WORKSHOP PROGRAMME Content Development for Visual

 WORKSHOP PROGRAMME Content Development for Visual Scenery, Mapping & Lighting shows 11­13th November 2014 from 10:00h to 19:00h – Fabra i Coats (Barcelona) Description The aim of this workshop is to transmit the necessary know­how to tackle medium audiovisual projects, not only from the artistic point of view, but also from managing point of view. The whole process will be covered, from the first meeting with the client to the final performance. Physical, economical, artistic aspects should be considered in order to reach a succesful result, with mapped and LED lighting shows. Contents 1.­ What is a visual scenery? 2.­ Different types of visual sceneries. 3.­ Different types of content visualization (warping, mapping, LED, etc.) 4.­ Design and execution process: ­ Necessary information for Kick­Off. ­ Task and needs definition. ­ Workload and costs analysis. ­ Budget preparation. ­ Project management sheet preparation. ­ Storyboard and Technical Play­List preparation. ­ Video design and generation. ­ Audio design and generation. ­ Others (lighting, fireworks, smoke, etc.) 5.­ Show performance: ­ Considerations to be taken into account for the show (outdoors: public permissions, power supply, public location, etc. Indoor: TV settings, audio, etc). ­ Human and Technical resources needed. ­ Other aspects to be considered. 6.­ Tools : MadMapper & Millumin ­ Quick review to basic functionalities ­ Warping/Mapping ­ Masking ­ Scanning ­ DMX interfaces 7.­ Practice We will propose 3 practical cases in which the students should develop all the necessary process to properly manage this kind of project, at a content level but also at a documentation and control level. ­ RGB LED Strip installation synchronized with music. ­ Permanent installation mapped over a geometric pattern in a wall. ­ Contents for LED pannels in a TV Show. Requeriments for the participants ● MacBook Pro. ● SW Millumin/Madmapper (demo versions). ● Knowledge and experience developing 2D/3D contents. Workshop leaders is one of the most important websites about vjing and mapping proyection. The team behind it has been leading the mapping scene in Spain and other countries in the last years, designing large mapping shows for commercial and cultural events. Oscar Testón is the director of and dedicated to architectural mapping & visual design Juanjo Fernandez (gnomalab) is a mapping, audiovisual design and vj artist and freelance collaborator of vjspain Kike Ramírez is PR manager of vjspain and Telecom Engineer specialized in design of audiovisual interactive installations, digital marketing and mobile technologies.