Respiratory System Review Sheet

Respiratory System Review Sheet
1. What is the pathway of air from the nose to the alveoli.
Name the major functions of the respiratory system.
Where does the air get cleansed, warmed, and moistened?
What are the turbinates?
What is the function of the cilia inside the respiratory tract?
What does mucociliary escalator mean?
What is found in the nasal cavity that helps destroy bacteria?
Why does your nose run when you cry?
What is found in the pharynx that helps with infections?
10. What are two common names for the Larynx?
11. How would a person get a higher pitch when talking?
12. Explain how a person sneezes, coughs, and hiccups.
13. What connects the larynx to the bronchi?
14. What is the trachea made of? (2 major components)
15. The trachea divides into right and left what?
16. What determines how many secondary bronchi (Bronchial tubes) there are?
17. What occurs in the alveoli?
18. What are the lungs surrounded by? What does it do?
19. What is the respiratory membrane? Why is this important?
20. What controls ventilation? (respiratory center)
21. What is the primary responsibility of the Pons?
22. What controls your breathing rate if you get angry? What is this called?
23. What chemicals are monitored in the body when it comes to breathing?
24. Where are the oxygen levels monitored? Why in these two locations?
25. Explain how inspiration is done in the body.
26. Explain how expiration is done in the body.
27. What phase of ventilation is inspiration?
28. What phase of ventilation is expiration?
29. How does on inhale more air than a normal breath?
30. How does one exhale more air than a normal breath?
31. What is tidal volume?
32. What is vital capacity?
33. What is residual volume? What does this cause?
34. Know the following diseases:
a. Pharyngitis
b. Asthma
c. Tonsillitis
d. Tracheotomy
e. Emphysema
f. Smoker’s Cough
g. Pneumonia
h. Bronchitis
i. Sinusitus