Judith Archibold
Regents Physics
Learning Module - LIGHT
Student Will Be Able To (SWBAT):
explain how light exhibits properties of both particles and waves
Major Understanding 5.3e On the atomic level, energy and matter exhibit the
characteristics of both waves and particles.
classify visible light as a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum
Basic concept necessary to establish a cognitive framework in which to describe, define,
and understand light
describe the Electromagnetic Spectrum as it relates to wave properties
Major Understanding 4.3g Electromagnetic radiation exhibits wave characteristics.
define the term photon
Major Understanding 5.3c On the atomic level, energy is emitted or absorbed in discrete
packets called photons.
determine the amount of energy carried in a photon of light
Major Understanding 5.3d The energy of a photon is proportional to its frequency.
describe the emission/absorption of light that occurs as electrons change energy
Standard 4, Key Idea 5.3 Compare energy relationships within an atom’s nucleus to
those outside the nucleus.
i. interpret energy-level diagrams
ii. correlate spectral lines with an energy-level diagram