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Location: Kiwalan, Iligan City
9.0 kms. from City Proper
Port Facilities: One (1) 10.00 m. x 103.00 m. Reinforced Concrete and Structural Pier
One (1) 15.15 m. x 60.00 m. Concrete Type with Steel Trusses Warehouse
Three (3) 9.00 m. x 10.00 m. Piers
Product: Cement
General Information:
ICC is one of the top ten cement manufacturers in the Philippines. Established on
February 19, 1971, ICC Cement plant is the 16th cement processing plant to be
established in the country and the only cement plant with an automated loading
system for bulk and clinker exports. ICC manufactures two types of cement:
Premium and Rockland Pozzolana. Its products are sold to both foreign and
domestic markets. The products are distributed all over the land with Market
Developers, Inc. (MADE) facilitating distribution. Premium cement enjoys a
stronghold in the markets of Indonesia, Bangladesh, Australia, Malaysia and other
Middle East and South East Asian countries.
Location: Kiwalan, Iligan City
9.0 kms. from the City Proper
Port Facilities: One (1) 9.20 m. x 91.7 m. Wharf
One (1) 4.0 m. x 21.4 m. x 60.9 m. Warehouse
One (1) 42.0 m. Conveyor
Products: Flour and Feeds
General Information:
Incorporated on August 8, 1958, Pilmico Foods Corporation (formerly Pillsbury
Mindanao Flour Milling Co., Inc.) started operations on September 7, 1962. Pilmico is
primarily engaged in the manufacture of wheat flour and related products such as
feeds and feed ingredients, yeast, powdered sugar and baking powder.
Aboitiz and Company, which originally thought of venturing into the flour milling
business, was the original incorporator, later joined in by the Soriano Group of
Companies and finally the Pillsbury Company of Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Location: Kiwalan, Iligan City
9.0 kms. from City Proper
Port Facilities: 13.17 m. x 30.48 m. Type C Unloading Pier
4.88 m. x 4.57 m. Type B Loading Pier
10” Ø x 306.48 m. BI Pipeline connected to the Loading Pier
36” wide x 317 m. Long Conveyor belt connected to the Loading Pier
3.6 m. x 7.92 m. Mooring Dolphins
Seven (7) units 3.6 m. x 3.65 m. Breasting Dolphins
Products: Domestic: Minola Cooking Oil, Crude Coconut Oil
Foreign : Copra Pellets, Crude Coconut Oil, Cochin Coconut Oil
General Information:
Granex was founded in 1954 bearing the name GRANEX Phil., then manned by only
three (3) personnel involved in the study of the copra business and the coconut
industry as a whole. In 1953, it began to engage in copra buying and exporting. In
1966, the management changed the company name to GRANEX Corporation, which
was derived from Grand Export. Granex puts up around 20 copra buying stations in
the Philippines. Copra bought from these stations is brought to its plant in Kiwalan,
for milling. The products are mainly exported to the USA, Europe, Japan. Granex
produces crude oil and coco pellet. The company expanded the crushing capacity of
its Iligan Oil Milling from 500 to 1000 MT in 1979 which made Granexport
Manufacturing as the “Biggest Coconut Oil Mill in the World”.
Location: Sta. Filomena, Iligan City
7.8 kms. from City Proper
Port Facility: 36.58m x 6.00m R.C. Pier
Products: Domestic: Nutri-Oil Cooking Oil, Crude Coconut Oil
Foreign : Copra Pellets, Crude Coconut Oil, Cochin Coconut Oil
General Information:
San Miguel Corporation’s (SMC) coconut oil mill business began in 1984. From the
start, SMC’s coconut oil mill was export-oriented and, therefore, a dollar earner for
the country. In 1988, SMC consolidated its coconut oil business operations by
closing down its coconut oil plant in Lucena in Luzon and transferring its major
equipment to its Iligan plant.
ICOM, situated in an area of 5.5 hectares, has a rated copra crushing capacity of
800 MT per day. It sells its products mostly to Europe, Asia and the U.S., through
its Trading Group at the SMC Head Office.
ICOM is an ISO 9001:2000 – registered company. It obtained its Certificate of
Compliance on May 24, 2004, as the first coconut oil mill to be ISO certified in the
Far East Asia.
Location: Suarez, Iligan City
8.5 kms. from City Proper
Port Facilities: 270 m x 43.8 m RC Marginal Wharf
54 m x 25.45 m Billet Steel Making Plant/Shipbreaking Facility
24 m x 234.4 m RC Pier
Products: Hot and cold rolled coils, hot rolled plates, billet, round and square steel
General Information:
One of the steel manufactures in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations
(ASEAN), National Steel Corporation was established in 1962.
The NSC steel manufacturing plant closed in __________. It re-opened in February
2004 with the new owner Global Steel Philippines, Inc.
At present, the plant operates the following: Hot Mill, Cold Mill and the thinning line.
The billet plant of GSPI is leased by Treasure Steelworks, Inc.
Location: Assumption Heights, Ma. Cristina, Iligan City
9.5 kms. from the City Proper
Port Facilities: One (1) 6.70 m x 76.8 m RC Pier
One (1) 7.00 m x 285 m Rock Causeway
Product: Hydrochloride Acid, Caustic Soda, Sodium Chloride
General Information:
Founded in 1935 as a family enterprise, the company was originally known as the
Mabuhay Rubber Shoe Factory (in Manila). Mabuhay Vinyl Corporation, at its
present location in Iligan City was constructed in 1964 and was set on stream in
1965. The Vinyl plant is engaged in the production of caustic soda and hydro-electric
acid used in the manufacture of various industrial products like soap, dyes, textiles,
insecticides, lubricants, explosives, polyesters, shoes, etc.
Location: Tominobo, Iligan City
Port Facilities: Jetty:
Two (2) sets of Breasting Dolphin (4.8 m. x 4.8 m.)
Two (2) sets of Mooring Dolphin (3.2 m. x 3.2 m.)
One (1) set of receiving platform (4.8 m. x 4.8 m.)
Four (4) pcs. Steelpipe (6 m. x 65 m.)
General Information:
In 1940, spurred by the growing Philippine economy, a sizeable range of Shell
products was being sold to more areas in the Philippines through the installations
and depots set up in strategic points like Iligan and throughout the country.
Shell – Iligan Depot was constructed in 1975 with the aim to serve the supply of
petroleum products of Lanao del Norte, Lanao del Sur and parts of Zamboanga del
Location: Sta. Filomena, Iligan City
Port Facilities: 2-7 – Pipe Clusters Mooring Dolphins
3-9 – Pipe Clusters Breasting Dolphins
1 – Receiving Platforms
620 ft. – 8” diameter Submarine Receiving Line
General Information:
Effective March 1, 2006, Caltex (Philippines) will be known as Chevron Philippines,
Inc. but despite the change in identity, Caltex maintains its mission – providing a
steady and reliable supply of petroleum products with superior quality to Filipinos at
competitive prices.
Caltex – Iligan Depot supply the petroleum products of Lanao del Norte, Lanao del
Sur, Misamis Oriental and parts of Zamboanga del Sur.
Location: Tominobo, Iligan City
Port Facilities: 4 – Point Mooring System Submarine Pipeline
6” Ø whiteoil line
General Information:
Petron – Iligan Depot supply the petroleum products of Lanao del Norte, Lanao del
Sur, Misamis Oriental and parts of Zamboanga del Sur.
Location: Mukas, Kolambugan, Lanao del Norte
Port Facilities: 13.00 m. x 540 m. causeway
Barge Landing
General Information:
Established in 1996, Daima Shipping Lines is operating five (5) barges with Mukas,
Kolambugan to Ozamiz route and vice versa making barges available to ferry both
vehicles and human passengers which ease the transportation requirement in the
area. Operating from 4:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. daily, barges interval in maximum time
of 20 minutes, passengers and/or vehicles arrive in Ozamiz City or Kolambugan in
20-30 minutes.
Daima Shipping Lines service the provinces of Lanao del Norte, Misamis Occidental
Zamboanga del Norte and Zamboanga del Sur.
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