EEE, IIT G EE442 Microwave Engineering Laboratory General

EE442 Microwave Engineering Laboratory
General Instructions about the Laboratory
EE442 Microwave Engineering Lab will consist of 5 Experiments.
1. Details about the marking schemes will be announced in laboratory sessions as
well as in laboratory webpage.
2. Laboratory performance is evaluated based on the successful completion of the
experiments, the results, regularity and sincerity in the lab. Students are required
to come prepared for the corresponding experiments. The final results must be
shown to the Tutors/Staffs.
3. Each group is required to submit one report for each experiment.
4. Lab Record: Lab record should be submitted with loose plain sheets tagged in a
file cover when you come for the next experiment. Lab report should be written in
the following manner:
Expt. Number:
Set-up Diagram:
Observations (In tabular form):
Results (Give graphs):
Conclusion (Draw your own conclusions from the results):
Attach the result sheets signed by the Tutors/Staffs.
5. Discipline: It is essential that the students follow strict discipline in the
Microwave lab. Understand the maximum allowable values of the equipment and
components and never exceed them. Avoid careless connections that will cause
damage to the equipments or components. Before leaving switch off power
connection to all the instruments on your table. It is not advisable to do other
works during the Laboratory session and if any student is found doing so, some
marks will be deducted from the lab performance. No extra or make-up lab will
be given under normal conditions.
There will be 5 Experimental Labs:
Determination of Frequency & Wavelength of Rectangular Waveguide
Determination of VSWR & Reflection Coefficient of a Transmission Line
Gain, 3-dB Beamwidth and Radiation Patterns Measurements of Antenna
Study of characteristics of Klystron Tube
Study of I-V characteristics of Gunn Diode