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January 2011
Spring Semester 2011 Newsletter and Opening Week Announcements
Classes Begin, Monday, January 31st
of Business and Economics Dean’s Award, in recognition of achieving
the highest GPA of all SBE graduates.
Welcome to the spring 2011 semester at SUNY Plattsburgh at
Queensbury! Please read the following announcements carefully as
important information and deadlines are included.
information on registration, fee payment, tuition refunds, etc. is
(at Also, please check our Branch Campus website, for additional up-dates, and
bookmark it for future reference.
During the semester, we will post additional information and
announcements on our website and/or send such information directly
to you via your Plattsburgh e-mail address. In some cases we will
provide you with a link to sign-up, register, or respond to some of the
announcements and deadlines.
As always, if you have any questions please call us at 792-5425
or stop by during regular office hours: 9 am - 5 pm Monday thru
Thursday, and 9:30 am - 4:30 pm on Friday (until 6 pm Monday thru
Thursday during the first week of the semester). We are also available
at other hours by appointment, and there is a “drop” box outside our
office if you need to leave notes or materials for us when the office is
Best wishes for a successful spring semester!
Dr. Robert Golden, Dean of the Branch Campus, presents the School of
Business and Economics Dean’s Award to Casey Clum.
Queensbury Campus Represented in December Commencement
About twelve of the fifty-three December 2010 Branch Campus
graduates made the trip to Plattsburgh’s main campus for winter
commencement exercises on Saturday, December 18.
Below, Psychology majors Kylie Baker, Angelina Cardone,
Desiree Boucher, and Lauren Vinciguerra, pose for a photo with Dean
Robert Golden, Psychology Professor Eddy Sturman, and Associate
Dean Tom Corigliano.
Tom Corigliano, Associate Dean
Fall Graduation Reception Held for December Graduates
On Friday, December 17, the Branch Campus held its first
reception and recognition ceremony for December graduates. More
than 50 graduate and undergraduate students completed their degree
requirements in December 2010.
Student Conduct Policy Approved by College Council
At its December meeting, the Plattsburgh College Council
approved a Student Conduct Policy for Plattsburgh’s Branch Campus
at Queensbury. The new policy will include procedures on academic
honesty and student behavior. It will be distributed via email and will
be posted on the Branch Campus website at the start of the semester.
From left: Katie Cartwright (7-12 Social Studies), Brittany Welch (7-12 Math),
Amanda Ferraro (Childhood Ed), and Kathryn Madaus (7-12 English), stop for
refreshments at the fall graduation reception.
Student Advisory Board to be Formed
At the end of the fall semester, and over the winter break, Branch
Campus faculty were asked to recommend students in each of their
programs to serve on a student advisory board. Invitations to
participate will go out to students at the start of the spring semester,
About 25 students and family members attended the reception
where certificates of academic achievement were presented to
undergraduate students who earned cumulative grade point averages
above 2.4. Casey Clum, (BS Management) also received the School
and the first meeting of the advisory board will be held in February.
The proposed advisory board will meet occasionally with Branch
Campus administrators to provide feedback on programs, services, and
student interests and needs.
Hudson Valley Community College Emergency Information
HVCC Public Safety is located in the Siek Campus Center, Rm.
170, and is open 24 hours a day. To contact Public Safety call 911
from any campus or emergency phone, or call 629-7210 from any cell
phone or public phone.
Faculty Profile – Dr. Mark Beaulieu
Bill Payment Available On-Line
Students who have not yet adjusted their bills, accepted their
charges, and/or paid their balances, are encouraged to do so on . For instructions on how to process and pay a
current-term bill, go to the Student Accounts website at The Student Accounts Office
(on the main campus) will be open Sunday, January 30, from 9am to
2:30pm. The phone number is (518) 564-3120 or toll-free (800) 3608365. The fax number is (518) 564-3116 and the email address is
[email protected]
Dr. Mark Beaulieu, Associate
Professor and Coordinator of the
Queensbury Criminal Justice program, is
originally from the Albany/Capital
region, having gone to high school at
Scotia-Glenville and having gotten his
undergraduate degree and doctorate at
SUNY Albany.
He worked at the Center for Health
Workforce Studies while finishing his
doctoral degree. The Center examined
where there were shortages of nurses and physicians (by specialty).
Dr. Beaulieu supervised the survey wing of the Center.
From there, Dr. Beaulieu worked for a year as a visiting professor
at the Rochester Institute of Technology before spending six years at
the University of Hartford. He moved back to upstate New York to
get closer to his and his wife’s families.
Dr. Beaulieu’s research interests focus on race and crime, in
particular the effects of racial residential segregation on crime in cities
across the United States.
His hobbies include video games,
particularly online baseball and football sims. His dog is named
Mattingly after Yankee great Don Mattingly.
As a Yankees fan, Dr. Beaulieu thought he would have gotten
away from Red Sox fans after leaving Connecticut, but much to his
dismay he found there were a number of them “infesting” the upstate
Financial Aid Office Open Sunday, January 30:
The Financial Aid Office (on the main campus) will be open
Sunday, January 30, from 9am to 2:30pm. The phone number is (518)
564-2072 or toll-free (877) 768-5976. The fax number is (518) 5644079, and the email address is [email protected]
Admissions Office Open Sunday, January 30:
The Undergraduate Admissions Office (on the main campus) will
be open Sunday, January 30, from 9am to 12pm. The phone number
is (518) 564-2040 or toll-free (888) 673-0012. The fax number is
(518) 564-2045 and the email address is [email protected]
Banner/E-mail Assistance
If you are having trouble accessing your Banner account, contact
the Help Desk at or
call them at 564-4433 (toll-free at 1-800-787-8773). If you are having
trouble with your Plattsburgh email, the Help Desk will be open and
available by phone on Sunday, January 30 from 10am to 5pm. The
Help Desk can re-set your password so that you can get into your
email account or explain why you may be unable to log-on. They will
also be able to help you with other e-mail problems (you may simply
have exceeded your space quota).
Check Out Our Website for Information and Resources:
Our web address is now
Please check it out, and bookmark it or make it your home page. We
will use the website to notify you of important dates or information
(dates for spring advising and registration, class cancellations, etc.).
You will also find useful information and various resources on our
For example, under “Student Resources/Computer
Information Resources” you will find information about how you can
download free anti-virus software for your home computer.
Matriculated students can add or drop courses through Sunday,
February 6 (11:30pm). A $20 per course late adjustment fee will
apply beginning Monday, February 7, in addition to tuition liability.
For detailed information on tuition liability, see:
Student ID Cards (Undergraduate Students in Queensbury)
Undergraduate students studying in Queensbury, should contact
the SUNY Adirondack Student Activities Office in the College Center
(743-2251), and should get their photo ID’s done during the first week
of class. Students will need a photo ID, their Plattsburgh class
schedule, and their Plattsburgh Banner ID Number.
Weather Closing Information Line - 792-5425, Ext. 114:
SUNY Plattsburgh at Queensbury will follow SUNY Adirondack
(ACC) and Hudson Valley Community College (HVCC) for weatherrelated class cancellations. If ACC or HVCC announce class
cancellations, those announcements will also apply to Plattsburgh
Branch Campus courses held on those campuses. The Branch
Campus will not cancel classes at either location if the host
campus is open.
With the exception of Plattsburgh classes
originating from the main campus in Plattsburgh via the
telecommunications system, cancellation of main campus classes will
not result in the cancellation of Plattsburgh’s Branch Campus classes
if ACC and HVCC are open.
To check on weather-related cancellation of classes, call our
office at 792-5425, Ext. 114. Information on class cancellations will
also be posted on our website as
quickly as possible.
Student ID Cards (Undergraduate Students in Troy, and
Graduate Students)
Graduate students and undergraduate students who are studying
in Troy at HVCC, may request non-photo Plattsburgh ID cards
Textbook Information
Information about textbooks for spring courses can be found on
banner in the spring course schedule. Clicking on the course CRN or
the little textbook icon next to the course number will bring you to the
Plattsburgh College Store website and a list of required textbooks for
each course. Students may order their books from the Plattsburgh
Book Store for a nominal shipping charge, or they may purchase them
from their favorite book vender (i.e. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc),
using the ISBN number provided in the master schedule.
SUNY Adirondack Emergency Information
In case of emergency at ACC between 8am and 4pm weekdays,
contact the Director of Facilities at 743-2246 or Campus Security at
796-1344. Between 4pm and 10pm weekdays contact campus security
at 796-1344, or call 911.
necessary). Bachelor degree regalia will cost about $35. Check
with the ACC Bookstore for specific pricing.
Services to Students with Disabilities
Students who have a disabling condition (i.e., physically challenged or
learning disabled), or need special accommodations and help in order
to be successful in their academic program, need to register with the
Director of Special Programs, Michele Carpentier, so that their need
can be evaluated and appropriate services provided. Michele can be
contacted by phone at 518-564-2810, or by email at
[email protected]
Teacher Education Candidates
Student Teaching Application Session - February 15: Teacher
education candidates (graduate and undergraduate) who plan to
student teach fall 2011 OR spring 2012, must attend the Student
Teaching Application session, scheduled for Tuesday, February 15,
Additional application sessions will be available on the main
campus in Plattsburgh. Check with the Branch Campus office for
dates and times.
NYS Teacher Education Certification Tests: If you will be
seeking teacher certification as of September 1, 2011, and still need
the CST, LAST or ATS-W, you should register for the February 19,
April 9, June 11, or July 16 test date. You cannot be certified
without successfully completing these tests. For more information
see the following NYSTCE website:
Application for Teacher Certification and TEACH Waiver
Consent Form: Students who have not completed their TEACH
Waiver Consent should log into MyPlattsburgh Portal and proceed
to the Student Menu Screen, then to Student Records and then, click
on Teach Waiver. By accepting this waiver, you are allowing
college personnel to notify the State Education Department of your
degree completion date. Failure to do so will not only delay
certification processing, but may cost you employment
opportunities following graduation.
Applications for teacher
certification MUST be made via “TEACH On-Line Services.” If
you need help with the TEACH On-Line application, please contact
Bethanne at [email protected], or Michelle Howland at
[email protected]
Library Proficiency Test Scheduled
The LIB 105 proficiency test will be offered at the Branch
Campus in Queensbury, on Thursday, April 7, 2011, from 1:30-2:30
and from 3:00-4:00pm in room RHEC 147. You can register for the
test at The
registration deadline is Friday, April 1, 2011.
The Library Proficiency Test will also be administered on the
main campus, on Sunday, January 30, at 3:30pm, in the Feinberg
Library Computer Lab (Photo ID is required).
May and August 2011 Graduates
If you expect to complete your degree program this May or
August please pay particular attention to the following:
Diploma Applications Due Friday, February 25: Students who
expect to graduate in May or August, should see their advisor to
review their files, do a graduation check, and complete their
diploma applications. Prior to the meeting with their advisor,
graduate students should print-out a copy of their transcript, and
complete a “draft” of their graduation checklist. Undergraduate
students should print-out a copy of their CAPP Report prior to the
meeting with their advisor.
See the following link for a copy of the diploma application
Branch Campus Alumni Reception and Commencement,
Thursday, May 19: SUNY Plattsburgh at Queensbury will hold
spring commencement ceremonies with SUNY Adirondack at the
Glens Falls Civic Center, on Thursday, May 19, 2011, at 7:00 pm
Commencement ceremonies will be preceded by a reception for
graduates and their families hosted by the Plattsburgh Alumni
Association at the Queensbury Hotel (5:00-6:00pm). If you will be
graduating this spring, or will be within 6 credits of graduation, you
can participate in the commencement ceremony. If will not be
participating in commencement please let us know at
[email protected] It is important that I know who
will participate as soon as possible, so that I can let ACC know
your names for the commencement program by early March!
Academic caps and gowns are mandatory for participation in
commencement ceremonies.
Main Campus Commencement, Saturday, May 21: Branch
Campus students may also participate in main campus
commencement ceremonies on Saturday, May 21. Students
interested in the main campus ceremony should check for details at:
Academic caps and gowns are mandatory for participation in
commencement ceremonies.
Cap and Gown Reservations for Graduate Students: Graduate
students, who wish to participate in commencement, should contact
the Plattsburgh College Bookstore (, or
518-564-2082) to rent academic caps, gowns, and hoods (graduate
regalia will no longer be available from the ACC Bookstore).
Cap and Gown Purchases for Undergraduate Students:
Undergraduate students, who wish to participate in spring
commencement, can purchase bachelor degree caps and gowns
from the ACC Bookstore at any time after April 11 (no pre-order is
Use of E-Mail for Official Communication
By College policy, e-mail is an official means of communicating
with students on important matters. During the semester, we may try
to contact you via e-mail with important or emergency
announcements. If you are not using your e-mail,
please start using it now so that you will receive any information and
messages that we send to you. If you choose not to use your e-mail as your primary e-mail account, you should
forward your e-mail to the account that you check regularly. Check
our website (click “Student Resources/Computer Information
Resources”) for instructions on how to forward your
e-mail to your personal account.
Picking Up Student Work at the End of the Semester
Students who want final class reports/projects returned to them at
the end of the semester should note, “Please Return” on the cover of
the report/project. Reports/projects so noted will be kept at the Branch
Campus office for two weeks after the due date for final grade
submission. After two weeks all remaining student material will be
discarded, unless a student calls and makes other arrangements to pick
up their work.
Parking at SUNY Adirondack
ACC does not issue parking permits/stickers to students
(undergraduate or graduate), but all students are required to register
their cars with the ACC Facilities Office. Forms are available at the
Plattsburgh Branch Campus Office, the ACC Registrar’s Office, and
the ACC Facilities Office.
Parking lots nearest the campus buildings are usually restricted
until 5pm, and curbside parking may have additional restricted hours.
Anyone without an ACC parking sticker will be ticketed in the
restricted lots. If you have a specific need for special consideration
for parking please let us know.
classes, and applies only to students taking HVCC classes through
Saturday, January 29: Foreign language proficiency exam, on the
main campus. Time, location, and questions regarding the language
proficiency policy should be directed to the Department of Foreign
Languages and Literature, at 564-3829 or 564-2829.
Monday, January 24: SUNY Adirondack Classes Begin (this date
applies to ACC classes NOT Plattsburgh classes, and applies only
to students taking ACC classes through cross-registration).
Monday, January 31: SUNY Plattsburgh Spring Semester
classes at all locations (including on-line classes) begin.
Sunday, February 6:
Spring 2011 course add/drop ends
(11:30pm). Last day for 100% tuition refund.
Monday, February 7: Course withdrawal fee of $20 applied.
Tuesday, February 15: Student Teaching Application Seminar,
3:30-6:00 pm, RHEC 128. Required for all teacher education
students planning to student teach in fall 2011 or spring 2012.
Friday, February 25: Diploma Applications due for students
graduating in May 2011 or August 2011, Download the application
Monday, March 14 - Friday, March 18: Spring break for Branch
Campus undergraduates and students in the M.S. Leadership
program. NOTE: The spring break for graduate teacher education
students will coincide with the K-12 public school break, Monday,
April 18 - Friday, April 22.
Monday, March 21 - Friday, March 25: Hudson Valley
Community College Spring Break (these dates apply only to
students taking HVCC classes through cross-registration).
Wednesday, March 30: Midterm grades due (11:30 pm).
Friday, April 1: Last day to register (4:00 pm), for the Library
Proficiency Exam, to be held on April 7.
Monday, April 4: Course advisement for Summer 2011 and Fall
2011 begins. Please meet with your advisor early.
Thursday, April 7: Library Proficiency Exam, 1:30-2:30 pm, and
3:00-4:00 pm, in RHEC 147. (See page 2 for more information).
Sunday, April 10: Registration for Summer and Fall 2011 begins
(10 am). (Register EARLY! On-line classes close quickly!)
Monday, April 18 - Friday, April 22: Spring break for Branch
Campus graduate students. NOTE: Spring break for all Branch
Campus undergraduate students, and for graduate students in the
M.S. Leadership program, is March 14 – March 18.
Friday, April 15: Summer and fall course advisement ends. Last
day for unrestricted course withdrawal.
Friday, April 22 – Tuesday, April 26:
Hudson Valley
Community College Closed (these dates apply only to students
taking HVCC classes through cross-registration).
Sunday, May 1: Fall 2011 registration ends (11:30 pm).
Friday, May 6: SUNY Adirondack Classes End (this date applies
only to students taking ACC classes through cross-registration).
Friday, May 13: Hudson Valley Community College Classes End
(this date applies only to students taking HVCC classes through
Saturday, May 14: Finals week begins.
Thursday, May 19: Plattsburgh Alumni Reception for Branch
Campus Graduates. Queensbury Hotel (5:00 pm). Branch Campus
Commencement with SUNY Adirondack. Glens Falls Civic Center
(6:30 pm).
Friday, May 20: SUNY Plattsburgh spring semester ends (5 pm).
Saturday, May 21: Main Campus Commencement (for details see:
Wednesday, May 25: Final grades due (noon).
Parking at Hudson Valley Community College
Plattsburgh students studying at Hudson Valley Community
College will be billed a parking fee and will be required to obtain
parking permits.
Classrooms at Hudson Valley Community College
As of this printing, the classrooms assigned for Plattsburgh
courses at Hudson Valley Community College have not been entered
into banner. Those rooms are: Monday, SOC 354: Higbee 205,
Tuesday, SOC 307: Lang 202; Wednesday: SOC 314, Higbee 205,
Thursday, SOC 364: Lang 202.
Annual Safety Report
SUNY Plattsburgh at Queensbury operates under contract and
lease arrangements with SUNY Adirondack (ACC) and Hudson
Valley Community College (HVCC). SUNY Plattsburgh offers its
degree programs in facilities owned and operated by these colleges,
and also operates under, and complies with, all of ACC’s and HVCC’s
campus safety rules and regulations, including the reporting of
possession and use of alcohol and controlled substances and, the
reporting of any criminal acts or behavior, as well as sexual violence
and/or discrimination. Campus crime, arrests and referral statistics,
along with any incidents and/or violations of ACC’s or HVCC’s
campus safety rules and regulations, are reported to the respective
colleges, the designated SUNY Plattsburgh officials, and to local law
enforcement agencies. The full safety report can be found at:
Academic Honesty Policy
Faculty and students should be familiar with the Academic
Honesty Policy, which states, “Academic honesty is essential to the
intellectual health of the university and the ideals of education. SUNY
Plattsburgh expects students to be honest and to conduct themselves
with integrity in all aspects of their relationship with the college (e.g.,
application, transfer evaluation, academic progress review, and credit
and non-credit bearing experiences, including regular course work,
independent studies, internships, practica, student teaching, and
interactions with faculty, staff, and students). Academic dishonesty
adversely affects the educational function of the college and
undermines the integrity of its programs.
Dishonest conduct includes, but is not limited to, cheating,
plagiarism, unauthorized collaboration, forgery, and alteration of
records, along with any lying, deceit, bribery, coercion, or intimidation
for the purpose of influencing a grade or for any other academic gain.
Action against a student determined to have violated the academic
honesty policy can range from a reduction of the grade on an
assignment, through failure of a course, to suspension or even
dismissal from the academic program, the department, or the college.
A student who is charged with academic dishonesty will be
afforded due process through the College Judicial System. (See
Procedures for Addressing Suspected Academic Dishonesty).
The policy, procedures, and reporting form are available for
download from the Provost's web site. See:
Reporting Form:
Spring 2011 Academic Calendar (Holidays and Course
Registration for Summer/Fall 2011)
The following are some important dates to remember for the
spring 2011 semester. Please refer to our website for the complete
academic calendar.
Tuesday, January 18: Hudson Valley Community College
Classes Begin (this date applies to HVCC classes NOT Plattsburgh