Research Paper Outline Example

English 11, Period 9
Research Paper Outline
John Lennon and The Beatles:
The British Invasion and Beatle’s Impact
Introduction – The Beatles were first introduced live on the television to the Americans on the
Ed Sullivan Show in February 9th, 1964. They became a very popular band in the sixties and
even after the band split, John Lennon still continued to write and play songs that had influenced
the world and became one of the world’s very important histories.
The Beatles’ origins and the Ed Sullivan Show
A. The formation of the Beatles
B. The Ed Sullivan Show
C. The British invasion
Beatlemania, Disbanding, and John Lennon
A. British invasion
B. Huge hit!
C. Beatles disbanded in 1970
D. John Lennon
John Lennon’s Death and its impact
A. John Lennon’s death
B. John Lennon’s impact
C. Becoming history
Conclusion – The Beatles had became one of the most famous band ever of all ages and
their songs have influenced many people in writing songs and living a better life. John
Lennon’s song “Imagine” had became one of the most well-known single ever, the song
expressed Lennon’s feeling of wanting a better world. After his death, John Lennon and
the Beatles became a history.