Math 220, Term paper format∗

Math 220, Term paper format∗
The term paper should have, roughly, the following structure.
Author’s name.
Abstract: a brief summary of contents.
Introduction: A longer summary of contents, perhaps with some motivation, background, etc.
One or several sections of content.
From the first day handout: Each student must choose a mathematical topic, research it via
books, articles, the web etc., and write a paper explaining the mathematics you have learned. The
best papers also contain something you have created yourself, such as an example to demonstrate
understanding of the topic. The level of the discussion and examples should be for college students.
See the course web page for sources of inspiration for choosing a topic. Content requirements: the
instructor has to approve the topic, and the paper has to contain some mathematics (it may also
include history, biography, or educational applications), and at least one reference to a hard-copy
content. Technical requirements: at least 6 pages (no upper restriction), double spaced, font size no
larger than 12pt.
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Math 220, Editorial comments
(to be modified)
In addition to the short answers to the questions below, make sure to make detailed comments and
corrections on the paper itself.
• Did the writer follow the technical requirements for the paper (length, structure, etc.)? What
would you change or improve?
• Is the style of the presentation appropriate for a mathematics term paper? What would you
change or improve?
• Does the paper contain many technical English errors (misspellings, incomplete sentences,
etc.) What would you change or improve?
• Is the paper well-written? (Is it clear? Is appropriate terminology used? Is the text divided
into appropriate paragraphs? Does the text have a good flow?) What would you change or
• Did the author include sufficient mathematical content to satisfy the requirements?
• Did you understand the mathematical content? What would you change or improve?