Global_1st-Q_files/French Rev Movie Questions

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Global Studies 10
Directions: Answer the following questions based on the A&E French Revolution video and
your knowledge of Global History.
1. Describe the “Old Regime” of France.
2. How old were Louis and Marie Antoinette when they married?
3. How does the narrator describe Louis XVI’s leadership abilities?
4. Their marriage was an arranged political union. Which two former enemy countries were
now allies?
5. Which Enlightenment thinkers inspired the French Revolution?
6. What foreign revolution did France fund which put them in greater debt?
7. Why is Marie Antoinette known as Madame Deficit?
8. Which food became too expensive for the French people to buy? How did this lead to
9. What were Robespierre’s goals for France? Why was freedom of speech important to
10. What was the Tennis Court Oath?
11. Describe the Storming of Bastille.
12. What are the three colors of the French flag?
13. What was the Declaration of the Rights of Man? What inspired it?
14. Who were the “fish ladies” and what did they do?
15. Why did the people want the King and Queen to move from Versailles to Paris?
16. What was the reaction by Paris to the Duke’s Letter? What is the effect?
17. What was the national razor?
18. Who were the “Sans Colloutes”? What were they doing and why?
19. Why did the September Massacre happen?
20. The Revolutionaries were successful in overthrowing the monarchy. Why was Louis
beheaded on the guillotine? Why not let him live?
21. Describe the fate of Marie Antoinette and her family?
22. What was the “Reign of Terror”
23. Who became leader of “The Committee on Public Safety”?
24. How did the revolutionaries “de-Christianize” France?
25. Who was the General gaining great success on the front lines?
26. Why was the last period known as the “Great Terror”?
27. What happens to Robespierre? Why is it ironic?
28. What was the slogan for the Revolution?