January 2014 Payroll Notices
The 2013 W-2's were mailed to all employees on January 14, 2014. New this year, W-2s are also available to active
employees via the Staff & Employee Self Service. When you sign into Employee Self Service using your network (email) username and password, you will now see a tab at the top of the page labeled W-2 as well as the tab for Paycheck.
Viewing/printing your W-2 uses the same self-service process as viewing/printing your pay stub. Employee PeopleSoft
Help can be found at http://www.lbcc.edu/PeopleSoft/PeopleSoftHelp/EmployeeSelfService/index.cfm .
If you need a duplicate W-2, you can now print the information for yourself beginning with the 2013 tax year
forward. You may also contact the Payroll Office at (562) 938-4463/64/66 to request a duplicate. If you are
contacting the Payroll Office for a duplicate of your 2013 W-2, do not request a duplicate before February 5th. If
you request a duplicate W-2 from Payroll, you must fill out the Request for Duplicate W-2 Form. The Request for
Duplicate W-2 Form is available online at http://lbccforms.lbcc.edu/formstorage.cfm?display=1&dept_name=Fiscal or
from the Payroll Office (LAC T-1024 – next to HR). Note: If Payroll processes duplicate W-2s for you it may take
several days. Do not make your request on the same day that you need it. Last minute requests may not be available
by your timeline!
We receive many questions regarding the possible difference between the yearly earnings on an employee's last pay stub
issued in 2013 and the amount of taxable earnings on the W-2's (Box 1: wages, tips, and other compensation). Here is the
The amount on your pay stub is the total gross earnings that you were paid during the 2013 tax year at LBCC. (Hourly
employees don’t forget December 2012 earnings that were paid in January of 2013. Earnings are taxable in the year
that they are paid). The Box 1 wages and earnings on your W-2 represents these 2013 earnings plus any amounts that
are imputed to income for taxable fringe benefits (value of GTL over $50,000, value of domestic partner health
insurance), minus any pre-taxed deductions (tax sheltered annuity contributions (403b), deferred compensation
contributions (457b), retirement contributions (STRS, PERS or ARS/APPLE) and/or Section 125 pre-tax deductions).
New federal and state tax withholding tables are available on the LBCC Intranet at http://www.lbcc.edu/Fiscal/payrolland-tars.cfm . The federal and state income tax withholding brackets have been revised for 2014.
You may want to secure a copy of the tables and consult with your tax advisor/preparer regarding the need to revise your
W-4 “Employee’s Tax Withholding Certificate”. Your current W-4 form will remain active until you change it - EXCEPT - - You MUST file a new or amended W-4 card if your filing status, exemption allowances or exempt status
has changed since last year. If you claimed exemption from withholding tax on your 2013 W-4, you must file a new
W-4 for 2014 no later than February 17, 2014 to continue your exemption for tax year 2014. A withholding
allowance of “Single” with zero exemptions will be used until a current and valid Form W-4 is received. Form W4 is available on the LBCC Intranet at http://www.lbcc.edu/Fiscal/payroll-and-tars.cfm or on the IRS website at
http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw4.pdf .
Unless you file a state Form DE-4, state tax withholding is based on your federal W-4. You may elect to have different
federal and state exemption levels or specify a separate additional tax withholding amount by filing both forms. Form
DE-4 is available on the LBCC Intranet at http://www.lbcc.edu/Fiscal/payroll-and-tars.cfm or on the EDD website at
http://edd.ca.gov/pdf_pub_ctr/de4.pdf .
The employee Social Security tax rate for 2014 remains at 6.2%. The maximum wages subject to Social
Security/OASDI in 2014 is $117,000.
There is no Medicare wage cap for employees. The employee Medicare tax rate remains unchanged at 1.45%.
The Additional Medicare tax, introduced in 2013, requires that employers withhold an additional 0.9% on wages
paid to employees in excess of $200,000 in a calendar year. This additional tax must be withheld in the pay
period in which wages are paid in excess of $200,000.
The maximum amount of employee elective deferrals for 403(b) and 457(b) plans remains the same at $17,500.
Additional contributions for the age 50+ catch-up also remains the same at $5,500.
The mileage reimbursement rate for business miles has decreased from 56.5 cents per mile to 56 cents per mile.
Voluntary deductions, including employee health and welfare deductions are no longer taken from the January pay period
because of changes implemented with the 16 week calendar. Voluntary deductions are taken 10 times a fiscal year,
August through December and February through June. There are no voluntary deductions in July and January.