FY13 AP Art History

AP Art History
BART will offer AP Art History as a high school arts elective for the 2012-13 school
year. This yearlong course will give students the opportunity to explore the history
of art from around the world, from ancient times to present day. In this class we
will examine how a work of art can reflect the identity of a person or culture, and we
will investigate why people make art and the role it plays in our lives. Throughout
the year we will look at paintings, drawings, sculpture and architecture, and through
readings, museum visits, class discussions, and comparative writing we will explore
how a work of art is directly connected to the time, place and people who created it.
AP Art History is open to students in grades 10-12, who have successfully
completed 9th grade history and ELA with a grade of C+ or better. This class is
recommended for serious students who are considering art as a major in college, or
for those who wish to earn general elective college credits. All students enrolled in
the class will be required to take the AP exam in May, and are asked to make a
$15 deposit toward the $87 exam fee during the first week of school, with final
payment due by October 1. Mr. O’Grady will be the instructor for this course.
(complete & return below form)
Student name
Student grade
If my child qualifies for AP Art History, I agree to pay the $15 toward the $87 exam
fee by Friday, August 31, and the remaining exam fee balance of $72 by Monday,
October 1, 2012.
Parent’s name
Parent’s signature
The above form must be returned to the BART Student Office no later then Friday,
August 17, so that your student’s schedule can be revised before school begins on
Wednesday, August 22.