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Electronic resources are available in Henry Madden Library

Electronic resources are available in Henry Madden Library
Last day went through the physical collection available in the library.
Lot of resources and learning materials are available through the website. Which is ____wesbite
One search. This is a discovery system which act like a search engine for resources available.
It doesn’t mean that in one search has everything that library offer to you but this will be a good starting
point for search for material for your research.
Instructions are given and educate about how to search for reading sources using one search. He also
encourage to have an own account in one search and briefed it benefits such as save their searches in
One Search
Sign in to one search is encouraged by using Fresno state ID and passport. Importance of using features
such as clicking pin icon when you want to keep your searches saved. This helps you to organize things
throughout the semester.
I can narrow down the result by adding different options to your search. Resources types is one of the
most importatnt thing
Bunch of research types are available,
Engimneering books are mostly found in online due to the high chance of update of information. Links
are shown to access to the full text and download the files.
If you are in off campus or out from the country you would able to acces online resourse in library via
one search.
Biggest location in the library is lower level.
Can check out 1hudered item t a time as graduate students.
In addition to the books, artcles are also found.