Touching Spirit Bear: - Odyssey Charter School

Touching Spirit Bear:
Choose one of the following to answer on page 45 of your notebook. Your response should be at least
7 sentences in length and clearly explain your thinking. Use proper spelling and grammar.
1. Garvey & Edwin's Lessons
Garvey and Edwin explained that many events on the island would teach Cole something about
himself. Of the various lessons Cole learns, (through the soaking pool, ancestor rock, totem pole,
animal sightings, nightly dances, Edwin & Garvey's metaphors) which do you think were the most
significant to Cole changing?
2. Authors Message
What did you learn? What do you think Ben Mikaelsen’s message is?
Show that you have thought about what the author wants readers to get out of the book. What parts of
the story showed that lesson?
What parts of the story really spoke to you?
Life Lessons:
This book is full of life lessons. Search the book and quote 10 lessons. Two examples have been
given below (These do not count towards your 10).
“You aren’t the only creature here. You’re part of a much bigger circle. Learn your place or
you’ll have a rough time.”
(p 17)
“Whatever you do to the animals you do to yourself. Remember that.”
(P 18)
“Anger keeps us lost.” (pg. 18)
“A man is only as good as his word.” (pg. 19)
“Talk is cheap. They want you to walk your talk.” (pg. 21)
“…the world isn’t a fair place.” (pg. 23)
“Anybody can love, forgive, and heal. Nobody has a corner on that market.”
( pg. 10)
“Healing requires taking responsibility for you actions.”
(pg. 12)
“Animals can teach us more than any teacher.
(pg. 17)
“Forgiving isn’t forgetting.”
(pg. 33)
“Life is a circle.”
(pg. 34)
“Grant wisdom and patience as we search for wellness.” (pg. 38)
“Justice often fails because it seeks to punish, not to heal. Jails and fines harden people.”
(pg. 38)
“If we can’t find solutions, we all fail, we all share the guilt, and we all pay a terrible price.”
(pg. 49)
“Actions speak louder than words.” (pg. 51)
“Try manipulating a storm or lying to your hunger. Try cheating the cold.” (pg. 57)
“He had always been weak. How could he have ever thought he truly controlled anything?” (pg. 78)
“You live, die, and rot.” (pg. 83)
“Death was part of living.” (pg. 83)
“How had the world benefited from his living? Was he no better than a tree or some week? Was his
life just fertilizer for the soil?” (pg 83)
“In death there was no control, no anger, no one to blame, no choices, no nothing. To be alive was to
have choice. The power to choose was real power, no the fake power of making others afraid.” (pg.
“Life was empty and meaningless unless he found some meaning.” (pg. 84)
“Food was energy and energy was life.” (pg. 84)
“He wanted to live, but for that he needed help; otherwise his life would end in the nest.” (pg. 94)
“Yes, the world was beautiful!” (pg. 97)
“How much beauty had he missed in his lifetime? How much beauty had he destroyed?” (pg. 97)