Feline Wellness - Prescott Animal Hospital

Feline Wellness Package
Thank you for choosing the Prescott Animal Hospital to provide your cat’s preventive health care.
This Wellness Package is designed to promote a happy, healthy life for your cat.
Included are the following:
A comprehensive physical exam from nose to tail
Nail trim
Vaccinations (distemper combination, leukemia and rabies)
Fecal parasite analysis
Wellness blood and urine profile
Oral dewormer
Pet ID card
Total package* cost = $416.92 (HST included)
First payment of $100.00 at time of visit and
11 monthly payments of $28.81 (HST included)
*All additional products purchased at the time of visit or any extra services must be paid for at the time
of visit. There can be no substitution of services to this special wellness package.
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