Group Project Guidelines

Group Project Guidelines
1) Pick a company -- The Company where one of you work or one where you
would like to work.
2) Each week your team will look for information regarding your company that ties
into aspects covered during that week. This information will become part of your
team’s GROUP PAPER and GROUP PRESENTATION for your selected
company. For example, in Week 1 you might see what managers do in your chosen
company. In Week 2, you should analyze the management environment of your case
company. You’ll need to factor this into your analysis of the company. Each week
you will have the opportunity to add more concepts and elements to your project.
3) In Week 12, your team will present the results of the analysis your team has done
on this company. One typed page on the company and the product (or service) will
be a good introduction. Use concepts from book and class. One paper will be due
per group. Paper will be graded based on clarity, proper use of concepts, and real
world situations/applications! A detailed company analysis is not needed -- just the
application of the course concepts to a company you pick.
Oral presentation will be 10 to 15 minutes per group and each group member
should participate. Time will be given at the end of weeks 4 and 5 in class to coordinate the project.
Your paper should be 15 - 25 pages in length and should be formatted in accordance
with APA style (double space, cover page, references, sources ...etc). Be sure to cover
and apply in your analysis of your multinational company the parameters, tools and
analytic techniques related to topics covered in the course.
Note: Papers and presentations will be graded based on organization,
clarity, proper use of concepts, and proper concept application.
Keep the good work :)!