CJAO Scholarship Application

CJAO Scholarship Application
To provide financial recognition to students who demonstrate exceptional performance and leadership
in their final year of the Community and Justice Services Program at an Ontario community college.
Eligibility Criteria
• Must be a full time student enrolled in the Community & Justice Services Program.
• Must demonstrate academic achievement by maintaining a minimum grade average of 80%.
• Must demonstrate exceptional understanding and appreciation of correctional work through their
application of theory to practice.
• Must demonstrate leadership skills and abilities through their participation on student placement
and/or community service organizations.
$1000.00 Annually
Application Process
• One page letter of application outlining the student’s program of study in the Community and
Justice Services Program, why they are deserving of the award, and their future education or
employment goals.
• Curriculum vitae outlining work experiences, field placements, education, and community interests.
• Unofficial transcript of marks up to the third semester.
• One page letter of support confirming the applicant’s eligibility from a faculty member and field
placement supervisor. The later is to focus on the assessment of the student’s application of
classroom theory in a field setting.
Applications Post marked not later than March 1, 2012 may be submitted to:
Criminal Justice Association of Ontario
P.O. Box 949
Station K
Toronto, Ontario
M4P 2V3
Electronic Submissions not later than March 1, 2012
Contact: Laure.julienwillis@mycampus.uoit.ca
WWW.CJAO.INFO P.O. Box 949 Station K Toronto, ON M4P 2V3