Western Expansion Map Directions

Western Expansion Map Directions
Directions: Use the attached map to label and color the following areas. Anything in bold
should be labeled on your map.
1. Label Mexico, draw its borders and color it purple.
2. Label the following bodies of water and color them blue.
a. Lake Superior
e. Lake Michigan
b. Lake Huron
f. Lake Erie
c. Lake Ontario
g. Atlantic Ocean
d. Pacific Ocean
h. Gulf of Mexico
3. Label the Original Thirteen Colonies and color them dark green.
4. Label the land west to the Mississippi River, acquired by the Treaty of Paris, 1783 and
color it red.
5. Label the Louisiana Territory, acquired from France in 1803, color it yellow.
6. Label the boundary adjusted by the Convention of 1818 and color it dark green.
7. Label the Florida Cession, acquired by Spain by the Adams-Onis Treaty in 1819 and
color it light blue.
8. Label the Texas Annexation, acquired as a result of the Republic of Texas requesting
annexation in 1845 and orange.
9. Label the Oregon Territory, acquired by treaty from Britain in 1846 and color it brown.
10.Label the Mexican Cession, acquired by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, 1848 and
color it red orange.
11.Label the Gadsden Purchase, bought from Mexico in 1853 and color it yellow.