Fact Sheet: Endangered Birds of Australia

Endangered Species of Australia
Cloven-feathered Dove
Description: green plumage, diurnal, monogamous
Areas: Southwest Pacific Ocean, New Caledonia
Population: about 140,000
Habitat: humid forest
Reason Threatened: hunting, habitat loss
Description: cannot fly, nocturnal, largest parrot, solitary
Areas: New Zealand
Population: less than 90
Habitat: lowland forests, scrubland
Reason Threatened: predation
Description: small wings, poor fliers, omnivores, strong legs for running and
jumping, highwayman’s mask
Areas: New Zealand
Habitat: temperate forests with a variety of plant species
Reason Threatened: habitat loss, deforestation, predation
Chatham Island Black Robin
Description: poor fliers, territorial, insectivores
Areas: Chatham Island, New Zealand
Population: around 250 and rising from only 7 in 1976
Habitat: scrubland
Reason Threatened: disease
Turquoise Parakeet
Description: ground-feeders, social, brightly colored
Areas: Australia
Population: stabilizing due to a recovery plan that protects known habitat
Habitat: rocky ridges, gullies, valleys, river-flats
Reason Threatened: habitat loss due to logging, wild fires, grazing
* Five of the endangered birds of Australia are represented on this sheet.
Discussion Questions
1. Which of the reasons that the five listed Australian Birds face extinction are
you most familiar with? Has your life or your family’s life been impacted by
this kind of threat?
2. What do you think is the meaning of insectivore?
3. What do you predict or believe will be the impact or result of the Turquoise
Parakeet becoming extinct?
4. Imagine an animal native to your region was threatened with extinction.
Would that be important to you? How would you feel? What would you do?
5. What kinds of situations might cause animals in your state or town to become
6. Should humans try to protect endangered birds? What are some ways
people can work together to protect endangered species?
Endangered Birds of Australia
Answer each question.
1. What does nocturnal mean? ______________________________
2. About how many Kokapos are living? ______________________
3. Which animal is nocturnal?
a. Kokapo
b. Turquoise Parakeet
c. Cloven-feathered Dove
4. Which Australian bird cannot fly?
5. Name two Australian birds that can live in scrubland.
6. Describe the Chatham Island Black Robin. _________________
7. Which does not describe the Turquoise Parakeet?
a. Brightly colored
b. Solitary
c. Social
d. Ground-feeder
8. Which endangered Australian birds are affected by habitat loss?
Teachers Guide & Answer Sheet
The Endangered Species Factsheets in this series do not represent all the endangered animals in a
given classification for every continent. Up to 5 animals in a particular classification are featured
on each sheet as a representation of some of the endangered species in that class for the
continent the sheet represents.
Discussion Questions: The discussion questions are written to be used with students from upper
elementary through high school.
Accept reasonable discussion or written points for these questions.
Comprehension Questions: The comprehension questions were written to be used as a teacher
guided activity with primary or elementary students.
1. Active at night
2. About 90
3. a
4. Kokapo
5. Kokapo, Chatham Island Black Robin
6. (Information from description)
7. b
8. Cloven-feather Dove, Kokako, Turquoise Parakeet