V for Vendetta Essay

V for Vendetta Passage Analysis
Suggested length: 2 pages
Prompt: How do style, form and structure contribute to meaning in this text? Drawing
upon class discussions and group work, discuss how these elements, both literary and
artistic, develop meaningful aspects of this graphic novel.
Assignment: Write a thesis statement, two body paragraphs, and a concluding sentence.
• Choose the passage that most appeals to you for analysis.
• Write a thesis statement that addresses the prompt.
• Write two body paragraphs that analyze the passage and support the thesis.
• Conclude with a sentence that reiterates the importance of the argument,
providing closure without just restating the thesis.
• Use MLA format for your quotations.
• Write in third person. Avoid “I” and “you” in your writing.
• Write in present tense.
• Avoid wishy-washy language such as “kind of”.