthcare
services that are a good personal fit, is to start with a provider you can trust.”
Companies such as HealthcareOne/Elite Healthcare, Consolidated Workers Association, and Smart Data
Solutions/American Trade Association, have all recently come under fire from state regulators for peddling worthless
coverage or discount medical plans—instead of actual insurance—to thousands of consumers.
Additionally, the new healthcare reform bill quickly sparked new scams; shortly after it was signed into law, the US
Department of Health and Human Services issued a warning to consumers to beware of health insurance offers
claiming to be part of new federal regulations. For example in Missouri, the state Insurance Director warned that a
door-to-door salesman was claiming to be a federal agent selling insurance under the new law.
BBB recommends taking the following steps when shopping for health insurance coverage to avoid getting ripped off:
Research the company with BBB. Always check out the insurer’s BBB Reliability Report online at bbb.org.
Reliability reports are available for free and will tell you how many complaints the business has received, whether there
has been any government actions brought against the business, as well as BBB’s overall rating.
Confirm the company is licensed with the state insurance commissioner. Each state has a department
devoted to regulating insurance companies. Make sure the insurer is licensed to operate in your state.
Read the fine print carefully. Make sure all verbal commitments are in the fine print. Don’t just take the
company’s word for it. Also confirm with your pharmacist and doctor that they accept the plan you’re considering.
Recognize the difference between insurance and discount medical cards. Some consumers purchased what
they thought was health insurance but was actually a discount medical card which could only be used to get reduced
rates at limited doctor’s offices and pharmacies. Make sure you’re purchasing insurance coverage and not just a
discount medical card. The discount card is usually far less expensive then true insurance coverage and appeals to
people needing insurance but have limited funds.
Beware of copy cats. Some phony insurers will go by a name that is similar to a trusted company. Confirm that
you’re really dealing with the right company that has a good reputation.
For more advice on finding healthcare companies and services you can trust, visit http://www.bbb.org/us/consumertips-health/
Ad Reviews
Advertising Review promotes truth in advertising to enhance consumer confidence in businesses that advertise.
Following are cases that represent recent advertising review matters your BBB pursued. Challenges made by the BBB,
using the BBB Code of Advertising, result from information given by consumers, competitors and through the BBB’s
own monitoring efforts. The fact that a particular business responds to a BBB challenge is a compliment to their
willingness to cooperate with the BBB’s self-regulatory process and not to be taken as an admission of impropriety on
any advertiser’s part.
Allmakes Office Furniture, Moline, IL
Challenge: “QC’s Largest Selection of New & Used but Nice
Office Furniture”
Response: Company substantiated their claim
Lindquist Ford, Inc., Bettendorf, IA
Challenge: “Ford F-150 #1 Selling Vehicle on the Planet”
Response: Company substantiated their claim
Louie’s Floor Covering Inc, Des Moines, IA
Challenge: “12 Months Financing.”
Response: Company discontinued the advertisement
Artis Home Gallerie, West Des Moines, IA
Challenge: “Save Up To 40% OFF.”
Response: Company agreed to modify future
Aqua Oasis, Johnston, IA
Challenge: “Financing Available.”
Response: Company discontinued the advertisement
Swimming Pool Supply Company, Grimes, IA
Challenge: “Reduced up to 45% and Reduced up to 35%.”
Response: Company discontinued the advertisement
Beyer Roofing, Clear Lake, IA
Challenge: “Financing Available.”
Response: Company agreed to modify future advertisements
Algona Marine, Algona, IA
Challenge: “We will not be undersold. On the spot
financing/Special Financing.”
Response: Company failed to respond to the BBB
See And Be Seen With the BBB
Our networking event last month in Cedar Rapids was a great success. Thanks to all that
attended and thanks to our BBB Corridor Advisory Council for their support. We had about 35
people in attendance and the feedback has been very positive. Keep your eye out for the BBB
booth at the Farmers Market in Cedar Rapids and for further information about Shred It events
in Cedar Rapids and Des Moines.
The BBB has decided to participate again this year at the Iowa State Fair by having a booth in the
Varied Industries Building. With nearly l million folks attending the Fair this is a great way to
increase the visibility and accessibility of your BBB. Our dedicated staff is geared up to man the
booth, answer questions and otherwise spread the good word about the BBB. Come by and see us
while you are at the Fair August 12 through August 22 and we’ll give you a special BBB treat!
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Happy Anniversary
The following businesses reaffirmed their dedication and pride in their communities and dedication to fair, honest and good
business practices by recently renewing as an Accredited Business of the BBB. The BBB appreciates their generous and vital
50+ Years
IMT Group
25 - 49 Years
Carpetland USA
Midwest Builders Inc of Iowa
Overhead Door Co of Cedar Rapids & Iowa City
Reynolds & Reynolds
10 – 24 Years
A M Design/Drafting
Baker Communications
Cummins Central Power
Drew Law Firm
Dubuque Area Chamber of Commerce
Heritage Landscape Design
Holt Plumbing & Heating
International Paper Recycling
Jim Geise Commercial Roofing
Julia’s Farm Kennels
Kelly Heating & A/C
Kennedy Marine
Martens & Company CPA LLP
Mason City Glass Service
McCartney Improvement
Midwest Construction & Supply
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Minutemen Press of Davenport
Oaks Construction
Peterson Roofing & Home Improvement
Pro-Line Building
Q Home Services
Rubber Roofing Systems
Screenscape Studios
Security Locksmiths
Springer Professional Home Services
Taylor Garages
Thiel Motor Sales
Waddle Exteriors
White Roofing
Westside Auto Pros
5 – 9 Years
Adel Tire & Service
Benway Concrete
Blue Water Luxury Pools & Design
Brad Van Weelden
Centurion Stone of Iowa
Chariot Construction
Color Works Sportswear & Screenprinting
Construction Professionals
D’s Auto & Truck
Dan Wiese Marketing Research
Day’s Door Company
Dr Chris S Beckwith PC
Executive Cleaners
Flynn & Boyle’s Furniture City
Furman Corporation
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Goodwin House Moving
Greener Alternatives Lawn Care
Home Products N More
J T M Concepts
Kymbyl Komplete Kare
Leaf Guard of Central Iowa
Master Tool and Manufacturing
Merit Research Services
Miller Pest & Termite
Moser Family Pharmacy
Oakwood Builders Group
Pacha Crane Services
Pinnacle Engineering
Professional Medical Management
Randy Wessling Construction
Retirement Benefit Administrators
Riverside Collision Repair
Russell Consulting Group
Scotty’s Body Shop
Tri-State Heating and Electric
V S R Financial Services of Pella
Van’t Hof Concrete
Village Veterinary Hospital
Walton Builders
Watts Vault & Monument
Wiese Construction
Wild Horse Trading
Windows by Pella
Windows USA
Woody’s Auto Repair Service
(5 – 9 Years Continued)
World of Bikes
Ymker Insulation
Zone 5 Designs
1 – 4 Years
A Q Allstate Pest Control
Accurate Painting
Actually Clean Floor & Furniture
Advanced Restoration Services
All Paws Pet Salon
Animal Rescue League of Iowa
Apex Construction
Automated Lifestyles
B & B Vent & Hood Cleaning
Beenken Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning
Ben Ulin Productions
Betenbender Manufacturing
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US Grain Storage Systems
Von Hagel Lawn Care
Wigman Company
Wilbur Ford Sales
William Easton Design
Windows Doors & More
Wrenched Automotive
Advertising Your Accreditation
If you want to advertise your BBB Accreditation in the phone directory or other
print advertising the BBB will be happy to assist you with providing the
appropriate Accreditation seal and further information about the proper use of
advertising your BBB Accredited Business status. Please remember that there
are specific guidelines for advertising your Accreditation both offline and online
and we would be happy to help you advertise the right way. Please contact Laura
with the BBB serving Greater Iowa, Quad Cities and Siouxland Region at 1-800222-1600 extension 303 for personal assistance with your advertising needs.