Individual Conic Picture Research Project

Individual Conic Picture Research Project
Due date: ________________ __
Weight: __One & ½ Test Grade__
We are entering into the study of a topic with so many varied applications in the real
world: conic sections. As we study the circle, the ellipse, the hyperbola, and the parabola,
we will see many of the connections and applications of these geometric concepts.
Your task is to take to the street, get out there and find examples of conic sections that we
take for granted (or appreciate) on a daily basis. For example, the wheels on our cars
provide us with a smooth ride, etc. You must photograph or video at least TWO examples
of each type of conic. For each example, type a small paragraph analyzing the
characteristics of the object and WHY it is shaped the way it is (chances are it is not just
a coincidence.) This will require a little bit of thought. I will be looking for an
explanation that goes beyond the obvious or superficial. Do not take this part lightly!!
You will create either a video with a written script, or a PowerPoint presentation. After
you briefly present your examples to the rest of the class, turn in your Video (along with
your write-up) / PowerPoint presentation.
The best projects will include the following:
1. Interesting, Original, and creative applications
2. Critical thinking and thoughtful analysis
3. A brief description of each conic
4. Proper grammatical use and spelling, including a cover sheet
5. Appropriate presentation
6. Pizzazz, Zest, and Zing.
Pictures cut from the Internet are strongly discouraged, except for extra clarification of
what you have found. Also, if you decide to use a web image, please include the website
from which you obtained the image. Points will be deducted if an example comes solely
from the web.
Have fun with this project and feel free to ask me any questions or come to me for hints,
tips, or help.