Chapter 17 Nervous System Study Guide MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. A

Chapter 17 Nervous System Study Guide
1. A cycle of events in which information from one step controls or affects a previous step is a
2. A collection of axons through which impulses travel between the central nervous system and
other parts of the body is called a
3. The clear membrane that protects the
4. Long nerve fibers that convey electrical impulses to other cells are called BD4s1.1.1
5. Which of the following is NOT a function of the medulla?
6. A nearly immediate, involuntary response to a stimulus is called a
7. The part of the brain that we use to think and store memories is the
8. In a neuron, impulses move BD4s1.1.1
9. eye and allows light to enter is the BD4s2.3.1
10. Receptors for smell are located on BD4s2
11. If a person’s medulla quit working, he or she would die because
Be able to match the following
 external ear
 peripheral nervous system
 somatic nervous system
 central nervous system
 sensory neuron
 eardrum
 autonomic nervous system
 semicircular canals
 cochlea
 integumentary system
 brain
Be able to identify the following
optic nerve BD4s2.3.1