The Modern Link to Legal History

The Modern Link to Legal History
What is HeinOnline?
HeinOnline is a premiere online product with more than 100 million pages of legal history available in an
online, fully-searchable, image-based format. HeinOnline bridges the gap in legal history by providing
comprehensive coverage from inception of more than 2,000 law and law-related periodicals. In addition to its
vast collection of law journals, HeinOnline also contains more 25,000 legal treatises, the Congressional Record
Bound volumes in entirety, complete coverage of the U.S. Reports back to 1754, famous world trials dating
back to the early 1700’s, legal classics from the 18th & 19th centuries, the United Nations and League of
Nations Treaty Series, all United States Treaties, the Federal Register from inception in 1936, the CFR from
inception in 1938, and much more.
Now, in more than 3,200 locations in over 175 countries, HeinOnline is the world’s largest image-based legal
research collection and contains more than 9 centuries of legal history. HeinOnline is a product of William S.
Hein & Co., Inc., which has been serving the library community for 50 years as a legal publisher, periodical
subscription agent, and the world’s largest distributor of legal periodicals.
REV. 8/15
Shortly after launching, HeinOnline received great acclaim, having been awarded both the Best
New Product Award from the American Association of Law Libraries in 2001 and the Best
Commercial Website Award from the International Association of Law Libraries in 2002. In
2007, HeinOnline was named to the 2007 Econtent 100 “a list of companies that matter most in the
digital content industry.” In 2009, a new product of HeinOnline, the Subject Compilations of State Laws
Database, was awarded the Best New Product Award from the American Association of Law Libraries. In
2010, World Constitutions Illustrated, received an Outstanding Academic Title award from Choice Magazine.
In 2014, HeinOnline and Fastcase jointly received the Best New Product Award from AALL for the
HeinOnline/Fastcase integration partnership.
All Image-Based in PDF Format
HeinOnline provides the exact page images of the
documents in PDF format just as they appear in the original
print copy. This means that all charts, graphs, tables,
pictures, hand written notes, photographs, and footnotes
appear where they belong!
Citation Navigator
The Citation Navigator tool allows you to insert a Bluebook
citation and quickly pull up a page.
Full Text Search, Catalog Search, Citation
Navigator Right When You Log In
Available directly from the welcome page after you log in,
you can search across all the content that you are
subscribed to at the same time using a Full Text Search,
Catalog Search or the Citation Navigator. Results will be
faceted, further allowing you to narrow the results by
collection, date, or document type.
Extensive Search Options
Take your research on-the-go!
View the image-based PDFs, access content by citation,
browse by volume, navigate a volume with the electronic
table of contents, and use full advanced searching techniques. HeinOnline account/authentication is required.
Use the advanced search to find terms, article or
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Ou r schol a r l y a ppr oa ch t o soci a l i n dex i n g
Some HeinOnline libraries have custom research tools to Hein's ScholarCheck is a series of tools and features integrated
make it faster and easier to locate research materials.
throughout various HeinOnline libraries that allow you to view
journal articles that have a heavy influence on the subject you
Ÿ The U.S. Congressional Documents library has a
are researching. These tools and features can be found at the
Daily-to-Bound Locator Tool, allowing you to
page-viewing level using the Citations on Page feature to link
quickly find a page in the Bound volume from the
directly to cited material in HeinOnline. You can also view a list
Daily edition.
of articles that cite the article or document you are reading.
Ÿ The Law Journal library allows you to search by
subject, country, or U.S. state.
ScholarCheck is integrated into the search results in select
Ÿ Use a Title/Part/Section quick locator tool to HeinOnline libraries. On a search result click on a "Cited by [#]"
quickly access a section in the CFR.
Ÿ Use a Treaty Meta-Data search in the U.S. Treaties
and Agreements library to search across specific
treaty data.
Ÿ Use the Sources of Compiled Legislative History
Database in the U.S. Federal Legislative History
library to locate all documents pertaining to a public
Ÿ A Case Locator in the English Reports allows you to
search for a case quickly by inputting the case name,
Eng. Rep. citation, nominative citation or a keyword.
link to view the articles that cite the article or document listed
Ÿ And much more!
in that result. You can also choose to sort search results by the
number of times an article or document is cited.
MyHein is a complimentary tool that allows you to create
and organize bookmarks, save search queries, email links
to bookmarks or search queries,
and create title/eTOC alerts
using your own personal
research account. You can
create a bookmark directly from
With Hein’s ScholarCheck you can link to law review articles
an article or document or from
that cite a U.S. Supreme Court case you are reading, you can
your search results, or also
link to statutes, find 50-state survey information, find
export bookmarks to an email, a
CSV file, to RefWorks or to
EndNote. With the creation of a MyHein account, you can
access your saved research anytime. Every user can create
their own user name and password that only they will have
access to.
We understand how important it is
for you to communicate to your
users that HeinOnline is a valuable
resource that is being made
available to them with support and
funding from your organization.
Branding allows you to display your
logo on the HeinOnline welcome page with custom links to
your online catalog, help desk, or other frequently visited
links. It also allows you to establish ISSN linking or OpenURL
linking to your local library catalog in instances where
HeinOnline does not contain the full text of a title.
HeinOnline’s Librarian’s Corner
contains promotional materials
and digital files of our logos that
you can use to promote the use of
HeinOnline. Tools and resources
available include posters, graphic
banners for your web needs, a Law
Journal Library citation or search
widget, full-color and black/white logos, and much more.
Visit to take a look at
everything available.
On the HeinOnline Help & Support
Page, you can find training
resources and e-learning tools
including video tutorials, training
guides, FAQs, search examples and
Our mission as a company is to provide the best customer
service in the industry. We respond quickly to our users’
requests for additional features and enhancements, and
welcome your feedback on the overall use of the HeinOnline
interface. Many features and enhancements that are made to
the database are the result of direct user feedback.
After reviewing feedback from a recent survey, we are now offering the following solution to more accessible and affordable cataloging records. We will provide MARC catalog record archive for HeinOnline’s Law Journal Library and Legal Classics Library at NO CHARGE to subscribers who commit to acquiring three years of record updates to these two libraries.
Cassidy Cataloguing will distribute the record archive and updates to subscribers. Please note that the more customers
that commit to this program, the lower the cost will be for subscribers which will result in subscribers having more catalog
records at a lower cost.
Stay up to date with all the new content, libraries, enhancements, and changes being made by connecting with HeinOnline
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All Core Subscriptions Now Include Access to Case Law Powered by Fastcase
HeinOnline offers a variety of subscription options to meet your research needs. HeinOnline offers a Core Subscription
Package with access to a base of content as outlined below. Additionally, you may choose to add any of our a-la-carte libraries
to your base subscription to further expand your legal research collection. A Core Subscription Package includes access to the
following libraries:
Law Journal Library
Canada Supreme Court Reports
The Law Journal Library in HeinOnline is a collection of more than 2,000 law and
law-related periodicals. Coverage is from the first issue published for all periodicals
and goes through the most currently published issued allowed, based on contracts
with publishers.
HeinOnline's Canada Supreme Court Reports contains the official, bilingual series
published under authority of the Supreme Court Act. This collection includes more
than 9,400 cases which include background information, statutes and regulations,
authors cited, analysis and the decision.
Federal Register/Code of Federal Regulations*
HeinOnline’s Federal Register coverage is comprehensive and begins from inception
(1936). The Federal Register is UPDATED DAILY in HeinOnline, which means you can
always access material from the previous business day. Coverage of the CFR is also
from inception (1938) to current. Additional documents include the United States
Government Manual from inception (1935) and the Weekly Compilation of
Presidential Documents from inception (1965).
Legal Classics*
More than 4,500 works from some of the greatest legal minds in history can be
found in HeinOnline’s Legal Classics collection. In addition to many “classics,” this
collection also includes rare items that are found in only a handful of libraries around
the world.
United States Code (U.S.C.)*
The United States Code (U.S.C.) is a compilation and codification by subject matter
of the general and permanent federal law of the United States based on what is
printed in the Statutes at Large. HeinOnline’s coverage is from inception (19251926) to current.
U.S. Attorney General & Department of Justice Collection
Early American Case Law
Contains the entire Federal Cases 30 book series (1894-1897) which contains more
than 20,000 cases. Also included is the Trinity Series, which includes American
Decisions, American Reports, and American State Reports.
English Reports, Full Reprint (1220-1867)*
The English Reports online edition from HeinOnline delivers exact page-images of the
original bound reprint edition (containing more than 100,000 cases), together with the
Indexes and Book of Charts to complete the collection. In addition, multiple navigation
tools, such as a Case Locator, Chart Tool, and an Advanced Search feature enhance the
ease of access to specific cases.
Pentagon Papers
The National Archives released the complete Pentagon Papers to the public in June of
2011. The Pentagon Papers are a series of reports about the United States' politicalmilitary involvement in Vietnam from 1945 to 1967.
Revised Statutes of Canada
Complete coverage of the Revised Statues of Canada from the official printed
U.S. Presidential Library*
This collection includes the official opinions of the U.S. Attorney General (both the
Official Opinions of the Attorneys General of the United States as well as the
Opinions of the Office of Legal Counsel of the United States Department of Justice).
HeinOnline’s U.S. Presidential Collection includes such titles as Messages and Papers
of the Presidents, Public Papers of the Presidents, CFR Title 3 (Presidents), Daily
Compilation of Presidential Documents, and other documents related to U.S. presidents.
U.S. Federal Legislative History Library
U.S. Supreme Court Library*
In addition to the inclusion of comprehensive federal legislative histories published
by the U.S. GPO and private publishers, the U.S. Federal Legislative History Collection
also includes a unique finding aid based on Nancy Johnson’s award-winning work,
Sources of Compiled Legislative Histories. Researchers should begin their U.S. federal legislative history research with this online finding aid, which often includes
references to law review articles on-point to a particular legislative history.
U.S. Statutes at Large*
Complete coverage of the Statutes at Large can be found in this HeinOnline collection, and multiple browsing and search features enhance the online value over the
paper volumes.
Complete coverage of the official U.S. Reports bound volumes as well as preliminary
prints, slip opinions, and books and periodicals related to the U.S. Supreme Court are
included in this library.
U.S. Treaties and Agreements Library
This collection includes all U.S. treaties, whether currently in force,
expired, or not yet officially published. This is the world’s largest and most complete
online collection of U.S. treaties and agreements and includes such prominent
collections as the United States Treaties and Other International Agreements set
(commonly referred to as the “Blue set”), as well as famous sets from Bevans, Miller,
Malloy, and many others.
*We also offer a digital content ownership option for this library. Please inquire for details.
HeinOnline’s core subscription package also includes the following collections: American Association of Law Libraries (AALL), Association of American Law Schools (AALS),
European Center for Minority Issues, Manual of Patent Examining Procedure and Trends in Law Library Management and Technology.
» HeinOnline Academic Core Subscribers also receive access to International Law Association Reports, Women & the Law and World
Constitutions Illustrated.
» HeinOnline Academic Core Plus Subscribers also receive access to International Law Association Reports, U.S. Congressional Documents and
U.S. Federal Agency Documents, Decisions & Appeals Library, in additional to Women & the Law and World Constitutions Illustrated.
» HeinOnline Core Plus Subscribers also receive access to U.S. Congressional Documents and U.S. Federal Agency Documents, Decisions &
Appeals Library.
ABA Law Library Collection Periodicals - NEW!
This collection digitizes ABA Law Library Collection Periodicals, along with 45 periodicals
previously only available to ABA section members. It provides access to current volumes
of included periodicals and covers all subject areas of American law.
American Indian Law Collection*
With hundreds of titles dedicated to American Indian Law, this collection includes an
expansive archive of treaties, federal statutes and regulations, federal case law, tribal
codes, constitutions, and jurisprudence. This library also features rare compilations
edited by Felix S. Cohen that have never before been accessible online.
History of International Law*
This library contains classic books from famous authors such as Hans Kelsen, Samuel
Pufendorf and James Brown Scott. It also includes significant serials such as the
International Law Studies Series [U.S. Naval War College], International Conciliation,
Studies in Transnational Legal Policy, and many others.
History of Supreme Court Nominations
This library features the complete print series Supreme Court of the U.S. Hearings and
Reports on Successful and Unsuccessful Nominations of Supreme Court Justices by the
Senate Judiciary Committee. Browse by Justice option allows you to see relevant works
related to that Justice including links to articles and a bibliography of other works, along
with links to Scholarly Articles.
American Law Institute Library (ALI)*
This collection contains historical coverage of ALI Annual Reports, Proceedings of the ALI
Annual Meetings, ALI Reporter, UCC documents, Restatements, the Model Penal Code Immigration Law & Policy in the U.S.*
(adopted as the criminal code in most states), and previously unpublished documents This monumental collection is a compilation of the most important historical documents
such as the “Statement of Essential Human Rights” and much more!
and legislation related to immigration in the United States as well as current hearings,
debates and recent developments in immigration law. This first comprehensive
Animal Studies: Law, Welfare, and Rights
database includes BIA Precedent Decisions, legislative histories, law and policy titles,
This collection includes more than 650 titles and nearly 300,000 pages related to animal extradition titles, scholarly articles, an extensive bibliography, and other related works.
law. With titles from the Animal Legal Defense Fund and Animal Welfare Institute, this
collection aims to establish the foundational laws pertaining to animals and follow the Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals
evolution of these rights throughout the years. It includes philosophical books back to the The Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals is the preeminent multilingual index to articles
1800s, videos, perodicals, brochures, and more!
and book reviews appearing in more than 500 legal journals published worldwide. It
provides in-depth coverage of public and private international law, comparative and
Bar Journals Library
foreign law, and the law of all jurisdictions.The IFLP also analyzes the contents of about
This library includes more than 100 Bar Journals. You can search by article title, author, eighty individually published collections of legal essays, Festschriften, Mélanges, and
description, date, or across the full text of the articles. With the integration of Hein's congress reports each year.
ScholarCheck, you can view other law review articles that cite the Bar Journal article you
are reading.
Intellectual Property Law Collection*
With legislative histories, treatises, documents, classics, and more relating to copyrights,
Congress and the Courts
patents, and trademarks, this collection allows researchers to search across all
Featuring William H. Manz's Congress and the Courts: A Legislative History 1787-2010, intellectual property law materials in one database. This library also features CFR Title
materials included reflect congressional concern with the composition and structure of 37, U.S. Code Titles 17 & 35, Manual of Patent Examining Procedure, and more!
Article III Courts. Also included are Federal Judicial Center Publications, Periodicals, Links
to Scholarly Articles, CFR Title 28 - Judicial Administration, Other Related Works, and Israel Law Reports
much more.
This collection contains the complete archive of the Israel Law Reports, and access to
the Israel Law Review from it’s inception to the most recently published issue allowed
Foreign & International Law Resources Database (FILRD)*
per the contract. With this digital collection, you can access cases, retrieve cases by
The Foreign & International Law Resources Database contains international yearbooks, citation, and link to articles citing the Israel Law Reports in the Law Journal Library.
U.S. Law Digests, publications of The Hague Court of International Justice, and the
Reports of International Arbitral Awards. With this collection, researchers can easily Kluwer Law International Journal Library
search or browse through some of the world’s best international law publications.
HeinOnline has partnered with Wolters Kluwer to bring you this library. It contains
twenty-one journals, including: the International Journal of Comparative Labour Law &
Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS)*
Industrial Relations, European Public Law, European Review of Private Law, and Legal
The Foreign Relations of the United States Series began in 1861 and now comprises Issues of Economic Integration.
hundreds of books. It presents the official documentary historical record of major U.S.
foreign policy decisions and significant diplomatic activity. The Foreign Relations Law in Eastern Europe- NEW!
volumes contain documents from various Presidential libraries, the Department of State This collection of books, published by Brill, has been digitized for the first time and made
and Defense, the National Security Council, the Central Intelligence Agency, and other available via HeinOnline to Foreign & International Law Resources Database subscribers.
foreign affairs agencies.
This series of more than 60 titles showcases the development, enactment, and impact
of the rule of law in Eastern Europe.
Harvard Research in International Law
This collection includes access to the reprint of the original Harvard Research in National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (NCCUSL)*
International Law as well as Contemporary Analysis and Appraisal. It provides links to The NCCUSL collection provides access to the full text of all Model Acts drafted,
several other journal articles and treaties, and provides links for footnotes to connect you recommended or endorsed by the Conference. It includes the NCCUSL - Archive
with other works and sites inside HeinOnline.
Publications, Handbook of the NCCUSL and Proceedings of the Annual Conference
Meeting, 1st-120th Conference (1891-2011), and the Century of Service: A Centennial
Hague Academy Collected Courses*
History of the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, 1991.
This collection includes the complete archive of collected courses dating back to their
inception in 1923, twelve periodic indexes, plus the official publications from the National Moot Court Competition
Workshops organized by the Academy. It also includes The Law Books of the Academy, Through an arrangement with the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, this
which is a collection of works published by the Centre for Studies and Research that has collection offers digital access to the records, briefs, and related organizational
been of particular interest and originality, and also includes the reports of the Directors materials from the 1st to the most recent (1950-current) annual National Moot Court
of Studies together with the articles by the researchers.
History of Bankruptcy: Taxation & Economic Reform in America, Part III*
New York Legal Research Library
This library is Part III of the Taxation & Economic Reform in America Archive. Included are This specialized library includes the reports and opinions of the NY Attorney General,
legislative histories, treaties, documents and more related to bankruptcy in America. State Register, Tax Cases, NY State Session Laws, NY Law Journals, the NY State Bar
Browse by public law number or popular name and view key metadata about a public law. Association Journal, legal classics from or about New York, and NY trials. It also includes
Also included are books about bankruptcy and links to scholarly articles.
NY State Reports from the 1800’s and early 1900’s, as well as historic NY codes prior to
*We also offer a digital content ownership option for this library. Please inquire for details.
Parker School of Foreign & Comparative Law Publications*
This collection includes more than 50 publications from the prestigious Parker School
of Foreign & Comparative Law at Columbia Law School. View publications such as
the 22-volume set, A Bibliography on Foreign and Comparative Law. Book and
Articles in English by Charles Szladits, along with An Introduction to the Legal System
of the United States by E. Allan Farnsworth, among various others.
Taxation & Economic Reform in America, Parts I & II, 1781-Current*
This historical archive contains more than 3,500 volumes and more than 2 million
pages of legislative history materials and other documents. It includes the complete
Carlton Fox Collection which contains nearly 42 years of historical legislation related
to the internal revenue laws of the United States from 1909-1950. It also includes
legislative histories related to taxation, economic reform, and stimulus plans.
Philip C. Jessup Library
Through a special arrangement with the International Law Students Association
(ILSA), this collection provides access to the Problems, Judges’ Briefs, Rules, and
leading written memorials which comprise each Competition since 1960. It draws
together In addition to these documents, several publications of ILSA are also
Tax Foundation Archive Publications
This collection provides convenient access to the complete archive of the Tax
Foundation’s publications, which contain information on taxation, fiscal policy,
finance and more. No other fiscal organization in the country enjoys the respect and
reputation for objectivity earned by the Tax Foundation. Browse by publication title
or subject, or use HeinOnline’s powerful search capabilities to search for specific topics.
Religion and the Law - NEW!
This is a collection of books, periodicals, and bibliographies pertaining to topics
related to the intersection of religion and the law. Topics include Canon Law, History
of the Church & State, Religion & Freedom, Jewish Law, the Reformation Period,
Religion & Politics, and many more. Coming soon is a compilation of enacted
legislation of the State Religious Freedom Restoration Acts.
United Nations Law Collection
This collection contains exact reproductions of major United Nations legal
publications, including the complete collection of the United Nations Treaty Series,
the League of Nations Treaty Series, the Monthly Statement of Treaties &
International Agreements, UNCITRAL Publications, the United Nations Legislative
Series, and much more.
Scottish Legal History: Featuring Publications of the Stair Society
This collection includes the Stair Society Main (Annual) Series and the
Supplementary Series, as well as more than 20 books and abridgements about Scots
Law. It also provides links to scholarly articles from the Law Journal Library that
discuss Scots Law.
U.S. Congressional Documents*
This collection features the complete Congressional Record Bound version as well as
the daily version which is updated daily and available back to 1980. It also includes
Annals of Congress (1789-1821), Register of Debates (1824-1837) , Congressional
Globe (1833-1873), and Congressional Hearings as well as other important
congressional material. Using the Daily-to-Bound Locator Tool, you can quickly find
a page in Bound volume from the Daily edition.
Selden Society Publications and the History of Early English Law
This library contains access to the Selden Society Annual Series and Supplementary
Series, the Centenary Guide to the Publications of the Selden Society published in
1987, and the Publications of the Ames Foundation. You can also find more than 200
English legal history classics including abridgements, digests and dictionaries.
Moreover, you will be able to access early English case law and link to other online
publications in early English history.
Session Laws Library*
HeinOnline's Digital Session Laws collection contains the session laws of all 50 U.S.
states as well as Canada, Australia, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and the D.C. Register.
All states are available back to inception!
Spinelli’s Law Library Reference Shelf
A collection of works, scholarly articles and tools for librarians, faculty, and students!
It contains bibliographies, legal dictionaries, cataloging publications, AALL GD-SIS
State Bibliographies, AALL Publications Series, Library of Congress Classification
Schedules and Subject Headings, Bibliography of Early American Law, Greenslips,
serials, and links to scholarly articles.
State Attorney General Reports & Opinions
This collection includes access to the State Attorney General Reports & Opinions
for all fifty states as well as Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Also includes access
to the Opinions of the Office of Legal Counsel of the United States Department of
Justice and the Official Opinions of the Attorneys General of the United States.
State Reports: A Historical Archive - NEW!
This collection includes reports for all 50 states as well as the linking to the full text
of the state report in HeinOnline when available. This provides the researcher with
a convenient state-by-state bibliographic guide to published court reports and how
they interrelate with the National Court Reporter, for the first time ever in a digital
format. Search by publication title or let an interactive map guide you through this
extensive new collection in HeinOnline.
State Statutes: A Historical Archive
State Statutes: A Historical Archive includes superseded state statutes for all fifty
states. Search the statutes by state, date, description and text. Coverage goes back
until 1717.
Subject Compilations of State Laws
Subject Compilations of State Laws features a database giving you access to more
than 22,000 bibliographic records from Cheryl Nyberg and Carol Boast Robertson's
Subject Compilations Bibliography Series. Many records contain extensive
annotations with links directly to articles and other documents residing in HeinOnline
U.S. Federal Agency Documents, Decisions, and Appeals Library*
This unique collection features the reports, decisions, and records of several U.S.
Federal Agencies, such as: The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), and the Securities and Exchange Commission
U.S. International Trade: A Current & Historical Archive*
Featuring the exchange of goods and services between the United States and other
nations, as well as the history of Section 337 of the Tariff Act of 1930, this collection
includes USITC Publications Archive, Legislative Histories, CFR & U.S. Code Title 15
and 19: Commerce & Foreign Trade and Customs Duties, Notable Publications,
Scholarly Articles, and much more!
Women and the Law (Peggy)- NEW!
This collection brings together books, biographies and periodicals dedicated to
women’s roles in society and the law. It provides a platform to research the
progression of women’s roles and rights in society over the past 200 years. Also
included are more than 70 titles from Emory University Law School’s Feminism and
Legal Theory Project which provide a platform to view the effect of law and culture
on the female gender.
World Constitutions Illustrated: Contemporary & Historical Documents &
This library enables legal scholars to research the constitutional and political
development of every country in the world. It includes the current constitution for
every country in its original language format, as well as substantial constitutional
histories for nearly 150 countries. It includes constitutional documents, classic books,
links to more than law review articles, and much more!
World Treaty Library- NEW!
This monumental collection brings together Rohn, Dumont, Bevans, Martens, League
of Nations, United States, and United Nations treaties into one easy-to-use and fully
searchable database. Search a comprehensive treaty index by keywords, title, parties,
sign date or citation. Also included are hundreds of related treaty publications,
scholarly articles chosen by our editors, and a bibliography of related publications.
World Trials Library*
This collection includes access to famous trials, including complete sets of American
State Trials, Howell’s State Trials, and the Nuremberg Trials. It also includes trials
from Philadelphia’s Jenkins Law Library, Cornell University and the University of
Missouri-Columbia’s trials collections.
*We also offer a digital content ownership option for this library. Please inquire for details.
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