New Delhi
Contact: +919871029344; Email: [email protected]; Date of Birth: 27th Aug 1987
RF Hardware & RF System Engineer
Offering more than 5 years of experience; currently spearheading as a RF System & RF Hardware Engineer with Radio
Design India Pvt. Ltd, Gurgaon (with corporate headquarters in UK, Leeds) and involved in both HWS departments &
Manufacturing department. Expertise in RF Hardware, Electronic Circuits & fault diagnosis, Front-end-receiver testing &
fault analysis with the LNAs PCB’s as analog & digital, Testing Network Expansion Activities, installation and reinstallation of
telecommunication software & hardware /customer acceptance testing with telecom equipments.
Demonstrated success in BTS, BSC & MSC equipments & Power Supplies, RF filter system Design, grounding principles,
electronic system design, power systems, antennas and other used installation materials with ability to perform overall
technical support tasks, including fault diagnosis and troubleshooting.
Posses experience in VSWR measurement, power measurement, Gain, return loss, Insertion loss & Isolation measurement
as per customer’s requirement.
Proficiency with R&D & Reverse engineering, Circuit Design, RF Hardware Testing & Designing, RF planning & optimization,
Manufacturing of Electronics equipment & have knowledge on Analog & Digital Electronics with the basics of
communication systems.
Consummate professional with excellent planning, execution, monitoring and resource balancing skills, attention to detail as
well as the ability to build and lead effective teams. Outstanding presentation and leadership skills.
Customer interaction & Conferences calls with the UK team to solve the projects issues.
Coordination with UK designing & aligning team.
China trip for one month (For Installation of hardware testing setup and for given training to hardware team.)
UK trip for fifteen days (For alignment training & Product based training of RF diplexers, TMA & combiners.)
since Aug 2009
RF System Engineer- Production (R&D department): Current Experience
PIM (Passive Inter modulation) testing for any RF hardware & testing setup installation knowledge & preparing test
case and documentation.
Performing test setup installation with coordination of UK team.
Performing ECN for products as per product requirements for customers.
Design validation of products and preparing report of different products.
Managing Alignment & High power testing implementation & test scenarios for different products of the front end
receivers, RF duplexers, TMA & RF combiners (Active & Passive) as per customer requirement.
Using different type of equipments & Working on them is Signal generator (E4422B, ESG-3000A Agilent), Power
meter (EPM-441 HP), Power Amplifiers (FMS015-3090 Fresh field), Spectrum Analyzer (N9320B, N1996A), Network
Analyzers (E5061B, E5062A), VSWR tester (S331L Anritsu Site master) & BER meter (CMA-3000A Anritsu) for the
testing purpose of RF Hardware.
Implementing solutions for combining different operators.
Responsible for maintaining all technical tasks & documents in manufacturing department.
Provides fully technical support to engineers for onsite installation of products and assembly, disassembly
instructions to engineers.
Implementing & developing work instructions for different products.
Coordination with Sales, Designing team & Production engineering team (in UK or INDIA).
Preparing work instructions and documentation as per products.
RF Hardware Engineer (Hardware servicing department): Previous Experience
Responsible for proper testing of RF PCB Boards & Electronics Boards.
Knowledge of component testing as per data sheet of components.
Testing of RF hardware products by test automation using labview.
Responsibilities for R&D & analysis for the new incoming products in HWS department for evolution.
Understanding of Telecom standards like GSM/CDMA, LNA/PA/PLL, MHA & Digital or Analog Circuits design &
Troubleshooting with the electronics systems.
Responsible for operations and maintenance of front end receivers; BTS products installation and Trouble Shooting &
Repairing of various Network related alarms & RF duplexers testing’s, Commissioning and Functionality of Transmitting &
Receiving equipments.
Responsibility to given the fully technical supports to technicians & engineers.
Responsible for given the trainings to new joined engineers & technicians for ongoing projects.
Responsibility to arrange required instruments & to provide full technical details of instruments to engineers.
Handling projects details:
o DVxx Filter (Dual Variable Gain Duplex filters used in NSN BTS)
o FDUAMCO (Flexible Duplexer Amplifier Multi-coupler used in NSN BTS)
o PWSB (Ultra site edge BTS DC power supply).
o EPSILON (Used in NSN BTS for filtering of signal.)
o RF power measurement for different front end receivers.
o WCxx (Wide Band combiner).
o AGC Filter (Automatic gain controller used in Alcatel-Lucent BTS).
o Accountable for Measurement of VSWR to FDUAMCO & EPSILON for distant fault location and testing of:
o Different parameter measurement by Network analyzers of DVXX, FDUAMCO & EPSILON.
o SMPS testing (PWSB used in NSN BTS to given DC supply for different equipment).
o Spectrum analyzer for TX & RX (Transmit & Receive power) loop testing of EPSILON & power measurement.
o Experience for Troubleshooting with PCBs and component.
Instrumental in tuning of RF devices (Filters or Duplexers), soldering and disordering of Components up to L3 level.
Responsibilities to find out all faults in all products as DVXX, EPSILON, FDUAMCO, PWSB and maintaining Inventory report.
Involved in incoming and outgoing shipments and preparing incoming & outgoing material road permits.
Ensuring timely drawing of schematics for the LNA PCB’s & evaluating the measurement of different parameters like Gain,
Return-loss & Insertion loss & Isolation.
Testing for the NFF screening of the FLEXY hybrid IDU & ODU in which operating equipments S04031A Natural Line
Attenuator, 11713A attenuator Switch Driver, S04032A Programmable RF Attenuator & S04030A FHY IDU E1 Interface.
Successfully complete the project under my guidance’s in three month FPR (Flexi packet radio) for the up gradation around
seventeen thousands units.
B.TECH, Electronics and Communication 2009
UPTU Lucknow (67%, 2009)
XII year
DAV public school, Muzaffarnagr /UP Board (60%, 2005)
X year
DAV inter College, Muzaffarnagar/UP Board (60.50%, 2003)
Computer Proficiency
Microsoft Windows XP/ Vista, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel & Microsoft Power Point.
Address –16, Block B, Jeevan Park, DELHI, INDIA
Contact: +919871029344; Email: [email protected]; Date of Birth: 27th Aug 1987
Ankit Kumar
RF Hardware Engineer
Radio Design India Pvt. Ltd.
Dear Sir/Madam
I am writing to express my interest in joining your team as per to get growth in the field of Banking. My resume is
enclosed for your review and consideration. To describe myself in a nutshell, I am hardworking, astute & result oriented
professional, with qualitative & invaluable experience more than 5 years of experience; with expertise in RF Hardware, SMPS,
Network Expansion Activities, installation and reinstallation of telecommunication software & Hardware/ customer acceptance
testing. Presently associated with Radio Design India Pvt Ltd, Gurgaon as an RF system & RF Hardware Engineer.
My basic objective is to hone in my skills for comprehensive personality development and be an epitome of trust and
reliability in the corporate world. My prime goal is to understand professional environment and capitalize on opportunities.
Professionally I am looking for an opportunity that will help me utilizing my skills in the Banking, R&D, and Designing and above
areas. My detailed resume is enclosed here with for your kind perusal and consideration.
I am confident that you would find my strong initiatives and commitments to excellence coupled with demonstrated
experience and exposure ideal for the position.
I would welcome a personal meeting to further discuss your requirements and my ability to meet the same or different.
Thanking you for your consideration and forthcoming response.
Yours Sincerely
Ankit Kumar