CCNA Security - Skill Exam 2012

CCNA Security - Skill Exam 2012
Important items from the labs are:
Lab1 Secure Routers – Passwords, SSH, SNMP/Syslog, NTP
Lab2 AAA-Radius - Local authentication, Centralized authentication (server)
Lab3 CBAC Firewalls - Inspection rules, Access-lists
Lab4 Secure Layer 2 Switches - Secure trunk/Access ports, (Port-security, BPDUguard, Storm-control,
DTP etc.)
Lab5 Site to Site VPN
The total time for the examination is two hours. 90 minutes configuration in Packet Tracer and 30
minutes for written short questions. Basic network configuration and routing will be pre-configured.
A sheet of common commands will be provided. You are free to bring your own handwritten notes as
Note: During the exam it is very important that you frequently save your .pkt file. Programs may
crash and data can be lost. If you by mistake lock yourself out from a device - use the Config tab and
click “Static” to regain access to the CLI.