The Carbon Cycle powerpoint

5.2.1 Draw and label a
diagram of the carbon
cycle to show the
processes involved.(1)
Carbon is a main element found in
organic molecules
E.g. Proteins, lipids, carbohydrates
and nucleic acids
The carbon cycle is a complex
series of processes in which
these carbon atoms rotate
There are 4 “pools” in which
carbon can be found:
- Biosphere
- Sediments
- Oceans
- Atmosphere
By a variety of biological,
geochemical and industrial
processes carbon is moved from
one to another of these 4 pools
Processes :
- by terrestrial plants and
algae (freshwater and oceans) in
which atmospheric (and dissolved )
carbon dioxide is removed and fixed
as organic compounds such as
carbohydrate, lipid and protein.
-by all organisms in which
they metabolise organic
molecules releasing carbon
-in which the carbon of
organic molecules is move from
one link in the food chain to
-in which carbon as organic
molecules becomes trapped in
sediment as coal, gas and oil.
- during the burning of fossil
fuels and burning of biomass.
Complete page 309 (2009)
to understand and be able to
draw a diagram of the carbon