Mrs. Frantz September 9-13 Language 10

Mrs. Frantz
September 9-13
Language 10- The students will be identifying Irony in the short story "The Youngest Doll" and in "The
Necklace". They will review and write sentences using their vocabulary words. Lastly, they will be using
Quotation Analysis from the short stories. Homework: Read and test on AR. They need 16 points by the
end of the semester. This is worth a test grade.
Algebra 1- Students will be interpreting the scale and origins for graphs. They will be substituting a
value for one variable into an equation to find corresponding ordered pairs and they will also identify if
ordered pairs are substituted into an equation whether they are true.
Algebra 2- Students will continue working on adding and subtracting polynomials. Review work on
Distributive Property and combining like terms.
Math 8- Students will continue working on "Clue Words" in word problems. They will be exposed to an
Exponent. And, they will begin learning the divisibility test for the numbers 2, 5, & 10.