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chapter 9

1. Describe the rumble by answering :
Who ? What ?/How ? Where ? When ?
Why ?
■ Who : Greasers vs. Socs
■ What/How : a major fight between the two rival
gangs : Rules of the fight were no weapons(only
fists) and the first group to run loses. Darry and
Paul start the fight. Dally leaves the hospital to
fight. The Socs run, so the Greasers win.
■ Where :Vacant lot
■ When :7 pm
■ Why : Socs wanted revenge for the death of
Bob/Greasers want to defend Johnny
■ 2. What happens to Ponyboy during the rumble ?
■ Ponyboy is hit in the ribs and kicked in the
head. He is very dizzy after the rumble is
3. Compare and contrast the boys' reasons
for fighting. (Darry, Steve, Soda)
■ Darry fights for pride (to show off his strength);
■ Steve fights for hatred (to stomp the other
■ Soda fights for fun (a contest)
4.Who is Paul Holden?
■ Paul was Darry's old football team buddy.
■ He stepped up to begin the rumble
representing the Socs.
■ He threw the first punch when Darry wasn't
■ 5. Where did Dally take Pony after the rumble?
■ He took him to the hospital to see Johnny.