6th Grade Art Vocabulary - POLK-FL

6th Grade Art Vocabulary
Art Elements -The basic components of visual communication. They include line, space shape form,
texture ,value and color.
Line-Is an element of art which refers to the continuous mark made on some surface by a moving point.
Shape-I an enclosed space defined by other elements of art.
Color-Is an element of art with three properties Hue, Intensity and Value.
Texture-Refers to the surface quality or feel of an object.
Space-Refers to the distance or area between, around, above or within things.
Value-describes the lightness or darkness of a color.
Analysis-The critical examination of works using elements of art and principles of design.
Art Criticism-Skill of studying, understanding and judging a work of art.
Background- Parts of an work that appears to lie behind images or shapes.
Ceramics-Functional and non-functional art forms made of clay and fired to provide permanency.
Primary hues- Red, yellow, blue, hues that cannot be produced by mixture of other hues but are used to
mix all other colors.
Secondary hues-Orange, green, violet- achieved by mixing two primary.
Intermediate hues- Colors achieved by mixing a secondary and an adjacent primary.
Color Wheel-Primary, secondary and intermediate colors as they appear on a circular or hexagonal
Negative Space-The area around images in a two or three-dimensional form which defines those
Positive Space- The primary images in a work of art as opposed to the background or unoccupied space.
Sculpture- A three-dimensional form made by carving, modeling, casting or constructing with various
Two-Dimensional- Having length and width.
Appreciation-Recognition of the inherent values of art forms resulting from historical, cultural and
aesthetic issues.