Perception Review

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Perception Review
The moon appears larger on the horizon than when it is directly overhead. However, the moon
does not change its size or distance from the Earth.
a. How can this illusion be explained?
Use this illusion to explain the difference between sensation and perception.
Johnny’s parents always complain that he doesn’t listen to them. They say that when he is
watching TV or listening to music, he acts like he just doesn’t hear them. Johnny claims that he
doesn’t even remember them trying to talk to him. Johnny’s ability to choose what sensory
information he perceives demonstrates ___________________________________.
When you are watching an IMAX movie, you often feel like you are moving. The fact that your
eyes are dominating your perception, despite counter information from your vestibular sense is an
example of ___________________________.
What is Gestalt? Give three examples of Gestalt principles as they relate to perception.
When I am standing in front of the class talking and you are focused on me, _______________ is
the figure and _________________ is the ground. However, when I begin to write on the
overhead and you are focused on that, _________________ becomes the figure, and
______________ becomes the ground.
What is a visual cliff? When do babies acquire depth perception?
Why is it so hard to catch a ball with one eye closed? Name and describe two binocular cues help
with depth perception.
You have been asked to paint a picture that includes buildings, fields, a river, and a mountain.
Describe how you would use at least five monocular cures to give your painting a sense of depth.
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What is the phi phenomenon? Give an example.
10. Objects that are further away appear to move more slowly than those that are close by. Give an
example of this.
11. What is perceptual constancy? What are three forms of perceptual constancy that we have? How
would your perception be altered if you lacked one or more form of constancy?
12. Name one piece of evidence to support the theory that animals (including humans) seem to have a
critical period for perceptual development.
13. What is perceptual set? Give a specific example of how a perceptual set can alter one’s
14. Name and describe the four types of ESP described in your book.
15. Last night, one of your mother’s best friends had a car accident. Your mother feels guilty because
three days ago she dreamt of such an accident but failed to warm her friend. How would you
explain your mother’s experience? What advice would you give her?