If you are testing in IB Film, here is your assignment for tomorrow, 12/4

If you are testing in IB Film, here is your assignment for tomorrow, 12/4:
Independent Study Student Examples
There are a variety of options for viewing student submissions of the Independent Study
below. Read thoroughly through at least four rationales and for a couple that look
interesting, browse through the documentary scripts that follow the rational.
Once you have done this, your written assignment is to 1) comment on two of the
projects (what you thought was good/bad/worked/didn’t work/didn’t understand/etc…
and be sure you identify which project you are referring to). And 2) write down at least
two real questions you have about the projects and/or the Independent Study in general.
The preferred way to submit the written part of the assignment would be for the comments
and questions to be sent via email to [email protected] before 10pm
tonight. But the questions will be accepted later via email or handwritten at the start of
class tomorrow, 12/4 (but please do not attempt to do this quickly as class is beginning –
that is definitely not the purpose of the assignment).
On the IB Film page (the left-hand side in the assessments section), there are several
student examples, all with scores and commentary.
This page will open one example, but there are others at the bottom of the webpage in PDFs
(no scores/comments on any of these).
A single assignment (no scores/comments)