Name Date Ch 2. The Chemical Context of Life Biology in Focus by

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Ch 2. The Chemical Context of Life Biology in Focus by Urry et al
Overview: A chemical Connection to Biology
1. How do soil-dwelling bombardier beetles use chemicals?
Concept 2.1 Matter consists of chemical elements in pure form and in combinations called
compounds. (some of this is chemistry review.)
2. What four elements make up most living matter?
3. What elements mainly make up the rest of the 4% of living matter?
4. What are trace elements? Give 2 examples.
Concept 2.2 An element’s properties depend on the structure of its atoms.
(all chemistry review– read only)
Concept 2.3 The formation and function of molecules depend on chemical bonding between
(all chemistry review – read only)
Concept 2.4 Chemical reactions make and break chemical bonds.
(all chemistry review – read only)
Concept 2.5 hydrogen bonding gives water properties that help make life possible on Earth
5. Explain and give examples from nature of the following properties of water.
a. Cohesion
b. Adhesion
c. Surface tension
d. High specific heat
e. High heat of vaporization/evaporative cooling
f. Density
g. Good solvent
Review acids, bases, pH scale and buffers.
6. Name and explain two examples of how buffers affect biological systems.
7. Explain acidification. Why is it dangerous for aquatic life?