Project Management Responsibilities

Finform 205 EPF Project Management Rsponsibilities
Project Manager Procedures & Checklist
It is the responsibility of the Project Manager (PM) to read, understand and adhere to the contractual
obligations of their project. A copy of the contract must be held by the Project Lead for reference and a
copy must also be sent to Finance.
If your project requires the appointment of new members of staff WPF's and HERA records will need to
be completed
The PM must notify Personnel of any staff to be charged directly to the cost centre
- this is any staff identified as Directly Incurred within the EPF costing sheet.
The Project Manager must arrange through their Faculty/Service Oracle user to receive monthly Financial
Transaction Reports for their projects cost centre.
Reports should be run 7 working days after month end to ensure final period balances are reflected.
- Report suggestions: Oracle: 'Account Analysis 180 Char' & ADI: 'External Project Report'
Project Managers should review their projects Financial Reports on a monthly basis for:
- Unknown items of income/expenditure appearing on the cost centre should be investigated.
- Any unresolved queries/entries should be referred to the departmental finance in the first instance and if
query remains unresolved then escalate to Finance on a monthly basis.
- Income from claims must be monitored and chased if funds are not received. This is not an issue if an
official invoice is raised against the funder. Claims/Invoices must raised on time in accordance with the
contract signed.
NOTE: VAT on purchases can not be recovered by the University - therefore the gross cost of purchases
including VAT should be recharged to the client/funder. The VAT on purchases does appear on Oracle
Actual expenditure should be monitored to ensure the project remains within the budget identified on the
EPF. Any anticipated changes to the approved EPF (within a 5% tolerance) must be approved by your
Faculty/Service Director of R&E and submitted to Finance on a revised EPF clearly indicating that it is a
If the project requires the submission of interim claims, a Claims Reconciliation Form (attached) must be
submitted and approved by Financial Services prior to submission to the funder, where possible. Please
ensure Finance are made aware of any reporting deadlines and Finance will endeavour to adhere to
these wherever possible.
The following documentation should be retained in support of each claim:
Claim Reconciliation Form
Oracle Report covering period of claim and clearly identifying items covered by that
Staff Timesheets (if required) - see Time Sheet Guidance and ADI Timesheet Input
worksheet attached
EPF showing the cost of the time sheeted hours included within the claim (individual,
grade, hours worked and salary)
- always ensure the EPF version being used to calculate salary costs is current for
period in which the hours were worked
The Project Lead must notify their Faculty/Service Oracle user when invoices are to be raised against
clients for work undertaken. These requests should be made in a timely manner and take into account
project closure date deadlines.
Any amendments to a projects duration, costs or income identified within the original EPF must be
approved by your Faculty/Service (FMT) before being submitted to Changes should be
submitted within a month of actual changes incurred and in any case before the expiration of the original
Finform 205 EPF Project Management Rsponsibilities
Project Manager Procedures & Checklist
The following items should be retained for audit purposes for Research, EU, ESF and some Government Bodies:
If you are unsure of your projects documentation requirements refer to your contract
Original tender and call for applications
Project Application/Bid
Offer and Acceptance Letters
Guidance Notes
Profile of outputs
Profile of project income/expenditure (EPF)
Copies of all claims to date
Financial Reports (reconciled to claims)
Evidence that project is being monitored against original planned spend
Copies of Invoices (see note below)
Copies of any interim certificates
Record of beneficiaries (if relevant)
Method of calculation of FTE's (if relevant)
Method of calculating staffing costs (copy of EPF used)
Overhead apportionment methodology (if relevant)
Timescales/deadlines for submissions
Letter of Representation (if relevant)
Match Funding Certificates (if relevant)
Copies of timesheets - authorising signature is required (if relevant)
Project Committee Minutes (or equivalent)
Evidence of achievements within deadlines imposed (if relevant)
All correspondence with funders regarding project
Management structure of staff involved (if necessary)
Project procedures detailing standard project tasks and processes
Claims Procedures
Documentation Retention Policies
For EU and ESF projects - job descriptions
All interim and final audit certificates
Copies of sales/purchase invoices can now be viewed as scanned documents within Oracle and therefore should
not need to be photocopied unless your contract specifically requires you to do so.
If your contract states originals must be retained you must either:
- Obtain written confirmation that your funder accepts scanned documents in place of originals or
- PM's must ensure original documents are collected from Finance on a quarterly basis.
Original invoices are destroyed after six months so timely collection of originals is essential.
Project Title: ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………….
Project Manager
I have read, understood and accept the Project Manager procedures set out above and overleaf.
Dean / Director
I have read, understood and accept the Project Manager procedures set out above and overleaf and I can certify
that the necessary checks have been undertaken to ensure that the Project Manager appointed has the
appropriate skills and experience to fulfil the financial requirements of the Project Manager role.