May 2010 - The San Francisco Orchid Society

Volume 58 Number 5
The mission of the SFOS is to foster the culture and cultivation of orchids and to promote education
of its members and the public about orchids. Our goals include: an exchange of information from exhibitions,
publications, and the Internet, maintenance of a reference library, and participation in worldwide activities.
May 2009
A California Non Profit 501(c)3 Corporation
May Speaker
Yin-Tung Wang Ph.D. on Nobile Dendrobium
SFOS Meeting:
Tuesday, May 5th, 2009
No speaker dinner this month.
AOS Judging:
7:00 p.m.
Skills Session:
7:05 p.m.
7:30 p.m.
San Francisco County Fair Building,
Golden Gate Park, 9th Avenue and
Lincoln Way, San Francisco.
Plants submitted for American
Orchid Society Judging must be
entered between 6:30pm and
Debra Atwood from Napa Valley
Orchids (
on the 10 rules of thumb for basic
orchid care, with emphasis on proper
watering and plant placement.
Skill Session
Plant Opportunity Table
Orchid Design
Dr. Yin-Tung Wang, born and raised in Taiwan, earned his
bachelor’s degree in horticulture from the National Chung-Hsing
University in Taichung,Taiwan, and then his M.S. and Ph.D. degree in
plant physiology at Oregon State University in 1984. He was a
professor of floriculture and plant physiology in the Dept. of Horticultural Science at
Texas A&M University until his early retirement in January 2008, and remains on the
graduate faculty, directing a graduate student.
During the early years of his professional career, Dr. Wang studied the cultural
requirements, physiology, and postharvest handling of floral and tropical foliage plants.
His studies included using growth hormones to regulate plant morphology and cell
structure. He also did extensive research on roses, nursery crops, and aloe vera.
Since 1990, Dr.Wang shifted his research to focus on potted orchids, particularly the
Phalaenopsis. He has done numerous studies to learn the nutritional requirements,
media, light, growth regulation, and postharvest handling. In the mid-1990s, Dr. Wang
developed a technology to defer the flowering process until a desirable market time,
with much lower energy input than the standard practice of heating greenhouses to
82° F (28° C) day and night. This technique was tested at unheated commercial
greenhouses in 2005 and was found to be extremely effective in inhibiting spiking and
saving heating costs, and is being used by several Phalaenopsis growers in Taiwan.
Dr.Wang has published over 70 refereed scientific papers, more than 60 articles in
practical professional journals, and many abstracts, and he is on the editorial board of
several scientific journals. He was a member of the American Orchid Society’s
Research Committee for nine years, and is currently on the AOS Publications
Committee, as well as on the advisory Board of Orchids magazine, answering the Q&A
column, writing articles for Orchids. He has also served on several committees for the
American Society for Horticultural Science.
Dr. Wang has collaborative orchid research with scientists in several countries, and
has been frequently consulted on orchids, nursery crops, and Aloe vera by producers
around the world. He was an honorary advisor to Taiwan Sugar Corporation. Dr.Wang
was presented the Chairman Yun-Ho Lee Award of Scientific Merit by the International
Aloe Science Council in September 2002 for his tremendous contributions to this
industry worldwide. He was an invited speaker at the Taiwan International Orchid
Show in 2005-2007, and provided great help to the 2007 International Phalaenopsis
Alliance Symposium in Taiwan. The IPA presented Dr.Wang with its most prestigious
Award of Distinction for his exemplary service to the orchid-growing community
At the invitation of Andy Matsui, Dr.Wang took an early retirement from Texas A&M
University to become the Director of R&D/Production at Matsui Nursery in Salinas.
Matsui Nursery produces 50% of all orchids being produced in California (more than
the value of all orchid nurseries in Hawaii combined) and about 25% of the overall
value of orchids in the United States.
2008-2009 SFOS
President vacant
Acting Vice President
Eric Hunt 415-225-6561 [email protected]
Kay Klumb 415-648-8271 [email protected]
Dan Peter 650-563-9259 [email protected]
Past President
Jean Lee
[email protected]
Maureen Clarke 415-333-4033
[email protected]
Ellen Edelson 415-731-5924
[email protected]
Eric Hunt 415-225-6561 [email protected]
Ricki Kohn [email protected]
Judy Bley
415-826-8372 [email protected]
Angelic Nguyen 408-476-7153
[email protected]
& Dave Robison 408-947-0486
[email protected]
AOS Representative
Carol Zoltowski 415-657-3222 [email protected]
Orchid Digest Representative
Jean Lee 415-665-6079 [email protected]
Plant Sales
Masaki Asuka 650-588-6753
Sofia Valenzuela 415-469-9332
[email protected]
Property Managers
Ellen Edelson 415-731-5924
Maureen Clarke 415-333-4033
[email protected]
Raffle Tickets
Ellen Edelson 415-731-5924
Maureen Clarke 415-333-4033
Cindy Reid 650-355-8621
Chuck Chan & Moon Chan
[email protected]
Show Chair
Dennis Westler 415-336-2752 [email protected]
George Su 510-727-1262 [email protected]
[email protected]
A California Non Profit 501(c)3 Corporation
SFOS Board Election
Election of officers for the SFOS Board of Directors will be
held at the May 2009 meeting.The Nominating Committee
is presenting a slate and nominations will also be accepted
from the membership.
The Nominating Committee, Chair Kay Klumb and Judy
Bley, present the following slate:
President: Jean Lee
Past President: vacant
Vice President: Eric Hunt
Treasurer: Dan Peter
Secretary: Kay Klumb
Directors: Maureen Clarke
Ellen Edelson
Ricki Kohn
Allison Lehman
SFOS members are encouraged to help out with
refreshments, setup and cleanup at Monthly Meetings. If
your last name falls within the letter range Sm–V please
bring snacks such as fresh fruit, ice cream, crackers & cheese
for the next meeting. About three dozen cookies, one cake,
one to two pounds of fruit or cheeses, or one box of
crackers is an appropriate amount.
Remember to pick up your raffle ticket as one of the
rewards of sharing — and good luck in the drawing!
SFOS welcomes the following new members who have
joined in the last month:
Michael R. Sweeney
Eric Wells
Future Speakers
May 09: Yin-Tung Wang Ph.D. on Nobile Dendrobium
June 09: Samantha Kha, the Orchid Zone, TBA
July 09: Jeff Tyler on Bulbophyllums
AOS Awards
Pacific Central - San Francisco 4/7/2009
• Lycaste Chita Sunset ‘Winston’, AM 81
(Lyc. Shoalhaven x Lyc.Wyld Sunset)
Exhibited by Amy and Ken Jacobsen
• Masdevallia ignea ‘Tetra Carmine’, HCC 79
species, exhibited by Golden Gate Orchids
• Masdevallia lucernula ‘Elle Ronis’, CCM 88
species, exhibited by Ron Parsons
• Paph. Fumi’s Delight ‘Maplethorpe’, AM 83
(Paph. micranthum x Paph. armeniacum)
Exhibited by George Stagi
• Paphiopedilum liemianum ‘Kate’s Surprise’, AM 80
species, exhibited by Mr & Mrs TW Culbertson
California Sierra Nevada - 4/1/2009
• Cattleya intermedia ‘San Carlos’, AM 86
species, exhibited by Amy and Ken Jacobsen
• Cattleya intermedia var. orlata ‘Exeter’, HCC 79
species, exhibited by Amy and Ken Jacobsen
• Cattleya intermedia var. orlata ‘Winston’, AM 82
species, exhibited by Amy and Ken Jacobsen
• Leptotes bicolor ‘Big Ben’, CCM 87 and HCC 78
species, exhibited by Gold Country Orchids
• Paph. Fumi’s Delight ‘Nova’, AM 83
(Paph. micranthum x Paph. armeniacum)
Exhibited by Richard F. Buchter
• Vascocenda Roll on Red ‘Red Hots’, AM 81
(Vasco. Crownfox Red Gem x Ascda. Peggy Foo)
Exhibited by Dennis Wade
Tropical Plant Society of Modesto Show 4/4/2009
• Paphiopedilum Lady Isabel ‘Sierra Vista’, AM 82
(Paph. rothschildianum x Paph. stonei)
Exhibited by Curtis Gean
Sacramento Orchid Society Show - 4/18/2009
• Epidendrum Pacific Sizzle ‘Delicious’, AM 80
(Epi. Pacific Girl x Epi. Hokulea)
Exhibited by Cal-Orchids
• Paph. Zellwood Station ‘Cabernet’, HCC 77
(Paph. Macabre x Paph. Red Shift)
Exhibited by Dave Sorokowsky
• Sarcochilus hartmanii ‘Moon Shadow’, HCC 77
species, exhibited by Dennis Olivas
Photos and descriptions can be seen at
Pacific Central:
California Sierra Nevada:
Minutes of SFOS Board Meeting
Present were: Past President: Jean Lee, Acting Vice President:
Eric Hunt, Show Chair: Dennis Westler,Treasurer: Dan Peter,
Membership: Judy Bley, Secretary: Kay Klumb, Directors:
Maureen Clarke, Ellen Edelson, and Ricki Kohn, Guests: Ken
Giebel, Frances Larose, and Allison Lehman
I. Past President’s Report
A. Jean announced that OrchidFest will change its name to
Orchids in the Park, to be held on September 12 & 13, 2009.
County Fair Building fees are going up again so SFOS will have
an increase of about $700.00 more for this event.
B. Jean showed the letters that SFOS has received from the
scholarship student and the Conservatory of Flowers in
appreciation of our grants.
C. Jean stated that the Board would discuss making other
grants at the May meeting.
II. Acting Vice President’s Report
Eric gave an update of future programs which will appear
elsewhere in the newsletter. He wants to schedule regular,
perhaps quarterly, beginners’ skill sessions to help novice
growers feel welcome at meetings. The Board reconfirmed that
SFOS will pay $200.00 plus expenses for the speaker and
$400.00 for the opportunity table plants.
III. Secretary’s Report
Kay asked for volunteers to cover for her in May & June.
Ricki agreed to take the minutes and Allison will host the
Speaker’s dinner.
IV. Membership Report
Judy said that 13 people had joined SFOS at Pacific Orchid
Exposition (POE) and 1 joined since then, bringing total
membership to 288, but 55 people had not yet paid their dues.
They have been reminded.
V. Treasurer’s Report
Dan distributed a profit and loss statement for POE and said
that figures are not final, but, in a very general way, income from
admissions and sponsors was down, but efforts to reduce
expenses had resulted in an overall positive net income of
about $20,000.00. Ken explained some of the cost cutting
measures. Frances and Ken want to engage younger people to
attend the show. Attendance was poorest on Thursday and
Sunday. It may be more effective to have the Gala on Friday
night. Fort Mason seemed pleased with the Saturday evening
event and Dennis reported that it was problem free for
vendors so that is a new source of revenue.
VI. Old Business
Maureen moved to grant $400.00 to Orchid Conservation
Alliance as our commitment to the 1% for Orchid
Conservation Coalition, Ricki seconded, and the motion carried
unanimously as all agreed to make the grant higher than 1% of
our net profit for the year.
Eric moved to adjourn the meeting, Ellen seconded and the
motion was passed.
Respectfully submitted,
Kay Klumb
P a ci f ic O r ch id Ex pos it ion ’09
Photos by Eric Hunt
Cym. goeringii ‘Tenshin’
Neofinetia falcata
Sophronitis coccinea
Ascocentrum garayi
Cym. Mini Sarah ‘Pearl Falls’
Chytroglossa aurata
Dendrobium sanderae v.
major ‘Vistamont’
Dendrochilum uncatum
Gastrorchis tuberculosa
Maxillaria sanderiana
Cal-Orchids display
Calanthe striata
‘Good Fortune’
Dendrobium sanderae v.
major ‘Vistamont’
Pleurothallis cyanea
Odontioda (Shelley x
Wally Curry)
‘Silver Screen’
Paphiopedilum delenatii
‘Golden Gate’
Dendrobium chrysopterum
‘Hanging Gardens’
Dendrobium fairfaxii
Andy’s Orchids Wardian Case
Cym. Lamplighter ‘Aladdin’
Masdevallia caudivolvula
Paphiopedilum villosum
Dendrobium nobile
Masdevallia caesia
Paphiopedilum appletonianum
Epidendrum fimbriatum
Rhynchostylis gigantea
Masdevallia schroederiana
Dendrobium wardianum
Four Orchid Friends display
SFOS Newsletter
P.O. Box 27145
San Francisco, CA 94127
First Class
SFOS Bulletin Board
The Bulletin Board is a free service for SFOS members’ orchidrelated items. Send items by the 15th of the month to: 1361 Plum
St, San Jose, CA 95110, or e-mail: [email protected]
Include your name, phone number, and how long you want the
item to run. We will also run items of interest from other orchid
societies. All submissions will be reviewed and may be edited.
Upcoming Events
• May 2 & 3: D & D Flowers Spring Sale, 9am–4pm,
Half Moon Bay. Just east of Spanish town, Hwy 92. Turn
between house and firewood business, go over bridge
into the greenhouse complex. D & D is on the right.
Cymbidiums, cattleyas, oncidiums, paphs, phrags, more.
• May 5, 2009, 7:30pm – SFOS General Meeting
Ying-Tung Wang Ph.D. on Nobile Dendrobium
• May 8, 9, 10: The Orchid Society of California
Mother’s Day Weekend Show and Sale at Lake
Merritt Garden Center is expanding to include CSA
judging. Information:
• May 9: OrchidMania Mother’s Day Open
Greenhouse Sale, 11-3pm, 717 Paris (x Italy), for more info
• May 17, 9-5 pm Carmel Orchid Society Annual
MayFaire Show & Sale at Hidden Valley Music
Seminars, 88 W. Carmel Valley Rd, Carmel Valley Village.
Info:, or contact Carolyn
Salmon, 375-3748 or [email protected]
• May 30 & 31: Express Orchid Exposition Show &
Sale, 9am–5pm, Holiday Inn Express Hotel,1350 N.
Fourth St, San Jose. Skill sessions, silent auction to
benefit the Orchid Conservation Alliance.
• June 2, 2009 , 7:30pm – SFOS General Meeting
Samantha Kha, the Orchid Zone
The SFOS has a Bulletin Board System (BBS) set up for the
society. It’s at:
We welcome everyone to visit this new section to either
post their questions about orchids or to share their
knowledge with the general public. It can also be accessed
from our website by clicking on “Ask the Orchid Doctor.”
We are going to be posting all of the questions sent to the
orchid doctor there as well.