The Outsiders Character Collage

The Outsiders Character Collage
You are going to create a way to visually represent the Greasers:
Ponyboy, Sodapop, Darry, Dally, Johnny, Two-bit, and Steve. You
must do the following:
1. Use posterboard for the background of your collage
2. Find a picture of 2 inanimate objects (use the Internet, magazines, or a
colored drawing) that represent each character, and glue onto posterboard
3. Beside each picture, you must:
 write the first and last name of the character being represented
 list a physical description of the character
 list a description of the character’s personality and/or his relation
to other characters in the book
4. Draw lines linking one character to another (use the Character Map if you
wish) – on each line, explain how the 2 characters are related
Important Dates:
Tuesday, March 2nd – work in class
Wednesday March 3rd – work in class
Thursday, March 4th – work in class
Friday, March 5th – due in class for presentation