tempo: predictive engagement

Sending emails at the incorrect frequency is one of the biggest causes of recipient disengagement.
Traditionally the whole email list is sent the same number of emails, which is enough for some, not enough
for others, and for some customers, far too much! This not only causes disengagement for some customer
segments leading to attrition but also reduces the intrinsic earning potential of an email marketing database.
Tempo: Predictive Engagement from RedEye is an advanced automated
frequency optimisation product that delivers remarkable results.
RedEye is a pioneer of harnessing Behavioural Data to drive increases in engagement and revenue. Customers do not browse brands online they have no intention of engaging with, especially during key peak periods. By understanding this, Tempo automatically alters the frequency of contact.
Using Tempo, customers only receive high volumes of emails when they are genuinely engaged with the brand and when the email communication is relevant to that customer.
This dramatically increases ROI and revenue (see the Hotel Chocolat case study) and reduces unsubscribes, allowing the mailer to set ambitious contact frequency targets, without the risk of over mailing recipients.
RedEye is one of the only genuine providers of Cross Device Tracking, which works with Tempo to intelligently understand and de-duplicate engagement with a brand, knowing not only who is engaged, but when and on what device.
A key benefit of Tempo is that it reduces complaints during peak periods. This ensures white listed clients don’t risk suspension during peak times. It also reduces the risk of junk box placement during these periods.
Unlike traditional RFM segmentation Tempo’s process is automated which is a notable advantage, removing the manual work commonly associated with these tools.
Whilst there are obvious benefits of using Tempo during peak periods these benefits are as tangible and attainable all year round.
“RedEye is incredibly excited with the remarkable results our clients are achieving with Tempo: Predictive
Engagement. RedEye are known as real data experts and Tempo perfectly demonstrates how combining that
genuine depth of knowledge in gathering, understanding, segmenting and utilising data can drive stunning
campaign revenue increases.
As we saw with our long-standing client Hotel Chocolat, using Tempo: Predictive Engagement in their Christmas
2014 campaign, they sent 40% fewer emails while increasing their email revenue by 25%. Who wouldn’t want to
achieve that kind of result?”
Matthew Kelleher, Chief Commercial Director at RedEye
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