Tooth Paste
Raw Materials:
The major raw materials required are precipitated calcium carbonate & sodium lauryl
sulphate, di-calcium phosphate, sodium saccharin, gum tragacanth, other raw materials
are glycerine, liquid paraffin, peppermint oil, sodium benzoate & menthol.
Process of Manufacturing:
Boil mixture of distilled water, glycerine and additive in stainless steel kettle mixer
After discontinuous heating add gum tragacanth in small proportion keeping the mixing
on Allow the mass to cool 24 hours and strain through muslin cloth. This gum mucilage
is stored in aluminium containers tightly closed Mix dicalcium phosphate and calcium
carbonate in planetary mixer for about 1 hour Mix in saccharin’s, water, glycerin and
gum mucilage in required quantities together in planetary mixer Heat mixture to 100oc
till the whole mass becomes homogenous. Add wetting agent slowly and cool the mass,
gradually to 37oc Add menthol in peppermint oil to the mass, keeping the stirring on until
cool Allow the mass to stand for two days when it is homogenised, fill into the tube
Machinery Equipment:
1. Planatary Mixer, stainless steel jacketted complete with heater and motor
2. Storage tanks aluminium
3. Stainless steel homogenizer
4. Distillation unit
5. Baby Boiler
6. Tooth paste filing machine
7. Crimping machine
8. Pump and overhead water storage tank
9. Weighing scale
Machinery Suppliers:
1) M/s Kripson & Co (India)
Mulund Check Naka
2) M/s Macneil & Barry Ltd.
Machninnon Mackenzie Building
Ballard Estate
3) M/s Valcan Laval Ltd.
Indian Mercentile Chambers,
Nicol Road