Kappel Ramji Consulting Group - Progressive Consultants Network

Kappel Ramji Consulting Group (KRCG) offers professional consulting services that
strengthen health care and social service organizations by
o Assisting them to meet their strategic goals and to become accessible, inclusive and
o Developing effective and efficient management systems to increase overall
accountability, and
o Involving diverse consumer and stakeholder perspectives and voices to influence
organizational and policy growth and change.
Its two principles are Betsy Kappel, MSW and Zubeida Ramji, BSN, MHSc .
Major Undertakings include:
 Mt Sinai Hospital, 2004 - 2010: Facilitated processes in six (6) different areas of the
hospital, including non-clinical departments, to assess culture of the workplace, improve
team functioning, review structure and roles, as well as investigation of complaints
 RNAO, 2008: Methadone Maintenance Treatment - Province wide consultation with
 RNAO, 2006: Province wide consultation process on eHealth and the nursing profession
 Registered Nursing Association 2003: Evaluation of Nursing Education Initiative
 Registered Nursing Association, 2002: Evaluation of Advanced Clinical Fellowship
 Scarborough Grace Hospital, Wellness Institute 1997: Community Needs Assessment
 West Park Hospital 1997: Feasibility of Program for Elderly People with Dementias in a
Chronic Care Hospital
 College of Midwives of Ontario, 1997: Review of Prior Learning and Experience
 CARE for Nurses 2010: Expansion feasibility study
 CARE for Nurses, 2009: Program evaluation
 Citizenship and Immigration Canada, 2008: National training on Infectious Disease
Control for the Refugee Resettlement Sector
 Healing Our Spirit, 2008: Strengthening the Health and Wellness of Aboriginal
Communities Training session Terrace B.C.
 Hamilton Urban Core Community Health Centre, 2008: Management Structure Review
 Canadian Mental Health Association, 2006/07: Developing a strategy for Consumer
 AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT), 2004 –2006: Review of Issues related to Internal
 COTA, 2003 –2004: Evaluation and program enhancement activities for Step by Step
mental health housing program
 Etobicoke-York and North York CCACs, 2003 to 2005: Community Connections Project
 Association of Ontario Health Centres, 2003-04: Organisational Review.
 Toronto Community Care Access Center 2000- 2004: Multilingual Quality Monitoring
 Toronto Public Health, Toronto, Ontario, 2001: Community research with parents of
young children on Early Childhood Tooth Decay.
Malvern Family Resource Centre, 2000: Community Needs Assessment, Families and
Children 0-6 years.
York Community Care Access Centre, 2000: Community Connections Project
East York Access Centre, 2000: Effective Community Convection Project
Toronto Community Care Access Centre, 2000 : Program Development to more
effectively reach Tamil and Non-traditional HIV/AIDS “Communities”.
Parkdale Community Health Centre, 1999: Organizational Review
Guelph Community Health Centre, 1999: Clinical Program Review & Redesign.
WoodGreen Community Centre, Yee Hong Centre for Geriatric Care & Kababayan
Community Centre, 1999-2000: CARE for Nurses Foreign Trained Nurses Project
Toronto Public Health Department, 1998: Development of training materials on
HIV/AIDS Partner Notification
Etobicoke Social Development Council, 1995/96: Organizational Review
 Scarborough Women’s Centre, 2006: Program planning re the needs of women who do
not speak English and women with disabilities
 Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter, 2005. Review of Collective Management structure
 South Asian Women’s Centre, 2003- 2005: Organisational planning & evaluation
 Interval House, 2003 - 2005: Strategic Management Change Initiative
 Dixon Hall, 2002: Evaluation of Career Steps Employment Program for Women
 Nellies, 2001: Evaluation of new organizational structure
 YWCA and Fu Kwong YWCA, 1999: Needs Assessment in York Region
 South Asian Women's Centre, 1995: Organizational Review
 Interval House, 1997-1998: Feasibility Study for an Integrated Non-Residential Service
for Assaulted Women and their Children
 Aga Khan Council of Ontario, 1998: Afghan Women’s Economic Development Project
 North York Women’s Shelter, 1998: Evaluability Assessment of the Housing and
Children’s Programs
United Way of Greater Toronto and Metcalfe Foundation, 2006: Evaluation of the
Emerging Leaders Program.
Access Alliance Multicultural Community Health Centre 2005: Review of Process for
research to reduce health disparities for racialised communities.
Sistering, Toronto District Health Council and Toronto Community Care Access Centre,
2000-2002: Community based action research on the impact of homelessness on
women’s health.
Older Women’s Network, 1998: Study of the Shelter Needs of Abused Older Women
Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention, 1999: Community Research on Discrimination
and HIV/AIDS in South Asian Communities.
 YMCA of Greater Toronto, 2009: Community Mental Health Supports for Government
Assisted Refugees
 Citizenship and Immigration Canada Ontario Region ,2008: Evaluation of Case
Management Supports for Government Assisted Refugees in Ontario
Citizenship and Immigration Canada Settlement Workers in Schools, 2007 & 2008:
Evaluation of Newcomer Orientation Week
OCASI, 2007: Training & Development of the Settlement Sector – Position Paper
Citizenship and Immigration Canada, 2007: National Strategy for GAR Children and
REH’MA Foundation, Toronto, Ontario, 2005; Evaluation of Muslim Seniors’ Information
& Referral Service
Citizenship and Immigration Canada, 2005: National Inventory of RAP Services and
Health Care Needs of GARs.
Citizenship and Immigration Canada, 2004: Evaluation of Life Skills Program for
Government Assisted Refugees
Aga Khan Council of Canada, 2000: Career Education and Planning Needs Assessment
METRAC Strategic planning process, 2010
Toronto Community Care Access Centre, 2004: Consumer validation process for
Strategic planning.
Health Canada, 2000: Home Care Policy Meeting- group facilitation
Centre for Information and Community Services 2003-04
Interval House, 2004
OCASI settlement.org Visioning, 2003: Facilitation
OCASI, 2003
 Health Nexus and Health Equity Council, 2010: Evaluation of Building Capacity for
Equity in Health Promotion
 Ontario Women’s Directorate, 2009: Accessibility and Equity Framework for the VAW
 Planned Parenthood Toronto 2007: Equity Vision Development
 Women’s College Hospital, 2007: Equity Vision Development
 Bereaved Families of Ontario, 2004 -2006: Evaluation of Organisational Change process
 Ombudsman Ontario 2001 - 2003: GTA Project
 Girl Guides Canada, Toronto, Ontario, 2002: Breaking Barriers - Phase I.
 United Way of York Region, 2002: Leading the Ethnoracial Access Dialogue Project,
 Bereaved Families of Ontario 2002: Community Connections Project
 University of Toronto School of Social Work, 2002: Evaluation of Diversity/AntiOppression work