Supplement 88 (DAI Sept.-Dec. 2010)

compiled by
Joseph J. Lauer (Michigan State University)
The U.S. and Canadian theses listed were below reported in Dissertation Abstracts International (DAI),
vol. 71, no. 3-6 (Sept.-Dec. 2010). This is the 88th quarterly supplement to American and Canadian
Doctoral Dissertations and Master's Theses on Africa, 1974-1987 (1989).
Alabi, Olufemi Joseph. Studies on epidemiology, molecular detection and genetic diversity of selected
viruses infecting cassava and wine grapes. Ph.D., Washington State U., 2009.
Kimaro, Anthony Anderson. Sequential agroforestry systems for improving fuelwood supply and crop
yield in semi-arid Tanzania. Ph.D., U. of Toronto (Can.), 2009.
Moswete, Naomi. Stakeholder perspectives on the potential for community-based ecotourism
development and support for the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in Botswana. Ph.D., U. of Florida, 2009.
Walker, Kendra L. Moving away from prescriptive pachyderm palliatives: Toward an integrated
assessment of farmer-elephant conflict in Gabon. Ph.D., U. of Michigan, 2010.
Welch, Cara Renae. Chemistry and pharmacology of kinkeliba (Combretum micranthum), a West
African medicinal plant [Senegal]. Ph.D., Rutgers U. – New Brunswick, 2010.
Annear, Christopher McAlaine. Weathering the commons: Resilience and heterogeneity in an inland
fishery, Mweru-Luapula, Zambia. Ph.D., Boston U.,2010.
Apaak, Clement Abas. The socio-economic role of salt in northern highland Ethiopia. Ph.D., Simon
Fraser U. (Can.), 2008.
Basarudin, Azzarina. In search of moral communities of Muslims: Gender justice, intellectual activism
and feminist politics [Egypt]. Ph.D., U. of California, Los Angeles, 2009.
Boyd, Lydia C. Saving one's self: Ugandan youth, sexual abstinence, and born-again Christianity in the
time of AIDS. Ph.D., New York U., 2010.
Chouin, Gerard. Forests of power and memory: An archaeology of sacred groves in the Eguafo polity,
Southern Ghana (c. 500-1900 A.D.). Ph.D., Syracuse U., 2009.
Cohen, David Reed. Histories of the subaltern from the Kgalagadi's fringe, Botswana. Ph.D., U. of
California, Berkeley, 2009.
Curtis, Maria F. Sound faith: Nostalgia, global spirituality, and the making of the Fes Festival of World
Sacred Music. Ph.D., U. of Texas at Austin, 2007.
Davis, Alicia L. Landscapes of conservation: History, perceptions, and practice around Tarangire
National Park, Tanzania. Ph.D., U. of Colorado at Boulder, 2010.
Debela, Mengistu Dessalegn. Institutional practices, natural resource management and livelihood
strategies in Muhur, southwest Ethiopia. Ph.D.,Syracuse U., 2009.
Detwiler, Kate M. Natural hybridization between Cercopithecus mitis x C. ascanius in Gombe National
Park, Tanzania. Ph.D., New York U., 2010. 3396649.
Deubel, Tara Flynn. Between homeland and exile: Poetry, memory, and identity in Sahrawi
communities. Ph.D., The U. of Arizona, 2010.
Finch, Heloise C. Governing rights in La Reunion: Social legislation,landholding, housing and the
making of France in the Indian Ocean, 1946-2009. Ph.D., U. of Michigan, 2010.
Fokwang, Jude Thaddeus Dingbobga. Being young in Old Town: Youth subjectivities and associational
life in Bamenda. Ph.D., U. of Toronto (Can.), 2008.
Gallagher, Daphne E. Farming beyond the escarpment: Society, environment, and mobility in
precolonial southeastern Burkino Faso. Ph.D., U. of Michigan, 2010.
Gerrets, Rene Pierre. Globalizing international health: The cultural politics of 'partnership' in Tanzanian
malaria control. Ph.D., New York University, 2010.
Ginter, Jaime Kristen. A bioarchaeological study of mid-Holocene communities in the Eastern Cape,
South Africa: The interface between foraging and pastoralism. Ph.D., U. of Toronto (Can.), 2008.
Goldberg, Amanda Rae. Stolen voices: Literacy, identity, and acculturation of resettled Somali-Bantu
refugees. Ph.D., Indiana U. of Pennsylvania, 2010.
Hegel, Christine. Breach of trust: Customary/commercial documents and practices of private law in an
Egyptian port. Ph.D., City U. of New York, 2009.
Morgan, Katie L. "To heal the wounds": Namibian Ovaherero's contests over coming to terms with the
German colonial past. Ph.D., The U. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2010.
Palmo, Maria. The artistic process in community development: Disclosing cultural narrative and identity
through art practices in Uganda. Ed.D., U. of San Francisco, 2010.
Pandey, Annarose Yamuna. Nostalgic lives: Memory and place in Sidi Ifni [Morocco]. Ph.D., Cornell U.,
Rector, Amy Lynn. Mammal community evolution and biogeography through time in the Western Cape,
South Africa. Ph.D., Arizona State U., 2010.
Rhani, Zakaria. Le culte de Ben Yeffou: Sainteté, rituel et pouvoir au Maroc. Ph.D., U. de Montreal
(Can.), 2009.
Royer, Danielle Frances. Morphometric variation in the appendicular skeleton of recent and prehistoric
humans. Ph.D., State U. of New York at Stony Brook, 2009.
Selby, Jennifer A. The shifting boundaries of gender politics and laicite: An ethnography of firstgeneration Muslim Maghrebian women in a Parisian banlieue. Ph.D., McMaster U. (Can.), 2008.
Shih, Shang-Ying. Interdisciplinary approaches to ancient Egyptian visual culture and visualities:
Spectatorship, gender, sexuality, and power. Ph.D., U.of California, Berkeley, 2009.
Theroux-Benoni, Lori-Anne. Manufacturing conflict?: An ethnographic study of the news community in
Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire. Ph.D., U. of Toronto (Can.), 2009.
Weissbrod, Lior. The small animals of Maasai settlement: Ethnoarchaeological investigations of the
commensalism model. Ph.D., Washington U. in St. Louis, 2010.
Wimbley-Brodnax, Erik Christopher. Psychiatry and the penc: Cosmopolitanism, 'medicoscapes', and
faith at Clinique Moussa Diop, Dakar, Senegal. Ph.D., U. of Chicago, 2010.
Woestman, Lois. The emperors, new clothes: "Post-socialism", property and power in Addis Ababa,
Ethiopia (1991-2001). Ph.D., New School U., 2010.
Yamamoto, Kei. A Middle Kingdom pottery assemblage from North Abydos. Ph.D., U. of Toronto
(Can.), 2009.
Biological Sciences
Bimber, Benjamin Nielson. Host and viral genetic factors influencing immunodeficiency virus infection
[Mauritius]. Ph.D., U. of Wisconsin-Madison,2009.
Chiyo, Patrick Ilukol. Socio-ecology and behavior of crop raiding elephants in the Amboseli ecosystem,
Kenya. Ph.D., Duke U., 2010.
Clark, Connie Jane. Factors that determine patterns of seedling recruitment in an Afrotropical forest
[Congo]. Ph.D., U. of Florida, 2009.
Gallant, Caroline J. Functional and genetic dissection of anti-mycobacterial immunity [South Africa].
Ph.D., McGill U. (Can.), 2009.
Knapp, Eli. Western Serengeti people shall not die: The relationship between Serengeti National Park
and rural household economies in Tanzania. Ph.D., Colorado State U., 2009.
Moorthy, Anitha. Resistance to nevirapine and its impact on strategies to prevent and treat HIV infection
in children living in resource-poor countries [South Africa]. Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins U., 2010.
Morelli, Toni Lyn. Dispersal, kinship, and genetic structure of an endangered Madagascar primate,
Propithecus edwardsi. Ph.D., State U. of New York at Stony Brook, 2008.
Muir, Matthew James. Predator conservation and conflict in the rangelands of western Botswana:
Evaluating the strategies and conditions that mitigate livestock loss. Ph.D., U. of California, Davis,
Mwampamba, Tuyeni Heita. Forest recovery and carbon sequestration under shifting cultivation in the
Eastern Arc Mountains, Tanzania: Landscape and landuse effects. Ph.D., U. of California, Davis, 2009.
Tung, Jenny. Functional and evolutionary genetics of a wild baboon population. Ph.D., Duke U., 2010.
Ukizintambara, Tharcisse. Forest edge effects on the behavioral ecology of l'Hoest's monkey
Cercopithecus lhoesti) in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda. Ph.D., Antioch U. New England,
Wroblewski, Emily Elizabeth. Paternity and father-offspring relationships in wild chimpanzees, Pan
troglodytes schweinfurthii [Tanzania]. Ph.D., U. of Minnesota, 2010.
Business Administration
Agbanu, Samuel Kwami. The impact of stakeholder collaboration on effectiveness of health program
implementation in Ghana. Ph.D., Walden U., 2010.
Anyamele, Richard U. Exploring why Nigerians are not returning to Nigeria after post secondary
education in South Florida. Ph.D., U. of Phoenix, 2009.
Iwuh, Paschal C. Leadership at NEEDS: A study of the frequency in which leaders at the Nigerian
National Economic and Empowerment Development Strategy (NEEDS) exhibit transformational
leadership characteristics as measured by the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire. Ph.D., Capella U.,
Mangatu, Naomi Mawia. Beyond the glass ceiling: A phenomenological study of women managers in
the Kenyan banking industry. Ph.D., U. of Phoenix, 2010.
Munyanyiwa, Takaruza. Impact of cultural context on the transfer of best leadership practices by
international hotel firms [Zimbabwe]. D.M., U. of Phoenix, 2009.
Okenwa, Gabriel. Leadership, strategy, and performance in the banking industry of emerging
economies: The Nigeria experience. D.B.A., U. of Phoenix, 2009.
Salifu, Justice R. The nexus of service performance and service quality: A study of the Ghanaian retail
banking industry. Ph.D., Capella U., 2010.
Bomba, Mutheu. Driving on an unpaved road: The case of the arts and film industry in the Republic of
Namibia. Ph.D., Howard U., 2010.
Earth Sciences
Abd El-Rahman, Yassar Medhat Hassan. Geochemistry of the Neoproterozoic Wadi Ghadir and
Fawakhir ophiolites and associated rocks, Central Eastern Desert, Egypt: Implication for geodynamic
setting. Ph.D., U. of Windsor, 2009.
Folinsbee, Kaila Erin. Evolutionary history and biogeography of papionin monkeys [South Africa].
Ph.D., U. of Toronto (Can.), 2008.
Gabr, Safwat Salah. Structural and remote sensing studies of gold mineralization and associated
alteration in Abu-Marawat area, northern Eastern Desert, Egypt. Ph.D., Saint Louis U., 2009.
Lyons, Robert P. Stratigraphic and hydrologic responses to tropical climate variability: Scientific drilling
in Lake Malawi, East Africa. Ph.D., Syracuse U., 2009.
Reusch, Angela. Using seismic data to interpret the mechanism for Cenozoic volcanism beneath Ross
Island, Antarctica and the Cameroon volcanic line, West Africa. Ph.D., Pennsylvania State U., 2009.
Shabel, Alan Bryan. Craniodental morphology and biogeochemistry of African carnivorans: Toward a
new model of Plio-Pleistocene hominin evolution. Ph.D., U. of California, Berkeley, 2009.
Wen, Caihong. A mechanistic study of Atlantic meridional overturning circulation changes on tropical
Atlantic climate. Ph.D., Texas A&M U., 2009.
Olale, Edward. Income diversification among fishing communities in western Kenya. Ph.D., U. of
Guelph (Can.), 2010.
Boly, Amadou. On the external validity of laboratory experiments [Burkino Faso]. Ph.D., U. de Montreal
(Can.), 2009.
Boumbouya, Raymond K. Exchange rate change, the trade balance and output growth in developing
countries: Evidence from the CFA Franc Zone [West Africa]. Ph.D., The American U., 2009.
Diallo, Mamadou Bobo. Fiscal policy, external debt sustainability, and economic growth: Theory and
empirical evidence for selected sub-Saharan African countries. Ph.D., New School U., 2010.
Gariba, Shaibu Ahmed. Race, ethnicity, immigration and jobs: Labour market access among Ghanaian
and Somali youth in the Greater Toronto Area. Ph.D., U. of Toronto, 2009.
Jacobson, Sarah Andrea. Essays in experimental and environmental economics [Rwanda]. Ph.D.,
Georgia State U., 2010.
Kapoor, Shruti. Three applied essays in development economics [South Africa]. Ph.D., U. of California,
Riverside, 2010.
Milambo, Chola. Financial dollarization and institutional quality in Sub-Saharan Africa. Ph.D., Howard
U., 2010.
Mushi, Delphina Prosper. The Value Added Tax: Annual vs lifetime perspective evidence from
Tanzania household data. Ph.D., Colorado State U., 2009.
Null, Alex Chair. Donors' decisions and dirty drinking water: Three essays on development economics
[Kenya]. Ph.D., U. of California, Berkeley, 2009.
Ogunremi, Omolola. Financial development and economic growth: A comparative study of selected
developing countries. Ph.D., Howard U., 2010.
Oyoo, Edwin M. Human security and environmental sustainability: The impact of environmental factors
on socio-economic systems in the Horn of Africa. Ph.D., Howard U., 2010.
Pienarr, Elizabeth Frances. Improving the performance of community-based wildlife management
programs: Evidence of Botswana. Ph.D., U. of California, Davis, 2009.
Saroukhanian, Talin. What happens when Uganda is SAPped!: Have Uganda's structural adjustment
policies increased women's poverty?. Ph.D., State U. of New York at Albany, 2010.
Abah, Matthew Akor. Relationship between religious membership and attitudes toward people with
exceptionalities in Nigeria. Ed.D., Columbia U. Teachers Coll., 2009.
Amakyi, Michael. High school principals in South West Ghana: Profiles and perceptions regarding
problems of practice. Ph.D., U. of Dayton, 2010.
Backman, Stephen. Policy as practice: Local appropriation of language and education policies in
Lesotho primary schools. Ph.D., Michigan State U., 2009.
Bhanji, Zahra. Transnational private authority in education policy: A case study of Microsoft Corporation
in Jordan and South Africa. Ph.D., U. of Toronto (Can.), 2009.
Coulibaly, Modibo. Impact des TIC sur le sentiment d'auto-efficacité des enseignants du secondaire au
Niger et leur processus d'adoption d'une innovation. Ph.D., U. de Montreal (Can.), 2009.
Dove-Edwin, Francis H.T. The fitness parameters of 14-17 year old children in Sierra Leone. Ed.D.,
United States Sports Acad., 2009.
Eynon, Diane E. Interpreting the economic growth and development policies of post-apartheid South
Africa: Its influence on higher education and prospects for women. Ed.D., U. of Pennsylvania, 2010.
Githembe, Purity Kanini. African refugee parents' involvement in their children's schools: Barriers and
recommendations for improvement. Ed.D., U. of North Texas, 2009.
Gwekerere, Bernard. A study of education sector policy prioritization in Africa during 1980-2000: A
comparison of three policy perspectives. Ph.D., Michigan State U., 2009.
Hartnell, Malcolm Richard. Oral contextualization: Communicating biblical truth to the Digo of Kenya.
Ph.D., Fuller Theo. Sem., 2009.
Ihedioha, Amanze Charles. The impact of war on the education of children in war-torn African regions:
Parents' perceptions. Ph.D., Texas Woman's U., 2009.
Kauffeldt, Johnathan Kirk. The Commission for Higher Education in Kenya: A case study regarding the
establishment, role and operations of an intermediary body in the higher education system of a
developing nation. Ph.D., U. of Toronto (Can.), 2009.
Kgosidialwa, Keinyatse T. Parental involvement and expectations of children's academic achievement
goals in Botswana: Parent's perceptions. Ph.D., U. of Northern Colorado, 2010.
Kushner, Jennifer Lara Simka. Righteous commitment: Renewing, repairing, and restoring the worldWangari Maathai and the Green Belt Movement [Kenya]. Ed.D., National-Louis U., 2009.
Lavoie, Constance. Education bilingue et developpement humain durable au Burkino Faso. Ph.D.,
McGill U. (Can.), 2009.
Maikish, Athena. Universal primary education and decentralization in Ghana. Ph.D., New York U.,
Meyong, Colette Myoto. Facteurs facilitant l'implantation de l'apprentissage en ligne selon les
administrateurs-enseignants, les enseignants et les étudiants des écoles normales supérieures
camerounaises. Ph.D., U. of Ottawa, 2009.
Mukhongo, Anna. Citizenship education in Kenya: A content analysis of state-sponsored social studies
instructional materials. Ph.D., Clemson U., 2010.
Mumuni, Samad Dimbie. A comparison of the six principles of the Individuals with Disabilities Education
Improvement Act of the United States and the Persons with Disability Act of Ghana. Ed.D., Tennessee
State U., 2010.
Pagen, Christine Mary. International aid as informal educator: Exploring political attitudes and
engagement in southern Sudan. Ph.D., Columbia U., 2010.
Panga, George C. A study of adult students' perceptions of the traditional distance education programs
and the option of a blended learning model in sub-Saharan Africa. Ph.D., Capella U., 2010.
Pascarella, John. Blogging as critical praxis: Becoming a critical teacher educator in the age of
participatory culture [South Africa]. Ph.D., McGill U. (Can.), 2009.
Rahnema, Ladan. Emancipatory pedagogy and the Rastafarian movement: A case study of the
Jamaican Rastafarian Development Community School in Ethiopia. Ed.D., George Washington U.,
Sabry, Manar A.. Foreign language instructed programs in public universities in Egypt: Implications for
resource diversification, quality and equity in higher education. Ph.D., State U. of New York at Buffalo,
Ssekannyo, Denis. Ugandan immigrant students' perceptions of barriers to academic achievement in
American high schools. Ed.D., U. of the Pacific, 2010.
Tawiah, Augustine. The role of mentoring in the educational attainment and career development of
women presidents in colleges of education in Ghana. Ed.D., Memphis State U., 2009.
Fine Arts
Giorgis, Elizabeth Wolde. Ethiopian modernism: A subaltern perspective. Ph.D.,Cornell U., 2010.
Mwangola, Salome. Performing our stories, performing ourselves: In search of Kenya's Uhuru
Generation. Ph.D., Northwestern U., 2010.
Fredericks, Rosalind. Doing the dirty work: The cultural politics of garbage collection in Dakar, Senegal.
Ph.D., U. of California, Berkeley, 2009.
Gray, Angela M. Emplacing displacement: Cultural landscapes of refugee-hosting in Ukwimi, Zambia.
Ph.D., U. of Kansas, 2009.
Motamed, Mesbah J. Urbanization, agriculture, and economic output: Essays in economic geography.
Ph.D., Purdue U., 2009.
Pearson, Amber L. Health and vulnerability: Economic development in Ugandan pastoralist
communities. Ph.D., U. of Washington, 2010.
Sitko, Nicholas J. The fractured politics of food security: Maize, power, and hunger on a Zambian
frontier. Ph.D., U. of Colorado at Boulder, 2010.
Wawro, Patrick R. Gendered distances: A methodological inquiry into spatial analysis as an instrument
for assessing gender equality in access to secondary schools in Mukono District, Uganda. Ph.D.,
Brigham Young U., 2010.
Health Sciences
Ajiri, Joseph I. Evaluation of blood banking practices during the HIV/AIDS era in Nigeria. D.H.A,
Central Michigan U., 2010.
Brown, Lilian B. HIV partner notification in Malawi: Comparing methods and predicting partner testing.
Ph.D., The U. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2010.
Burke, Holly McClain. Contraceptive continuation in Kenya. Ph.D., The U. of North Carolina at Chapel
Hill, 2010.
Chamberland, Annie. Effet de l'initiation du traitement antirétroviral sur la diversité virale du VIH [Mali
and Burkina Faso]. Ph.D., U. de Montreal (Can.), 2009.
Condo, Jeanine. Assessment of infant feeding practices using a summary index and nutritional status
among HIV-exposed infants in Rwanda. Ph.D., Tulane U.,2009.
Fornadel, Christen Marie. Anopheline mosquito foraging behavior in an area with recent insecticide
treated bed net introduction in southern Zambia. Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins U., 2010.
Francisco, Leilani V. The synergy between intimate partner violence and HIV: Baseline findings from
the SASA! study, a cluster randomized controlled community trial in Kampala, Uganda. Ph.D., The
Johns Hopkins U., 2010.
Gona, Clara Mashinya. The lived experience of Zimbabwean women being diagnosed and living with
HIV/AIDS: A phenomenological study. Ph.D., Connell Sch. Of Nursing, 2010.
Henning, Margaret Jo. Factors associated with school teachers' attitudes toward HIV prevention
education in Lusaka, Zambia. Ph.D., Oregon State U., 2010.
Ickes, Scott Bradley. Assessment of supplemental feeding with a locally-produced ready-to-use-food:
The Byokulia Bisemeye mu Bantu program in Bundibugyo, Uganda. Ph.D., The U. of North Carolina at
Chapel Hill, 2010.
Jackson, Jacqueline Florette. A GIS analysis of the environmental variables related to Rift Valley fever
outbreaks [Kenya, Madagascar, and South Africa]. Ph.D., Old Dominion U., 2010.
Kabali, Conrad Byera. The effects of cigarette smoking, treated tuberculosis, and isoniazid prophylaxis
therapy on HIV disease progression and mortality [Tanzania]. Ph.D., Boston U., 2010.
Kabomo-Magowe, Mabel Kefilwe Moeng. Development and psychometric evaluation of health
protective sexual communication measures for young women aged 21-35 years attending selected MCH
clinics in Gaborone, Botswana for HIV prevention. Ph.D., Emory U., 2008.
Kwilu, Fulbert Nappa. Use of curative care for fever, acute respiratory infections, and diarrhea among
children in rural areas of Democratic Republic of Congo. Ph.D., Tulane U., 2010.
LaFleur, Verna V. Acculturation, social support, and self-esteem as predictors of mental health among
foreign students: A study of Nigerian nursing students. Ph.D., Walden U., 2010.
Lajoie, Julie. Etude des facteurs influençant la susceptibilité a l'infection au VIH chez des femmes
africaines [Zimbabwe and Benin]. Ph.D., U. de Montreal, 2009.
LeFevre, Amnesty. Enhancing diarrhea treatment services through community level zinc introduction in
India, Mali, and Pakistan: Cost effectiveness and introduction at scale. Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins U.,
Mdodo, Rennatus M. Prevalence and susceptibility of Cryptococcus neoformans to fluconazole in HIV
patients in Kenya. Dr.P.H., The U. of Alabama at Birmingham, 2010.
Nabirye, Rose Chalo. Occupational stress, job satisfaction and job performance among hospital nurses
in Kampala Uganda. Ph.D., The U. of Alabama at Birmingham, 2010.
Njororai, Fletcher Jiveti. Factors predictive of HIV sero-status among married couples in Kenya using a
national data set: Implications for health interventions. Ph.D., Texas Woman's U., 2009.
Nowak, Rebecca G. Association of early HIV infection with new detection and viral load of human
papillomavirus in Zimbabwean women. Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins U., 2010.
Onyango, Monica Adhiambo. Women's experiences with abortion complications in the post war context
of South Sudan. Ph.D., Boston Coll., 2010.
Osborne, Alexandria K. Managing health care in a Libyan public hospital: A case study. Ph.D., Walden
U., 2010.
Powell, Mary Lindsay. Partnering with Bushbuckridge South Africa: Using participatory action to assess
information needs. D.N.P., U. of Virginia, 2009.
Shuaib, Faisal M.B. The association between aflatoxin B1 biomarker levels in pregnant women and
birth outcomes in Kumasi, Ghana. Dr.P.H., The U. of Alabama at Birmingham, 2010.
Thoma, Marie E. The epidemiology and natural history of bacterial vaginosis in Rakai, Uganda. Ph.D.,
The Johns Hopkins U., 2009.
Wilson, Kinsley Rose. A manufactured solution? The transfer of technology to developing countries for
the local production of affordable antiretrovirals: Case studies from Tanzania and South Africa. Ph.D.,
U. of Toronto (Can.), 2009.
Winters, Anna M. Spatial analyses of vector-borne disease risk for allocation of disease prevention and
control resources [Uganda]. Ph.D., Colorado State U., 2009.
Bendeck, Whitney Talley. "A" Force of deceit: The origins of British deception in North and East Africa
during the Second World War. Ph.D., The Florida State U., 2009.
Cooper, Louise Marie. H[dotbelow]ry-tp '3 n sp3t (Great Overlord of the Nome): The office of nomarch
during the First Intermediate Period [Egypt]. Ph.D.,Memphis State U., 2009.
Esese, Danson P Lumumba. The changing system of land ownership and its socio-economic effects in
Lugari Division, western province of Kenya, c.1880-2000. Ph.D., Michigan State U., 2009. 3396036.
Flemming, Tracy K. Negro: Travel and the pan-African immigration during the nineteenth century.
Ph.D., U. of Michigan, 2010.
Iromuanya, Julie. How radicalization leads to peace: Explaining the timing of negotiations in enduring
intra-state conflicts [Nigeria]. Ph.D., U. of California, Los Angeles, 2009.
Lamothe, Ronald M. Slaves of fortune: Sudanese soldiers and the River War, 1896-1898. Ph.D.,
Boston U., 2010.
Lopez, Ariel G. Shenoute of Atripe and the uses of poverty [Egypt]. Ph.D., Princeton U., 2010.
MacDonald, Mairi Stewart. The challenge of Guinean independence, 1958-1971. Ph.D., U. of Toronto
(Can.), 2009.
Onyedum, Jennifer Johnson. Humanizing warfare: The politics of medicine, health care, and
international humanitarian intervention in Algeria, 1954-62. Ph.D., Princeton U., 2010.
Soske, Jon. 'Wash me black again': African nationalism, the Indian diaspora, and Kwa-Zulu Natal,
1944-1960. Ph.D., U. of Toronto (Can.), 2009.
Stone, Lotta M. Seeking asylum: German Jewish refugees in South Africa, 1933-1948. Ph.D., Clark U.,
Van Natter, Amy M. The Mary Carver affair: United States foreign policy and the Africa squadron,18411845 [Liberia]. Ph.D., City U. of New York, 2010.
Washington-Weik, Nathalie. The resiliency of Yoruba traditional healing: 1922-1955. Ph.D., The U. of
Texas at Austin, 2009.
Wick, Alexis. Beyond art and science: Thalassographic epistemology and the history of the Ottoman
Red Sea. Ph.D., Columbia U., 2010.
Wright, Zachary Valentine. Embodied knowledge in West African Islam: Continuity and change in the
gnostic community of Shaykh Ibrahim Niasse [Senegal]. Ph.D., Northwestern U., 2010.
Information Science
Ibrahim, Mahad. Peeling the onion: The case of the Information Technology Club project in Egypt.
Ph.D., U. of California, Berkeley, 2009.
Odutola, Kole Ade. The cyber-framing of Nigerian nationhood: Diaspora and the imagined nation.
Ph.D., Rutgers U. - New Brunsick, 2010.
Adams, Nikki. The Zulu ditransitive verb phrase. Ph.D., U. of Chicago, 2010.
Amakye, Augustina. He says, she says: Do they "say" in the same way?: A case study of gendered
online communication [Kenya]. Ph.D., Regent U., 2010.
Andrew, Kingsbury. The origin and development of nonconcatenative morphology: Simpson [Ethiopia].
Ph.D., U. of California, Berkeley, 2009.
Karegeye, Jean-Pierre Sadi. Rwanda: Ecritures de témoignage et éclatement de l'instance narrative.
Ph.D., U. of California, Berkeley, 2009.
Mackenzie, Sara. Contrast and similarity in consonant harmony processes. Ph.D., U. of Toronto (Can.),
Morais, Katia Vierira. Negotiating linguistic diversity in world Englishes and world Portugueses [Cape
Verde]. Ph.D., The U. of Arizona, 2010.
Sherris, Arieh. Interaction and second language learning in rural Ghana. Ph.D., George Mason U.,
Spencer, Steffan A. The eighteenth century Ge'ez (Classical Ethiopic) manuscript: "A Trinitarian
Theological Treatise from the Monastic Order of Daqiqa Estifanos". Ph.D., Howard U., 2010.
Schlumberger, Charles. he implementation of the Yamoussoukro Decision. D.C.L., McGill U., 2009.
Library Science
Moulaison, Heather Lea. A framework for cultural heritage digital libraries in the developing world:
Access to non-textual information for non-literate people in Morocco. Ph.D., Rutgers U. - New
Brunswick, 2010.
Doubiago, Shawn Colleen. Writing wrongs: Representation and transformation in twentieth century
women's writing on war and conflict. Ph.D., U. of California, Davis, 2010.
Farhoud, Samira. Interventions autobiographiques au Maghreb: L'écriture comme moment de
transmission des voix de femmes. Ph.D., U. de Montreal (Can.), 2009.
Grayson, Erik. "The ones who cry": Aging and the anxiety of finitude in J. M. Coetzee's novels of
senescence. Ph.D., State U. of New York at Binghampton, 2010.
Guirguis, Fatin Morris. "The Vision of Theophilus": Resistance through orality among the persecuted
Copts. Ph.D., Florida Atlantic U., 2010.
Hernandez-Laroche, Araceli. Sartre's confrontation with colonialism: The Algerian case and his
engagement against communism. Ph.D., U. of California, Berkeley, 2009.
Jameson, Seth Corcoran. The desire for history: Algerian historical fiction in the 1980s. Ph.D., U. of
California, Berkeley, 2009.
Kitchiner, La'Nisa. Signifying structures: Representations of the house in African-American and Black
southern African women's writing [Zimbabwe and South Africa]. Ph.D., Howard U., 2010.
Lai, Sarah Rae. Knowledge in question: Rereading education in classic Francophone African and
Caribbean novels. Ph.D., Northwestern U., 2010.
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