1. Before becoming head coach at Maryland, Ralph Friedgen’s last collegiate job was as offensive
coordinator for this team. This team once suspended its starting quarterback, Eddie McAshan, for both
its rivalry game and bowl game after McAshan demanded extra tickets for his family. In recent years,
this team included a star wide receiver who now plays for the Lions, Calvin Johnson, and fired head
coach Chan Gailey. A coaching award and this team's current stadium are named for its coach from 1945
to 1967, Bobby Dodd; under earlier coach John Heisman, it defeated Cumberland 222 to nothing. For 10
points, name this ACC program which plays home games in Atlanta and is a rival to the Bulldogs.
ANSWER: Georgia Tech
2. The trend of providing this began on April 28, 2009, with the Taste the Fire Offer at a chain found
mostly in California. In addition to this item, that program also included tortillas and salsa as a side dish.
In response to a $4.99 offer for a similar product which led to long lines and the exhaustion of supplies
in New York, another company attempted to provide this in May, but ended up putting its CEO Roger
Eaton on television to apologize for poor planning. Larger-than-expected demand for this, following a
mention on Oprah, led to that botched promotion for this new product, which was previously hawked
by Gerry Garvin and Sandra Lee. For 10 points, identify this item that is now available at El Pollo Loco
and KFC, but not Popeye’s, and which people apparently go nuts over not having to pay for.
ANSWER: free grilled chicken [prompt on chicken; do not accept or prompt on “fried chicken” or “free
fried chicken” since both the El Pollo Loco and KFC giveaways were of grilled chicken]
3. After one character on this show announced “you’ll never get an Emmy” in a meta-joke, the
protagonist rounded up 130 dollars in cash and announced that he was going out to buy some Golden
Globes. This show’s first nine episodes were all named for puns involving chemistry, a tradition ended
with episode 10, entitled “Science Names Suck.” The main characters in this show invented a caffeinated
hybrid of coffee and beer called Buzz Beer, and the title figure’s brother, a cross-dresser, married his
work rival, the heavily makeuped Mimi. This show’s original theme songs “What Is Hip” and “Moon Over
Parma” were replaced for the season three premiere with a song about “living in sin with a safety pin.”
For 10 points, name this show about a man who works at a department store for Mr. Wick in Cleveland,
an ABC sitcom that ended in 2004 and whose star now hosts The Price is Right.
ANSWER: The Drew Carey Show
4. In 1976, actress Claudine Longet fatally shot an American star in this sport, Spider Sabich. One star in
this sport was paired with OJ Simpson as a Chevrolet spokesman, an experience chronicled in an essay
about that man’s “temptations” by Hunter S. Thompson. Han Xiaopeng won a gold medal in this sport at
the Turin Olympics, and American champions in it include Phil Mahre and Tommy Moe. On the women’s
side, a 1998 gold medal went to Picabo Street for victory in its Super-G form. For 10 points, name this
sport with Nordic, Alpine, slalom, and cross-country varieties.
ANSWER: skiing [accept any variant or sub-sport of skiing, like if someone buzzes in with “giant slalom”
or “Nordic skiing” or “alpine skiing” or whatever before it’s read]
5. The radio station KSEV is a frequent critic of this newspaper and created a parody character which
mocks its editorial page by asserting that light rail is the solution to every problem, while Bill O’Reilly
alleged that this paper fabricated an anti-war quote from the family of dead soldier Leroy Sandoval.
Regular opinion columnists for this newspaper include Robert Jensen, who attracted ire for asserting
that the U.S. was “just as guilty” as the 9/11 hijackers, and cartoonist Nick Anderson. It is the largest
newspaper in America to have never won a Pulitzer, and its Thursday editions contain local supplements
for such neighborhoods as The Woodlands, Katy, The Third Ward, or Clear Lake. For 10 points, name this
Hearst Corporation outlet, the most-read newspaper in Texas.
ANSWER: The Houston Chronicle
6. The 80s games Pyjamarama and Pengo both used this song for their soundtrack loop. Its most popular
version led off an album where it was followed by a version of “Day By Day” from Godspell and
performed by Stan Free. Originally created for an album of early synthesizer tracks entitled Music to
Moog By, this song later became the follow-up to “Axel F” in the series of remixes credited to “Crazy
Frog.” For 10 points, name this instrumental tune penned by Gershon Kingsley and made famous by Hot
Butter, whosetitle refers to the similarity of the song to the sounds of producing a certain snack.
ANSWER: “Popcorn”
7. The next theatrical effort for this film's director was a teen drama about allowing girls to play soccer,
Gracie. Autobiographical elements mentioned in this movie include the death of the narrator's sister
Nancy from lung cancer and the opportunity to take a class taught by Roger Revelle. Major scenes focus
on the Oreskes survey and the Keeling curve. This Davis Guggenheim-directed film incorporates footage
of the main figure’s appearance on a Futurama episode where that figure proclaimed “I have ridden the
mighty moon-worm.” It also includes a clip of Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe declaring this film’s
subject a “great hoax.” For 10 points, name this movie centering on a Keynote slideshow delivered by Al
Gore about climate change.
ANSWER: An Inconvenient Truth
8. One of her songs says "going to a movie only makes me feel sad" and compares herself to "a summer
rose" that "needs the sun and rain." This singer was Oscar-nominated for performing Burt Bucharach's
contribution to the original Casino Royale soundtrack, “The Look of Love.” She recorded the most
successful versions of “I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself” and “Wishing and Hoping,” but her
biggest hit was a song that Aretha Franklin passed on. That song asks "Can I get away again tonight?"
while recounting the look in the eyes of Billy Ray. For 10 points, name this singer, known for her ornate
beehive hairdo and for the song “Son of a Preacher Man.”
ANSWER: Dusty Springfield
9. On The Bernie Mac Show, Bernie's skill at this game allows him to prevent giving in to Vanessa's desire
to wear makeup and Jordan's wish for a paintbull gun. An episode of Jack & Bobby focuses on one
character learning this game from Peter and includes a flash-forward of the President playing it in the
Oval Office. George Costanza theorizes that one participant in this game "likes to stay home and cook"
seconds before breaking up with a woman who defeats him at it; in an earlier Seinfeld episode, it is
played between Jerry’s brain and penis. Its rules are famously explained as a metaphor for the drug
trade by D’Angelo in the first season of The Wire. For 10 points, name this game, played threedimensionally on Star Trek and against Deep Blue or Vladimir Kramnik in real life.
ANSWER: chess
10. His TV roles include Harvey Daley, the last murder victim on Gunsmoke. Tyler Shields's celebrity
photo book The Dirty Side of Glamour depicts this man in a straitjacket, and a clip of the photo shoot in
which this man pledged "I'm going to pull your endocrine system out of your body" has become a minor
meme. He explaines that "try" means "tomorrow's really yesterday" in a 2003 miniseries consisting of
him driving around and talking to Adam de la Pena, entitled “I’m With” this man. His recent screen work
includes portraying a Jewish doctor who steals Arab organs for black market resale in Valley of the
Wolves Iraq. For 10 points, name this actor, perhaps less known for his roles as over-the-hill pitcher
Steadman in Rookie of the Year or highway patrolman in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas than for his
large teeth and frequent loony behavior.
ANSWER: Gary Busey
11. One of the rarer events in this game is the appearance of Lusca the Giant Octopus. An upcoming
expansion for this game will take place in Praetoria and be called "Going Rogue." Players can oppose the
Circle of Thorns in Perez Park or use the Invention System to circumvent the hated Enhancement
Diversification Requirement in this game, whose sequel introduced the “archetypes” of Wolf Spiders
and Blood Widows. While this game is set in Paragon City, its sequel is confined to the Rogue Isles. For
10 points, name this MMORPG in which players create an original superpowered do-gooder, whichi was
followed-up by a similar title about “Villains.”
ANSWER: City of Heroes
12. The writer of this song first used it in his funk band Bad Radio, and later had to be talked into
including it on a commercial record rather than giving it to a Greenpeace benefit album for free. A
bootleg of a live performance of this song captures the singer saying it’s about “that bastard that
married my mama,” and other live recordings find it stitched together with a cover of “Save It For Later.”
One figure in this song has memories that recall "back when she was bold and strong and waiting for the
world to come along," and is said to “dream in color” and “dream in red.” For 10 points, name this song
about a woman who “lies and says she’s in love with him,” a chronicle of an abusive relationship off the
Vitalogy album by Pearl Jam.
ANSWER: “Better Man”
13. In Pool C of the 2009 World Baseball Classic, this team scored two lopsided wins against Italy and
then edged the U.S. 5-3 in the seeding game. Ultimately knocked out by South Korea in the semifinals,
this team included a few players from its native league teams, such as Navegantes del Magallane, Tigres
de Aragua, and the "Leones" of the nation's capital. Most of its WBC roster was MLB players, including
César Izturis, Carlos Guillén, Miguel Cabrera, and Frankie Rodriguez. For 10 points, name this country,
also the birthplace of Johan Santana and Ozzie Guillén, who often shares opinions about its longtime
president Hugo Chavez.
ANSWER: Venezuela
14. A flashback on an episode of Lost shows Ben tricking Juliet into meeting him for a romantic dinner at
which this entree is cooking. A plan involving this substance is depicted alongside the earwigger,
Brillstein grab, and pigeon drop in a list of father-and-son scams investigated by Homer and Bart
Simpson, and apparently involves Albany. A frustrated Napoleon Dynamite exhorts the llama Tina to eat
some of this, and an entire one was notably thrown into the neighbors’ yard by Sharon on The
Osbournes. In another appearance, this food is one of two decried "in a house," "with a fox," and "on a
train" before being tried by the companion of Sam-I-Am. For 10 points, name this pork product which
Dr. Seuss colors green along with some eggs.
15. This phrase was first uttered following "Over to Sam Jones." Just before this phrase was yelled,
possession changed due to a pass that bounced off a support wire. The action described by this phrase
thwarted Hal Greer's attempt to inbound to Chet Walker and led to the defeat of the Philadelphia
Warriors in Game 7 of the conference finals. Coined by Johnny Most, this four-word phrase described an
action that allowed a team to stay alive and win its seventh of eight consecutive championships. For 10
points, name this iconic basketball broadcasting call, which refers to a member of the 1965 Celtics
intercepting a pass to seal a win.
ANSWER: "Havlicek stole the ball"
16. Herbie Flowers recorded two bass tracks, including one on a double bass, for this song, and the
saxophone part at the end is played by Ronnie Ross. Short anecdotes about the singer’s acquaintances
Joe Dallesandro, Jackie Curtis, and Holly Woodlawn make up the verses of this song, which contains
backing vocals by David Bowie. It refers to Joe Campbell as “The Sugar Plum Fairy” and describes him
“looking for soul food and a place to eat,” and the chorus is attributed to “the colored girls.” A
transsexual who “shaved her leg and then he was a she” is described in the first verse, signaling the
subject matter of, for 10 points, what Lou Reed song?
ANSWER: “Walk on the Wild Side”
17. One character on this show suffers from 5-alpha-reductase deficiency due to his parents practicing
incest. A one-time character, Silas Prine, was found to be sewing together body parts from a morgue,
including his sister’s head, to create an “ideal woman.” A third season plotline saw Quentin Costa hired
to handle extra work at the central office, only for viewers to learn that Costa was the serial rapist
known as “The Carver.” The show focuses on a practice operated by Christian Troy and Sean McNamara,
played by Julian McMahon and Dylan Walsh. For 10 points, name this FX drama about plastic surgery.
ANSWER: Nip/Tuck
18. A couple in this movie goes on a date to a vegan restaurant and is given a plate of yeast and algae;
they then realize that they are not vegans and go out for cheesesteaks. A picture of a squirrel is used to
deceive one character in this film. One character in this movie has to drive another home because the
latter’s husband is glued to the radio trying to win a contest for tickets; this gives the main character the
opportunity to discover the large iguana that lives in her acquaintance’s house. Sigourney Weaver’s
character Chaffee Bicknell charges one hundred thousand dollars for her services, and a character
played by Dennis O’Hare in this movie informs the protagonist that a certain item being “T-shaped”
creates million-to-one odds. After a courtroom scene and a maternity test, a child is named after Gwen
Stefani at the end of this film. For 10 points, name this comedy about Kate Holbrook, who hires Angie
Ostriowiski, played by Amy Poehler, as a surrogate mother, a 2008 movie starring Tina Fey.
ANSWER: Baby Mama
19. A version of this character as a superhero appeared in a comic named for his “time police.” In the
1990s, this character was given a baby sister named Forsythia, who is more often referred to as
Jellybean. Considered the second-smartest member of his class after Dilton Doiley, he has never
explained why he wears a sweater with a large “S” on it. This character is often chased by Big Ethel and
displays a notable piece of vestigial fashion, which was alleged to represent his dominant position in a
gay relationship in Chasing Amy. This fan of hamburgers is actually displaying a common 1940s symbol
of low-income fashion, an inside-out fedora with baubles stuck to it, not wearing a crown. For 10 points,
name this best friend of Archie.
ANSWER: Jughead Jones
20. The 2009 season finale of this show involved the fate of the first female cadet at a military school.
Earlier episodes investigated a woman who was selling Tupperware in Mississippi and a man who
pledged to kill another sex offender every day until his son’s attacker was found. Cast members include
Tracie Thoms, whose character Kat Miller is the daughter of a gang member, and Danny Pino, the male
lead, who portrays Scotty Valens. Each episode of this show ends with a musical montage that sets an
era-appropriate song over footage of victims’ ghosts smiling at Lily Rush. For 10 points, name this show
about cops who investigate old murders.
ANSWER: Cold Case
1. Name these competitive eaters, for 10 points each.
[10] This star of Zen and the Art of Competitive Eating got started in the sport when he inadvertently
broke the record for most oysters eaten at one sitting in 2005. In addition to his nickname, his
flamboyant character traits include his arsenal of hats and claim to have once made a living as a sperm
ANSWER: Crazy Legs Conti
[10] This American won two record-setting duels at the 2007 and 2008 Nathan’s hot dog contest, one in
a tiebreaker, to dethrone Takeru Kobayashi.
ANSWER: Joey Chestnut
[10] In 2003, this former lineman and running back, who used his size to his advantage for the Super
Bowl champion Bears, entered the Nathan’s contest but stopped eating halfway through after downing
four hot dogs.
ANSWER: William “Refrigerator” or “Fridge” Perry
2. Name these Marvin Gaye songs, for 10 points each.
[10] Later covered by James Taylor, this song celebrating a relationship contains a pause effect on the
line "I just want to stop and thank you baby."
ANSWER: “How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You)”
[10] This title track of a 1971 Gaye album includes the sounds of partying Detroit Lions in the
background and laments the state of "too many of you crying," stating "only love can conquer hate."
ANSWER: “What's Going On”
[10] Immediately following “What’s Going On” on that album, this song has a returning Vietnam veteran
ask "will our ball club win the pennant?" and "are they still getting down where we used to go and
ANSWER: “What's Happening Brother”
3. It introduces new gameplay modes such as “Klose,” “Free-Fall,” and “Rage.” For 10 points each:
[10] Name this 2008 crossover game in which figures such as the Joker, the Flash, or Captain Marvel
might square off with Liu Kang, Raiden, or Sub-Zero.
ANSWER: Mortal Kombat Versus DC Universe
[10] In order to avoid showing DC heroes ripping out opponents’ spines, this feature of earlier Mortal
Kombat games was brought back. It takes the place of a fatality and involves a lengthy, rapid-fire
sequence of blows.
ANSWER: Brutality
[10] Among the playable characters in Mortal Kombat Versus DC Universe is this Emperor of Outworld
and final boss in Mortal Kombat II.
ANSWER: Shao Kahn
4. This song shares its name with a manufactured Canadian pop group of the early 90s that recorded
"Not Like Kissing You." For 10 points each:
[10] Name this song which Wikipedia claims was inspired by "The Wasteland," which discusses the title
residents of a "dead end world" after opening "sometimes you're better off dead."
ANSWER: “West End Girls”
[10] This Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe group behind "Always on My Mind" and "Heart" wrote and
released "West End Girls."
ANSWER: “The Pet Shop Boys”
[10] "Everything I've ever done," "Every place I've ever been" and "Everywhere I'm going to" are
included in the title category of this Pet Shop Boys song from the Actually album.
ANSWER: “It’s A Sin”
5. Name these Spike Lee movies, for 10 points each.
[10] Danny Aiello announces "I just killed your fucking radio," shortly before a riot containing an iconic
scene of Lee throwing a trash can through his boss's window, in this 1989 chronicle of simmering racial
tension in Bed-Stuy.
ANSWER: Do the Right Thing
[10] Samuel L. Jackson makes an early appearance as the crackhead Gator in this movie, centering on
Annabella Sciorra's character, who takes flak from her family after starting an interracial relationship
with Wesley Snipes.
ANSWER: Jungle Fever
[10] The cousins Dap and Half-Pint, played by Laurence Fishburne and Lee, represent the serious and
debauched sides of college life in this attack on the fraternity system.
ANSWER: School Daze
6. It is unclear what this person’s real job is, aside from yearly appearances on her mother’s red carpet
specials. For 10 points each:
[10] Name this daughter of comedian Joan, who left The Celebrity Apprentice in a huff after being fired
in April 2009.
ANSWER: Melissa Rivers
[10] Melissa Rivers was fired after an episode in which teams were tasked with developing an ad
campaign for this antiperspirant brand. It was previously shilled by Charles Barkley and Chuck Norris,
who decried "flaky white stuff" and praised the virtues of a good offense in its commercials.
ANSWER: Right Guard
[10] Joan Rivers eventually won Celebrity Apprentice in a final against this poker pro, who once knocked
out her brother Howard Lederer from four different events in the World Series of Poker.
ANSWER: Annie Duke
7. This man’s resources include a command of Makluan science and his ten power rings. For 10 points
[10] Name this supervillain, who began life as a feudal warlord in dynastic China.
ANSWER: The Mandarin
[10] The Mandarin is a foe of this figure, the alter-ego of industrialist Tony Stark.
ANSWER: Iron Man
[10] This other Iron Man foe from China is actually an alien but closely resembles a dragon. When
awoken, he spews acid and goes toe-to-toe with the Fantastic Four or Thor.
ANSWER: Fin Fang Foom
8. In 2006, the NBA attempted to introduce a new synthetic ball. For 10 points each:
[10] The ball was manufactured by this imprint of the Russell Corporation, a formerly independent
sporting goods manufacturer founded by an eponymous nineteenth-century pitcher.
ANSWER: Spalding
[10] Among the NBA’s testing team for the new ball was this 1988 Rookie of the Year with the Knicks
and later member of the conference champion Pacers, an assists specialist from St. John’s.
ANSWER: Mark Jackson
[10] The son of a noted Gamel Abdul-Nasser biographer, this player also tested the ball. In the 1990s, he
won titles with both the Bulls and Spurs, hitting a memorable shot to knock out the Jazz in the 1997
ANSWER: Steve Kerr
9. Some editions of this book contain "The Other Foot," a story that also appears in versions of The
Martian Chronicles , about Mars being colonized by black Americans who consider instituting Jim Crow
laws against new white arrivals. For 10 points each:
[10] Name this collection including a tale of astronauts driven insane on Venus, "The Long Rain," and
aliens using a children’s game to invade Earth, "Zero Hour.” Its stories are told via the framing device of
the title figure’s shifting tattoos.
ANSWER: The Illustrated Man
[10] This author of Dandelion Wine and The Martian Chronicles wrote The Illustrated Man.
ANSWER: Ray Bradbury
[10] Children given a machine for generating environments have their parents killed by seemingly unreal
lions in this opening story from The Illustrated Man.
ANSWER: “The Veldt”
10. Name these movies featuring future governor Jesse Ventura, for 10 points each.
[10] Just a year before he won election, Ventura made an uncredited cameo as a prison guard in this
movie, which Mike Nelson observes is “not the worst movie ever” as many have alleged, but rather “the
worst thing ever.” In it, George Clooney has ice skates, rubber nipples, and problems with Mr. Freeze.
ANSWER: Batman & Robin
[10] Zeus wants to take on Hulk Hogan’s Rip on the show The Battle of the Tough Guys in this 1989
wrestling movie, featuring Ventura as an announcer.
ANSWER: No Holds Barred
[10] Ventura’s acting debut was in his iconic role as Blain, who “ain’t got time to bleed,” in this 1987
Schwarzenneger movie about American soldiers being hunted as trophies by the titular alien.
ANSWER: Predator
11. This grandson of José Martí played Hernan Cortes in Captain from Castile and made six Cisco Kid
films. For 10 points each:
[10] Name this Cuban-American actor, who covered his mustache with makeup when portraying the
Joker on the 1960s Batman TV show.
ANSWER: Cesar Romero
[10] Romero made four appearances on this 70s and 80s show, in which Ricardo Montalban and Herve
Villechaize ran the namesake magical resort.
ANSWER: Fantasy Island
[10] Romero was also a frequent guest on the variety show headlined from 1951 to 1971 by this
comedian, whose recurring characters included a con man from San Fernando, country bumpkin Clem
Kadiddlehopper, and boxer Cauliflower McPugg.
ANSWER: Red Skelton
12. Boise State’s 2006 season ended with several trick plays and a marriage proposal. For 10 points
[10] Along the way, the Broncos won this conference. It also includes Fresno State, Hawaii, and
Louisiana Tech.
ANSWER: WAC [or Western Athletic Conference]
[10] This running back scored a two-point conversion on the Statue of Liberty play in overtime of the
Fiesta Bowl, allowing Boise State to beat Oklahoma.
ANSWER: Ian Johnson
[10] The trickeration-filled Fiesta Bowl gameplan was developed by this Boise State head coach.
ANSWER: Chris Petersen
13. Name these places to get a moderately priced hamburger, for 10 points each.
[10] Bought in 2007 by Six Flags and Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder, this 50s retro chain
makes the dubious claim to offer “the original hamburger.”
ANSWER: Johnny Rockets
[10] This purveyor of "bottomless steak fries" and "freckled lemonade" offers a wide array of selfdubbed “gourmet burgers” and is currently celebrating its fortieth anniversary.
ANSWER: Red Robin
[10] This chain offers customizable one-pound burgers but had to close many of its locations following a
failed expansion into arcade gaming. It website claims that its founder chose its name due to an “odd
sense of humor.”
ANSWER: Fuddruckers
14. The main character of this show had previously cheated on her husband Derek with his best friend
Mark Sloan. For 10 points each:
[10] Name this show about doctor Addison Montgomery's move to Los Angeles.
ANSWER: Private Practice
[10] Private Practice spun off from Grey’s Anatomy, which is set in this city, also the locale of Dark Angel
and Frasier.
ANSWER: Seattle
[10] Internist Sam Bennett is portrayed on Private Practice by this Rent and Guiding Light alumnus,
whose most prominent roles may be as the Jamaican lover of the title character in How Stella Got Her
Groove Back and as shady immigrant James in the last season of Will & Grace.
ANSWER: Taye Diggs
15. Tom Waits plays the abusive husband of Lily Tomlin in one of the components of this film. For 10
points each:
[10] Name this 1993 picture which adapts ten works of Raymond Carver into an interlocking series of
ANSWER: Short Cuts
[10] This director of The Player, Nashville, and Gosford Park was the director of Short Cuts and died in
2006, shortly after completing A Prairie Home Companion.
ANSWER: Robert Altman
[10] In an unusual reversal, an elderly woman's suicide is altered to look like a murder in this 1999
Altman comedy about Julianne Moore, Liv Tyler, and others scheming to inherit a Mississippi mansion.
ANSWER: Cookie's Fortune
16. He recorded "World Class Fad" and formed Grandpaboy after breaking up his band. For 10 points
[10] Name this singer whose biggest solo hit after the breakup of his band was “Love Untold.”
ANSWER: Paul Westerberg
[10] Paul Westerberg was the leader of this Minneapolis-based band, which recorded "Here Comes a
Regular," "Androgynous," and "Left of the Dial."
ANSWER: The Replacements
[10] Westerberg collaborated on both "Backlash" and "Let’s Do It" with this singer, still best known for “I
Love Rock and Roll.”
ANSWER: Joan Jett
17. Salman Rushdie attacked this director’s final film as neo-colonialist. For 10 points each:
[10] Name this director of Doctor Zhivago, The Bridge on the River Kwai, and Lawrence of Arabia.
ANSWER: David Lean
[10] Lean raised Rushdie’s ire with this adaptation of an E.M. Forster novel. It was also one of the last
screen appearances for Alec Guiness, who plays Professor Godbole, and it centers on Judy Davis's
character, Adela Quested, who accuses Victor Banerjee's Dr. Aziz of rape.
ANSWER: A Passage to India
[10] A Passage to India was Lean’s first movie in fourteen years, following this film about Rosy Ryan's
affair with Charles Shaugnessy and the British Major Doryan. Sarah Miles, Robert Mitchum, and Trevor
Howard starred.
ANSWER: Ryan's Daughter
18. The narrator of this song laments "the cretins cloning and feeding" and curses the listener for
making him an amputee. For 10 points each:
[10] Name this song from 1998’s album Where Have All the Merrymakers Gone? about someone who is
neither sick nor well.
ANSWER: “Flagpole Sitta”
[10] One of the first bands to release an entire album for free to the Internet, doing so in 2006 with Little
by Little, was this group that recorded “Flagpole Sitta.”
ANSWER: Harvey Danger
[10] This Harvey Danger song talks about Norman, who recommends valium, Edith, who "cannot fix
another engine," and the Marlboro Man, who died of cancer.
ANSWER: “Sad Sweetheart of the Rodeo”
19. His 24-win 1948 season brought him to second place in the MVP voting behind Stan Musial, and he
later won three World Series with the Yankees after being traded for Lew Burdette. For 10 points each:
[10] Name this ace of the Boston Braves staff during their 1948 pennant-winning season.
ANSWER: Johnny Sain
[10] Sain and praying for rain were part of a rhyme about the Braves pitchers along with this longtime
star, the all-time leader in wins by a left-hander and by a pitcher who debuted in the live-ball era.
ANSWER: Warren Spahn
[10] Johnny Sain is praised as a great pitching coach in this landmark 1970 book by Jim Bouton, which
discussed the reality of life on the fringes of the Majors.
ANSWER: Ball Four
20. Though no longer sold in the United States, this nougat, almond, caramel, and chocolate candy is
very popular in Europe and Australia. For 10 points each:
[10] Name this candy bar which is found in deep-fried versions throughout Britain and shares its name
with one of the major candy manufacturers.
ANSWER: Mars bar
[10] The closest American equivalent to a Mars bar is this candy, which has a dark chocolate version
known as Midnight.
ANSWER: Milky Way
[10] This Mars product was once advertised as containing "a hazelnut in every bite." More risque British
ads starring Simon Pegg proclaimed them "a joy to eat, but a bitch to make."
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