English 436 Syllabus

English 436
World Literature Course Syllabus for 2015/2016
Course Objective:
 Students will improve their writing ability.
 Students will gain greater mastery of the English language.
 Students will read and respond to various pieces of literature.
 Students will develop critical thinking skills as related to course content.
 Students will develop oral (speaking) skills.
Required Materials: Each student needs to bring reading material (appropriate book of choice, etc., for
any down time – library time may be granted to obtain – Classroom library) pen (blue or black ink),
pencil, at least a notebook (journal/grammar), course folder, paper and required textbooks/novels to class
each day.
Texts: Glencoe Literature:World Literature: Sixth Course; Elements of Language: Sixth Course (as
needed); and various supplementary novels, short stories, poetry, etc.
Homework Policy: Late daily homework will not be accepted. Homework is due at the beginning or end
of the period depending the assignment and placed in the appropriate class bin. Teacher will not accept
any papers handed directly to him WARNING!!! NEVER PLACE IT ON MY DESK). Long term
assignments such as essays will be accepted late with a 10% penalty per school day after the assigned due
date. Turn in homework on time! The grammar and writing components of the class will be worked in
with short daily assignments while the literature is being covered. Homework policy will be strictly
Grading Scale:
100 – 90
89 – 80
79 – 70
69 – 60
59 or below
Tentative Layout on What we’ll be doing this year:
 Selections from Africa (“Osiris and Isis”, “The Voter”, “The Rain Came”)
 Selections from Ancient Greece and Rome (Illiad, Oedipus the King)
 Selections from Southwest and South Central Asia (“The Second Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor”,
“Hundred Questions” from the Mahabharata” )
 Selections from East Asia and the Pacific (“The Doll’s House”, “Jade Flower Palace”)
 Selections from Europe (“Lay of the Werewolf”, Divine Comedy, Don Quixote)
 Selections from the Americas (“The Night Face Up”, “Day of the Butterfly”)
I would like to read at least four novels -- tentatively and subject to change. Examples are as
 Life of Pi
 The Joy Luck Club
 A Doll’s House
 Things Fall Apart
 Argumentative Essay
Teacher reserves the right to change all aspects of this syllabus at any time. Students will be notified of
any changes.
English 436
Literary Analysis
Research Project
Reflective Journals
Random Essays
Other writing as time permits
 Grammar Focus - Areas in which students continue to struggle - I.E. commas! Capitalization!
Sentence Structure! Agreement!
 Vocabulary
o Essential Vocabulary
o Literary terms
o College appropriate
Contact Information:
Phone: (217) 525 – 3080, ext. 182
E-mail: [email protected]
Grades are weighted:
- Journals: 15%
- Tests: 25%
- Projects: 25%
- Homework/in-class: 10%
- Attendance/Participation: 10%
- Quizzes: 15%
Teacher reserves the right to change all aspects of this syllabus at any time. Students will be notified of
any changes.